Audience analysis for PDPAOLA

How PDEPAOLA describes itself 

Today, any woman who loves fashion creates her own style and identity. She cares about wearing pieces that show who she is and that are a reflection of her personality.
P D PAOLA is about making this possible in the jewelry field, designing pieces that are part of a well explained story in a setting of elegance and modernity. They believe in jewelry as a form of expression, a field in which endless materials and element combinations help shape an attitude.

PdPaola established in 2014 in the heart of Barcelona, their team started pursuing a dream. We haven’t looked back since. Now, it has two shops one in Diagonal Mar, and the other in la Maquinista.


PDEPAOLA's target

The target group we aim for are girls between 16 and 30 years old with a average purchasing power. They live in Barcelona and tend to study studies from the social sciences area instead of science studies.

They share the hobby of travelling, and follow the following slogan; “travelling is the only thing you buy that will enrich you”. This is why they spend great part of their summer holidays travelling, the most popular destinations are beach destinations, they usually travel with their friends or family, and less in couples.

Santorini island

An other of their hobbies are TV-series, most of them don’t watch them through conventional means, but instead they watch foreign series online. Between the favourites are: Gossip Girl, Little Liars and Castle.

They don’t really like reading, but they do share preferences in this, most of the books they choose are about stories they feel identified with or romantic novels. But they are fans of gossip and fashion magazines.

They like fashion, and to go shopping, generally with friends as they share the same tastes. They find out about new trends through bloggers or influencers, who they follow through Instagram and afterwards they look the clothes, they liked, up with references on 21 buttons.

Gigi Vives & Aida Doménech

The music they usually listen to is commercial, in others words, the songs that sound at the clubs they visit. Normally they go out to clubs in uptown Barcelona, where most of the songs that are played are Reggaeton, R&B and Dance.

Besides going out, another of their hobbies is the interest of decorating, more specific that of their own room, in which they try to reflect their personality. They tend to use warm and soft tones to decorate, and they tend to go to shops like Casa Viva, Muy Mucho and Ikea to decorate.

Where they tend to drink or eat something with their friends are mainly fancy restaurants, where their favourite bloggers go. The places they generally visit serve hamburgers, smoothies or more elaborated food; a good example of this is the Nacional, a restaurant where they serve a great variety of food. They tend to eat more with their eyes, or better said from pictures, than with their own criteria, but they still like to enjoy what they are eating.


To finish, it should be said that, even though they like eating and enjoying it, they have a great interest for the healthy life. This is why, with the exception of the days they go out to eat, at home they take care of themselves and practice sports, the most common one between them is jogging.


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