Audience analysis for Tous

Tous sells jewellery since 1920. Company trades with final consumer. Brand has achieved the customer loyalty and it has been created a good external image on the clients mind. For this reason, there are lots of  clients.

tou logo.png

At first, the brand was leading to old traditional women and nowadays they change the strategy. They’ll lead to young women and they generally focus on this part of target.

Tous target are women between 25 and 45 years old with medium or high income level. They are traditional women who love fashion world. Probably they live in cities because Tous stores stay on the center of the town.



Analysies “Persona”

But, I choose a specific target group. She is Sara, a woman with 25 years old who lives in Barcelona. Her image is one of the most important things of herself. Her favourite magazine is glamour which she read every month edition because she love fashion clothes. She spent lot of money for buying clothes, usually on Inditext shops. Especially she buys on Zara, that it’s her favourite brand and she can buy casual and elegant clothes. Maybe for these reasons her favourite colour is pink.

Also, Sara has a boyfriend since 3 years ago. His name is Pablo and he is in love with his couple. Sara believes in true love. She’s wedding planner and  loves to make people happy. On the one hand, she has lots of friend and she likes to go out with them. One of her favourite programs is gran hermano and when Sara stays with her friends, they chat a long time for it.

On the other hand, Sara and her friends like to go out for dinner on creative restaurants. Sara’s favourite restaurant is “el jardinet d’aribau” because there is a big terrace with fantasy decoration and it inspires to Sara wedding’s.



by, Natalia Blanco.