Website Review: Modomoto

– Make it easy –

Modomoto is a german curated shopping service for men. Their moto is “to burden man from shopping”, so they developed a new concept of website to transmit that vision. They also understand, the target wants things easy and simple. So they created…

A website which make the audience feel like they are not in a regular e-commerce. A website with a very easy interface, that thanks to a good looking design and key information, make the audience understand that this experience will be more easy and relaxed than going out shopping.


The website is a scroll divided in three sections: how it works, outfits, and prices. The titles show exactly what the user is going to find. The description of each section is written in an informal way and those are also displayed with pictures and draws which helps connecting with their audience.


On top of the site, user finds the tabs, any of those have the same titles of the sections. By clicking on them it will redirect to the part of the site it talks about that, except the third tab “gift shop”. That one will open a new page in german, even if it’s set up in english.

The buying process starts when the user hit the “start” button. This button is displayed at the botom of every slide to make the customer experience easier.

Again, very easy interface to fill the customer preferences, light colours, key words, pictures and a bar, which indicates how far are from ending this process. Everything done to make the process of buying very easy and clean. Oriented customer point of view. xxxxAt the bottom of the site you find another tab section in which find FAQ’s Media reports, Jobs or the contact section, but also you can download the iphone app, changing the language, subscribing to the newsletter or checking which payment methods are accepted.



  • Modomoto created a very nice environment in which their audience can interact very easily.
  • Nice design, clean, simple (good combination of colours, typography)
  • Key information
  • Atention to details (social media plug-in, payment methods, clothes brands )
  • Scroll website
  • Buying process very intuitive
  • Tabs displayed at the bottom give more information


  • German is the main language .
  • Language can only be changed at the bottom of the site, and written as “en” confuses, will help using a flag instead.
  • There is not an app for android
  • Adding more languages could be a good idea
  • Adding a chat to interact with some experts could be interesting


Adrià Cabiscol

Objectives and Conversions – Modomoto



MODOMOTO is a Curated Shopping Service for men. Located in Germany and created in 2011 by Corinna Powalla, who in only five years turned into a company with over 200 employees.´Their motto always have been “re-inventing shopping” and “starting the revolution of the well-dressed man”

“Do you want to be part of Europe’s biggest Curated Shopping Service?”




  • Improving its SEO. Modomoto doesn’t have as much visits as it could have, because of their bad natural positioning.



They claim to say “Europe’s biggest curated shopping service” but there are no appearances of the brand on Google, using key words like:

“buy online man clothes”

“online shop men clothing”

or “buy men clothing online”.

Modomoto is offering full time jobs through its website looking for an improvement in its natural web positioning and social media advertisement



Recently, Modomoto absorbed “the cloakroom” (A company based in Amsterdam which caters men in Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Belgium) and founded the curated shopping group, in order to expand its influence through Europe. But, neither of this has been communicated in Modomoto’s website nor any social media platform.

Resultado de imagen de curated shopping group



Modomoto wants to extend its brand presence in the digital world. They are using social media, as a tool to increase their website traffic, adapting its message depending on the platform. Facebook is mainly used to interact with the community; Twitter or Instagram are meant to increase direct sales, offering discounts, and finally Youtube or Google+ are focused in generating useful content for the costumer, heading them to its site.

But they can’t extend its brand presence if they don’t put the effort needed to grow its community. The brand joined Social Media on december 2011 but still with a small amount of followers.


(916 followers – 503 following)

The german brand use Twitter to engage its customers by offering vouchers or discounts, and to retweet customers’ opinions.



(followers 2.301 – 280 following)

On Instagram they show pictures of models dressed up with their outfits, and also share unique discounts for their platform users.




Google+ is used to share content. The user will find, tips about how to combine different clothes, matching colours, and ideas for outfits.



And Modomoto uses Youtube as a platform to provide audiovisual content such as spots, the announce of new applications or to share interviews done for newspapers or magazines.


Adrià Cabiscol

Designing services

We are all familiar with the symptoms of a service failure. Your laptop comes back from the customer service repaired, but with a corner damaged. Your mood goes from happiness to anger, now you will have to argue with the employee, but you have no proof of that so, for you, it will be a long morning…

Examples of poor service are widespread. But, the way managers face them can determinate the success or the failure of the business. Neither blaming the customer for being a liar, nor the employee for being the problem, will help solving the issue.

Even though services can fail because of the incompetence of the people, the reality shows a major problem. There is not a method designed for control, so it’s totally up to the manager.

In the Internet era, when a customer can buy everything with just a click, designing services and analyzing its ROI, (return of investment) can make the difference between getting chosen or skipped.


Resultado de imagen de modomoto

Modomoto is nothing but a curated shopping service for men, with two main services. First one, the customer doesn’t have to go shopping, they do it. Second, the customer will only pay for those outfits he wants to keep. Give backs are for free. And the customer doesn’t have any obligation on keeping at least one.

By doing that, they can analyze if what’s been suggested by its team is being accepted, (and getting sales from it) or if not, they will have them back, receiving an indicator of customers disapproval.

Modomoto is just an example of an e-commerce which put the focus on the final user, key in the Internet era. They developed a new concept, but doing things as easy as possible to help the customer through all the website experience.

When we talk about designing services, we talk about customer needs and how the brand can satisfy them. It’s building an atmosphere in which the user feels comfortable. The manager has to know that it’s all about the user interaction with the brand. The business success depends from its result. So make people feel special!  


Useful links

Example of customer-centric innovation. (very interesting)


Adrià Cabiscol

Audience Analysis – Modomoto


MODOMOTO is a german online company which wants to help men to get well-dressed. Their approach is easy: they want to free men from the burden of shopping, and their team of experts will make sure that the customer will always look his best. In order to do that, they offer a platform where you type what you like and what you don’t, and after that, their stylist’s team put their knowledge to create your own personal outfit.

In 2011, Corinna Powalla created the company in a Berlin office with one style expert. Since that it has turned into a continuously growing, and actually has more than 250,000 customers, plus over 200 employees.

We start analyzing its audience through demographic aspects such as gender or income level. It’s obvious that they do a gender distinction because they don’t sell women clothes, but also they look for people who has at least regular incomes, because an outfit can cost from 140€ up to 1000€.

Also, for psychographics aspects we find a clear company positioning, because as they say “they want to free men from the burden of shopping” so they take advantage of people’s laziness and their need of looking good.

The website follows this idea of lack of complexity, which makes it easier for its costumers. With a very intuitive interface you can get yourself dressed in less than 10 minutes (is what it takes to fill out your style profile). So people who want to show how well they are dressed (casual, trendy, business casual or classic) can satisfy their needs on the website.

Defining personas

Edward. A twenty year old man, who spends all the week in the gym, working on his muscles, thinking that as further he goes in his workout, it will make it easier for picking up girls. But that doesn’t do the job. That’s the reason a friend of him recommended to change his style, and then is when he suggested Modomoto.

Personas collage