Website review of “LaTostadora”

How friendly is the site?

LaTostadora‘s website makes you feel comfortable, homely, as it’s modern and simple. It invites you to be in their way, it attracts you to participate in their action they call you. What is really important is that the target of the brand don’t get lost when they browse the page. The menu bar, the images changing in a 4-5 seconds time, and some examples or proposals and info if you start scrolling down. And what’s more, the tone is informal and friendly because it knows who they are communicating to. It situates them, it’s nice.


How’s the navigation?

The navigation bar which includes different subcategories in which you can select some ideas they have, go to the men’s or women’s section, etc (in fact it could be better, includin a button of who they are or contact…).

The site is well-structured, because despite you know nothing of the company, it directly treats you like knowing what is about and what to do. If you don’t, eventhough it tells you in one of the images on the top, you need to go down to click on the information button, contact or FAQ’s.

If you enter on a section and you want to go back, you can press on the logo to return to the home page, it’s useful.

What about the desing?

The webpage is so stylish! Convinating the light colors and the black, it makes it so elegant, so smart. We must take into account, though, that the brand has changed his style in the last months (including the corporative colours), so they knew in the moment how to improve their image to the public to tune in.

The little text they use is not boring nor useless, but easy to read and understand. And as I said, the images they publish are quite pleasant and invites you to listen them, it’s advantageous.

One more thing it’s good to tell, because it’s so important in web stores, is that it has the security icon (below the social media ones), so the users will feel safe.

latostadora down.jpg

LinkStore – Website Evaluation


Overall the website feels very welcoming, you can see that it is very design oriented as it is very simple with numerous pop-up menus.

You can see right away that it’s a clothing website and that the objective is to sell.

The tone of the website is very informal and you can see it is made for international customers as the only language available is in English despite of it being a Portuguese brand.

It is a very minimalistic website so there is a lot of black spaces so it can be more clear to read.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 12.13.54.png

The aesthetics of the website is very consistent, the same colour pallet is used throughout the website.

Regarding the several buttons, they have a button all the time in the top right side of the screen in case the customers has any questions. This button is also a way for the customers to leave their information.

As it is a small company all questions are easily answered and in a fast way.

The website is lacking on Call to Action activity though, there are rarely any buttons that make the customer act on something.

The basic contact information  does NOT appear on the front/main page, it is on a separate page named “Contacts”. There is also a separate page for the company’s history and background, which is a positive thing as it keeps the relationship between customer and company more intimate.


There are no accessibility facilitators throughout the website- there are no bookmark options, no easy way to return to the main page, and you can’t go to another page without having to go to the popup menu.

The good thing about this pop up menu is that you don’t have to click to see it, you can just hover over it. This is good because then you won’t have to click as often and it will be more easy for the customer to move around the webpage.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 12.16.02.png

One horrible thing about the website is that there is NO search option, which makes it harder for the user to find what they want.

They also don’t have a landing page with “filler” information so that it helps google introduce the website to the users.

Another good thing about the website is that firstly you arrive on a page with a BIG image on it, and it is an image of the store, is is aesthetically pleasant. If you hover over the name of the store you will find the pop up menu.

One of the big downsides of the web is that almost half the products from the actual store aren’t on the website.

There are no apparent buttons to share the website to other people, but if you scroll all the way down you can see 2 hyperlink  buttons that direct you to their Facebook and their Instagram.  There are also information on the bottom on Shipping information and those kind of things.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 12.17.22.png

CrossFit – Website Review

At the first glance the website of appears to look like a magazine cover. It looks welcoming and professional but the benefits of visiting are not clearly shown. For a person that does not know what CrossFit is, it may not be easy to find out what the website is about from the first sight. The site is available only in English.


Instead of the help section, there is a „Get Started” section on the navigation bar which includes 5 different subcategories, explaining what is CrossFit, how to join and find a local affiliate, FAQ’s and link to the official forum. The website does not offer the option to increase/decrease font sizes. In the contact section, we can find the address of CrossFit HQ, different emails for specific issues and a search map to find your nearest affiliated CrossFit box. The site has a clear structure and it is divided into logical parts. After clicking on each section there is always a button to go back to the home page. You can switch between different pages within no more than three clicks. There are no dead-ends on the website. The website does not have a search engine, though it is not very problematic to find a particular content without it.


