Tous Website


-How friendly is the site?

The entrance of Tous website it’s very clear. There are some windows that filter content, like jewellery, gift ideas, collection, accessories, bags, atelier and outlet. These gifts more information about the things you can fight on website.


Bellow this; it explains that if you buy something online the shipping is free. And there is a video by Witney Paltrow, image of brand, where it sees to find out (products). Then, if you click on the video, you enter on the products of the company. All of this content has welcomed to your clients and probably they buy any jewellery.

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I had talked about the structure of the website, but now it’s interesting tone which they use. Tous wants to create attention and interest to our customers/clients and for this reason text stays on 1rst person, it’s informal but they don’t use colloquial words. It’s proximate and it’s available on two languages because this domain is Spanish but stays on all the languages of the countries that stay.

Also, the help section stays in the end of inbox. Now this is helpful because there are the schedules of customer services, the telephone, store locator, terms of payment, and terms of returns, guide of sizes, promotions, packaging and interest information. These help the customers with the questions that they have it.

-Does it communicate everything it needs to?

The purpose is clear to sell. Products of the company appear in each part of the website. The audience is women’s (20-50 years old), and their advertisement focus on them. It’s very clear the interests of our women’s and brand express on their images.

The whole web follows a same range colours witch tend to be light colours, as pink, white, golden and black.

Internal communication of this brand is quite good, because when customers buy something, they’ll send an email with confirmation and terms of the purchase. And then, it’s possible to change products on the physical shop or online.


-How relevant is the content to your audience?

The website pretends to convince the audience, and I think that they do it well. Tous explain a history of their products by means of video and try to involve their customers.  Also, when you search on Google brand website, it explains the content which you can fight it. And the same categories can be observed on the website.


-How beneficial is interactivity?

Tous website focuses on sell products online and gives good services to interact with their customers with this platform. For this reason, on the top of the page there are the phone for contact, e-mail and a link to carry on help part f
or customers on the website.

Also, on the bottom of page there are links of their social Medias. The company stays on the most important social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and etcetera.  These permit to interact between young women’s and another Medias, whose they familiar too. The strategy that they use is to explain the events, new products, di
scounts and sometimes new campaigns. Good use to
interact is when client wants a product that he looks on the website or social pages, with reference it’s possible to buy online or on the physical shop.

Another thing is that if you want to buy something online, you’ll register on the platform. This helps Tous to know more information about their customers, as the address. And it’s a benefit to customers because there is an option to create a personal list of preferences (love products), and you can follow the shipping route. Also, there is another option to register on the newsletter of Tous.


What about navigation?

The website has an easy structure to follow. First of all, there are 9 categories (windows) that they filter the content of page. And if you put mouse above these, it’ll explain all the subsections inside the category.

First category is newness, inside this stays jewellery, clocks, bags and accessories. Second one is Jewellery and it appears all the subsections (earrings, necklaces,…) . Third is Gift ideas and they filter inside to the price of the products (until 100€, until 200€, etc.). Four is collections and they stay all the different names of their collections. Five is clocks that they filter to gender in subsections. The Six is bags and stays all the different collections and the option of personalise your bag. Accessories are divided in the different types that brand offers. The eight is Atelier and appears the designer history, her life,…  And the last one is Outlet that offers a discount of 70% in all of their categories.

The brand’s logo is situated on the left side of the webpage, is the symbol that returns us back to the website.

-Design quality?

The design of the webpage follows the same line to the identity of the brand. The colours weren’t so dark and it’s good option to read better the content and attract to public. Customers can assimilate the brand for their design because it appears special icons like bear Tous, which is a reference. The entire website is focus on being understood, it has a logical order and lots of pictures with their descriptions.

In each category, there are a title and the products that brand offers.  It follows a clear structure. Inside the product, there is a title followed the reference, and then it explains a few description.

The type of letters that usually use is capital letters, and it uses medium size to them. I think that it’s good for their public because the white background can permit to read the black or grey text.  And it isn’t small one.

Top and left of the webpage stays the Logo of company and it uses to create brand identity and return to home. This stays on all the different categories and departments of the web.


– Copy Quality?

The website doesn’t have grammatical mistakes on descriptions or titles; it shows that there are lot of work. Also, they demonstrate your quality with emotional part, because their slogan is Tender Stories. And their campaigns are being created around emotional stories of their customers. On the website, it has a video that connects with emotional part of clients and there are lots in the different sections of the page.

I think that there is a good quality on the website and it’s very difficult to copy the content or page. It’s so fast to copy the images with these quality and the long descriptions that stays on Tous. But maybe the same difficult part is choosing a good structure and design as Tous and all that follows the same line.

-Attention to detail?

The website is 100% upload. Especially they give discounts in some products and they don’t need to stop or change the webpage. For social networks is the same strategy, they publish per day.

Other details are the colours, the logo is black and the important titles in the home page are in the same colour. It serves to highlight.

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They avoid using blue texts; they link with the same colour of the text. Also, they avoid using underline texts. On the bottom of the page there are all the conditions to return products or something like this. There is a security icon.


The brand has been checked on the most common browsers. They have a new domain for each different country. And Also, they work well with Macs and other computers. And they uses an App for mobile phones. But, their web is responsive.

By Natalia.

Tous Objectives Analysis



Tous is a Spanish familiar brand, which it works a lot to positioning on the top of fashion jewelry companies. They’d known necessities of their costumers, good quality with affordable prices. Nowadays, there are lots of shops in Spain and on the other continents. The main objective is to continue this developed expansion and increase their sales.


The objectives on their website are:

  • Sell: One of the most important objectives that the company wants to accomplish is to increase their sales by their website. This is possible between discounts, promotions, free shipping, new exclusive products online that on a physical shops doesn’t stay, etc. An example:

obj 1.png

  • Serve: Tous uses the website as a tool for help our customers. They help us with the sizes of the rings or bracelets; also put other similar products to combine or  to gift them. Then, it’s possible to register on their newsletter and be up date with their newness. Finally, if you’re unhappy with a product of this business, there is on the same website a post-sale zone. This helps us to changes products. Another zone of website is the dealers company who explain their conditions and the delay time.

tous 2.png

  • Talk: This is another important objective, to talk and communicate with their customer. The best option is a good treat and contact with them. There is an option to register on their newsletter on website. Also they have a kids and baby’s magazine. But, there is help window that if you click, you’ll appear on frequently questions zone. On that, they put telephone contact and email for the company.

tous 3.png

  • Impact: Company needs to impact our customers to click on their website. This has made between their social media. They stay on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube. Also they have a fashion blog. They interact on their socials Medias on the same line to increase sales and create attention to fashion costumers. Tous uses for their campaigns the image of a celebrity to creates more attention on online medias and off-line.

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By Natalia Blanco.