Website review of “LaTostadora”

How friendly is the site?

LaTostadora‘s website makes you feel comfortable, homely, as it’s modern and simple. It invites you to be in their way, it attracts you to participate in their action they call you. What is really important is that the target of the brand don’t get lost when they browse the page. The menu bar, the images changing in a 4-5 seconds time, and some examples or proposals and info if you start scrolling down. And what’s more, the tone is informal and friendly because it knows who they are communicating to. It situates them, it’s nice.


How’s the navigation?

The navigation bar which includes different subcategories in which you can select some ideas they have, go to the men’s or women’s section, etc (in fact it could be better, includin a button of who they are or contact…).

The site is well-structured, because despite you know nothing of the company, it directly treats you like knowing what is about and what to do. If you don’t, eventhough it tells you in one of the images on the top, you need to go down to click on the information button, contact or FAQ’s.

If you enter on a section and you want to go back, you can press on the logo to return to the home page, it’s useful.

What about the desing?

The webpage is so stylish! Convinating the light colors and the black, it makes it so elegant, so smart. We must take into account, though, that the brand has changed his style in the last months (including the corporative colours), so they knew in the moment how to improve their image to the public to tune in.

The little text they use is not boring nor useless, but easy to read and understand. And as I said, the images they publish are quite pleasant and invites you to listen them, it’s advantageous.

One more thing it’s good to tell, because it’s so important in web stores, is that it has the security icon (below the social media ones), so the users will feel safe.

latostadora down.jpg

CrossFit – Objectives & Conversions

CrossFit founder and CEO Greg Glassman explained the purpose of his program as creating a community that  is leading the way toward changing the world’s view of health and people’s ability to achieve it. It stands out from other fitness regimes because of its very high intensity. “Successful people pursue hard things. Unsuccessful avoid them,” he says.

The mission of the brand is to make a revolution in fitness and improve its users overall well-being.


Except for striving to create a healthier and fitter world, one of the main brand objectives is to increase awareness of Reebok CrossFit footwear and apparel and become the preferred sports/gym brand among young people. Apparel can be purchased in CrossFit official online store, Reebok’s official online store and other distribution channels such as local stores and pop-up stores worldwide.


In addition to this, during the annual main CrossFit competition called The CrossFit Games, all participating athletes are provided with personalized apparel from Reebok CrossFit and required to wear it during their performance in the competition.



CrossFit is present in all major social media platforms:

  • TV
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • FourSquare

The main aim of its presence is to provide customers everyday with different workout plant called WOD – Workout of the Day. It can be found on official website and CrossFit fanpage on Facebook. Under every WOD post on Facebook, there is a caption that says “Post score to comments”. On its official profiles on Facebook and Instagram, CrossFit reposts pictures and movies from many random users showing their workouts on social media with added hashtags.



On YouTube, CrossFit mainly posts tutorial movies on how to properly do the movements required in the workouts. They also transmit their official competition The CrossFit Games, share interviews and stories of the athletes and many more content all related to this sport.

On Twitter they usually share links to the WOD’s, related articles or pictures and movies of athletes.

One of the practices of engagement is turning CrossFit customers into Brand Ambassadors. CrossFit doesn’t show any other athletes in their advertising except for those that are engaged in this particular fitness program and are competing in CrossFit Games.




The brand aims to keep in touch with the users, regularly responding to comments and messages. “People will quit a workout program, but they won’t quit on a relationship”—said CrossFit Founder and CEO Greg Glassman, and it’s clear that having strong relationships with clients is important, not just for their health but also for the health of a business.


Conversions are defined and expected operations to be performed by the customer or  potential customer in response to facing our brands campaign on the internet. Otherwise conversion occurs when someone makes an important for our business activity (e.g. makes a purchase, fill out the registration form)

On CrossFit official page, conversions might be the following actions:

  • purchasing items from the online store
  • submitting picture connected with CrossFit and its community
  • start following the social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube
  • sharing own workouts results on social media with #crossfit hashtag or in comments under CrossFit’s Facebook posts
  • filling out application to open a CrossFit affiliated box
  • start subscribing to CrossFit Journal

Audience analysis of Simply SETZ


What is Simply SETZ

images.pngSETZ is a clothing and accessories brand, designed and founded in Barcelona 2014, based on a key attribute called simplicity.

This brand offer a variety of high quality textiles with fashion patterns completely designed and manufactured exclusively in Barcelona city.

The characterized of this brand is the effort, perseverance and informality to improve every each day.

It’s possible to buy their products in the same web site or in six shops located a Catalunya ( Barcelona Vic , Puigerdà, Platja d’Aro, Martorel, Ribes de Freser).

Captura de pantalla 2016-10-07 a les 21.27.16.png

Target of Simply SETZ

The target group of SETZ is young girls and boys from 15 to 30 years old, specially from Spain . The level economic is middle. Are for people they like the urban live, extreme sports, the nature, and meet up with friends. They like wearing a confortable, good made and personality clothes. This target move a way from big brans, is original people and they like try a new things. They normally use web sites for cheque and buy clothes.

 Marc, costumer of SETZ

One of their clients is Marc, he is 21 and is ADE student and skateboarder. He lives in Barcelona.

He normally goes to the university and after that, goes with friends to have a good time, drink beer and take photography’s. After that, he likes reading, connect to the social media or watching films, he is a big fan of Games of Thrones.

At the weekends he goes to the mountain to walk, cycling or to the sea for surfing.When Marc has time he like’s travel with friends or with his girl friend.

His diet is healthy, like Mediterranean diet. But sometimes eats a very good hamburgers and fad food.