Relevance of the content to the audience:

It is not exactly clear what is the main purpose of the website as it contains quite a lot of different content: from daily WOD, to the list of official courses, CrossFit related articles and more. It is clear that the site is adressed to people interested in sports and working out. People who want to get to know what CrossFit is or are already familiar with the discipline, will find a lot of related content, ranging from excersizes tutorials to diet tips.

The site is consistent in its design. The layout and fonts stay in the same tone throughout the page components. Navigation bar is located at the top and it doesn’t change its position while scrolling the page. It contains specific terminology but all of it is explained in the „Get Started” section.


At the top of the website, above navigation bar, are placed icons of social media CrossFit official profiles. Though, there is no caption suggesting a call-to-action such us „follow us”. In the WOD (Workout of the Day) section there is always a caption „Post score to comments”. New workouts are posted everyday so it might be a good reason to bookmark the site. On the home page, after scrolling down, there is a section encouraging visitors to upload their own pictures connected to their personal CrossFit experience. To encourage the interaction, there is a prize offered for sharing the pictures:

„Do you have a great photo that exemplifies virtuosity or community in CrossFit? Submit it for mainsite use consideration, and if chosen you will receive $300.”


The design is consistent with the brand image, it is attractive but not too flashy or aggressive. There is a lot of content but the site is not cluttered. The navigation bar is quite simple, it does not have too many links. The site is not boring and is kept in good aesthetics. The text content is easy to read and deliberated. There is sometimes a specific language used but most of the terms connected to CrossFit are explained in the FAQ section. There is a seperate page for the online store. The best user-experience practices on the site are no pop-ups and no advertisements.

Mobile version:


The site has a mobile version. First thing that appears in the mobile version is the Workout Of The Day section which is good for users interested particularly in using the website as a workout plan source. Mobile version is also well organised and easy to navigate. Website also works well both on PC’s and Macs.

What about the brand image?

The brand identity is clearly visible, the site reflects its emotional tone and personality. All of the site content, graphics, movies, pictures and texts are consistent and serve a clear purpose.


Website Review : MixNature

MixNature provides personalised skincare products, based on a unique combination of natural ingredients. All the products are made in a laboratory in Latvia, one of the greenest and purest countries in Europe.   W-E-B-S-I-T-E    R-E-V-I-E-W I. Aesthetic Let’s first talk about the aesthetic point of view. MixNature website’s is totally harmonious and friendly, the colors […]

Website review – Just Eat

How friendly is the site?

The website does somehow feel friendly and welcoming. The first image that is shown portrays what is the main mission and point of the service, which is food. Call to action and benefits of visiting the site are immediately made known to the visitor at the middle of the first page he/she opens. Help section indeed is helpful offering answers and solutions to the most common issues that customers have experienced.















Does it communicate everything it needs to?

The site clearly communicates the purpose that is serves, all the factors contribute to that, including the website name, images and calls to action.

How beneficial is the interactivity?

The site offers an option to the customers to leave a review. This is very valuable for the customers as it can help them when deciding which option to choose. It also gives an opportunity to the company to improve their service based on the negative feedback which helps them when identifying what needs changing or improving.



The structure of the site is logical and simple. The navigation of the site is also very clear and easy as it is leading the visitor throughout the each step they need to make in order to complete an order. Furthermore the site offers a search option as well to make it even more simple to visitor that already know what they want and want to speed up their purchasing process.

Design quality?

The design of the website is fairly minimalistic as it serves to portray the message of a simple and quick service and purchasing process. In the middle of the site there is a call to action, which when completed, takes the visitor to another page where is the second step.

Copy quality?

All the content on the website is clear and relevant, there is no unnecessary information to aggravate the visitor.



To conclude the website is very well constructed. The text, use of images and colors, the navigation of the site…overall every aspect of the website is constructed in such way to make the purchasing process as easy and simple as possible. It encourages the visitor to use their service as it is extremely simple and convenient. The website is also adapted to each of the countries it operates in so depending on the market preferences there might be some changes from country to country. Nevertheless, in every country the website and the company have the same message and values.


Ana Galfi

Website review: Lunallar

Welcome to the last post of the semester. In this post we are going to review one the websites of Lunallar, This web is focus on luxury real state but the user can also find different types of properties with different prices.

On the left of the home page we see the logo’s company, next to that logo the web shows the main menu which include six categories: start, about us, services, properties, news and contact. On the top there’s the possibility to change the web language into different tongues like English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian or Russian; on the other side there’s the possibility to do search in the web also here one can find the contact numbers and the link to their social media. The contact numbers are a small part and that do not make the user pay attention, and see it easily.

