Website review of “LaTostadora”

How friendly is the site?

LaTostadora‘s website makes you feel comfortable, homely, as it’s modern and simple. It invites you to be in their way, it attracts you to participate in their action they call you. What is really important is that the target of the brand don’t get lost when they browse the page. The menu bar, the images changing in a 4-5 seconds time, and some examples or proposals and info if you start scrolling down. And what’s more, the tone is informal and friendly because it knows who they are communicating to. It situates them, it’s nice.


How’s the navigation?

The navigation bar which includes different subcategories in which you can select some ideas they have, go to the men’s or women’s section, etc (in fact it could be better, includin a button of who they are or contact…).

The site is well-structured, because despite you know nothing of the company, it directly treats you like knowing what is about and what to do. If you don’t, eventhough it tells you in one of the images on the top, you need to go down to click on the information button, contact or FAQ’s.

If you enter on a section and you want to go back, you can press on the logo to return to the home page, it’s useful.

What about the desing?

The webpage is so stylish! Convinating the light colors and the black, it makes it so elegant, so smart. We must take into account, though, that the brand has changed his style in the last months (including the corporative colours), so they knew in the moment how to improve their image to the public to tune in.

The little text they use is not boring nor useless, but easy to read and understand. And as I said, the images they publish are quite pleasant and invites you to listen them, it’s advantageous.

One more thing it’s good to tell, because it’s so important in web stores, is that it has the security icon (below the social media ones), so the users will feel safe.

latostadora down.jpg

Glossary: Storytelling


Storytelling describes a communication method for communicating information, knowledge, values, opinions, etc. This can be done via language, text, picture or video. In doing so, non-emotional content is packed into stories in order to arouse emotions and interest among listeners, readers or viewers.”

Storytelling is increasingly used in the target group approach to make information so interesting that it arrives at the target group and remains in the memory. Here true stories from everyday life, anecdotes or experiences can be used. But also constructed stories are possible in storytelling. Every Brand and Company has their own history, which means, that they contain heaps of stories. The trick therefore is to recognize those stories and to tell them to others. In storytelling it is necessary to discover the core point of a story and thereby to build up other stories on that.

The impact of a story on a consumer:

  • Activate more parts of the brain than simple information’s
  • Provide a meaningful sense to the context
  • Bind the listener/reader and him think and compassionate
  • Make a personal connection to a topic
  • Activation on an emotional basis
  • Entertain
  • Keep easier and longer in the memory of consumers
  • Long term effect which can motivate the audience to something
  • The stories are being shared or told to other people

A positive example of a storytelling campaign made by Samsung:

A short video of the power of storytelling:

Lukas Lanbacher