Captura de pantalla 2016-11-30 a las 6.16.39.png

That home site do not make feel the user welcome and until you do not reach the bottom of the site one cannot know anything about the company. Also I consider that it will be a good idea to introduce here a “call to action”, some kind of: call us, give us your number and we will call you… to interact with the user and make him welcome and increase his idea of good service.

While you are on the home page there is an image carousel with photos of luxurious photographies that give you an idea of the type of properties you can find in the web.

Just down to that images the user can find one of the most important tools in the web, the property finder. In that finder there’s different filters all of them though for help and make easy the property search. The filters include most the most important information request: kind, city, province, postal code, bedrooms, bathroom, state, additional features, price rang and reference.

Captura de pantalla 2016-11-30 a las 6.27.28.png

If the user continue scrolling down will find the recommended properties (that’s a good idea for show your best properties or the most interesting) and what their customers say want them.

Finally on the bottom of the home page there’s again the main menu, the contact information, a little description of who is Lunallar and also the link to their social media platforms.

While the user is surfing in the web he can continue seeing different properties on the right side, like a banner this are linked to the property information.

Captura de pantalla 2016-11-30 a las 6.34.10.png

When the user is in the property information could calculate his future mortgage, send the link to a friend and also there’s the opportunity to leave his contact information to be contact by the real state agent. Beside that contact space there’s any change to interact with the company.


In that part, the company gives a huge protagonist to the properties images (all of them with high quality) and helpful information (bedrooms, bathrooms, price, area…). Also a very important thing in that part is the possibility of print that information in a Dina4 but if you want to print it you will received 5 pages of information (too much, including photographies), that should change in order to summarise that information in 1 pages or 2 pages maximum.

If the user want to turn back to the home page has two ways, clicking in the logo and also clicking in the main menu (start), that process will take some time to loading.

Now with the help of some questions we are going to analyse different aspects:

  • Does the website communicate everything it needs to?

The colours (black, gold and white) gives the user an idea of luxury and sophisticated, that image is also strengthen by the properties images you can see in the home page. But the user does not find any information about the company until he clicks in the main menu “About us”, or reach to the bottom of the home page.

  • How relevant is the content to their audience?

In the main menu there are a specific area which explain all the services their provide to the buyers and sellers. Also another important thing the web gives to the users is the possibility to calculate the mortgage. An important tool is the blog, where the user can find news and information about the industry.

  • Does the website deliver the brand’s emotional tone?

The web image and also the content offered do not show anything emotional of the company, the site seems just a space where the company put information of their properties but never a space that shows how is the company or its philosophy.

Website Review: Modomoto

– Make it easy –

Modomoto is a german curated shopping service for men. Their moto is “to burden man from shopping”, so they developed a new concept of website to transmit that vision. They also understand, the target wants things easy and simple. So they created…

A website which make the audience feel like they are not in a regular e-commerce. A website with a very easy interface, that thanks to a good looking design and key information, make the audience understand that this experience will be more easy and relaxed than going out shopping.


The website is a scroll divided in three sections: how it works, outfits, and prices. The titles show exactly what the user is going to find. The description of each section is written in an informal way and those are also displayed with pictures and draws which helps connecting with their audience.


On top of the site, user finds the tabs, any of those have the same titles of the sections. By clicking on them it will redirect to the part of the site it talks about that, except the third tab “gift shop”. That one will open a new page in german, even if it’s set up in english.

The buying process starts when the user hit the “start” button. This button is displayed at the botom of every slide to make the customer experience easier.

Again, very easy interface to fill the customer preferences, light colours, key words, pictures and a bar, which indicates how far are from ending this process. Everything done to make the process of buying very easy and clean. Oriented customer point of view. xxxxAt the bottom of the site you find another tab section in which find FAQ’s Media reports, Jobs or the contact section, but also you can download the iphone app, changing the language, subscribing to the newsletter or checking which payment methods are accepted.



  • Modomoto created a very nice environment in which their audience can interact very easily.
  • Nice design, clean, simple (good combination of colours, typography)
  • Key information
  • Atention to details (social media plug-in, payment methods, clothes brands )
  • Scroll website
  • Buying process very intuitive
  • Tabs displayed at the bottom give more information


  • German is the main language .
  • Language can only be changed at the bottom of the site, and written as “en” confuses, will help using a flag instead.
  • There is not an app for android
  • Adding more languages could be a good idea
  • Adding a chat to interact with some experts could be interesting


Adrià Cabiscol