Audience analysis for Maria Pascual

Maria Pascual is an online jewelry store from Barcelona. The general feature of all the jewels of the brand is the minimal design, because the little details are that makes you look and feel unique.

The brand essence is the mix&match concept. This is the idea of mixing up together all the jewels and your outfits. Some jewels are subtle, others are geometrical and some stand out from the rest, but all go well together. You can wear them with so many kinds of looks. Also, you can combine many jewels together or you can wear one on its own to add just that golden detail.

The owner of the brand says that all the girls that wear Maria Pascual Jewels end up being part of the creation process, because she takes so much into consideration the way they mix&match the jewels and their outfits. In fact, Maria Pascual Jewels suggests a lifestyle that we all kind of share, we all have some things quite in common, although every girl has her own unique style.


So, the target group of this company are girls between 15 and 30 years old, since the brand has a lot of presence and strength in Instagram and these are the most active in this social network. Also, most of these girls are from Barcelona, because the brand is from Barcelona too and it has quite a reputation here. Nevertheless, they can also be from other big cities of Spain, like Madrid.

In addition, the target is middle class, because the jewels are not cheap, but not super-expensive and you have to add the shipping charges as well. Moreover, these girls are students or workers, since they have an enterprising spirit and initiative. Therefore, they are girls with higher education.

And of course, they are very sociable and fun girls who love to enjoy and share unique moments with their friends.

The target share a lot of hobbies or likes:

Firstly, the fashion and go shopping with their friends. All these girls are interested in fashion and for this reason, they follow a lot of fashion bloggers or influencers by Instagram. And it’s important to note that the brand uses many influencers to promote their jewels. Also, their favorite clothing store is Zara and they love to read and see all the latest trends in Vogue.

Secondly, they are addicted to social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter. They love sharing pictures about their lifestyle. In addition, they also use the application 21 Buttons to catch references looks and trendy clothes.

Thirdly, they like playing sports and looking after their diet. They are girls who like to look good. However, they also like to go to good restaurants. Moreover, they like to party with their friends to the most famous clubs in the city center like Pacha.

And last, they are travel lovers. They love to enjoy and learn about new cultures and to share their memories with their followers on social networks.

And one of their clients is Paola:

Paola is a 20 year old Law student from Barcelona. Her main interests are travelling, fashion and social networks. She is also very passionate about enjoying a healthy lifestyle, so sports and outdoor activities play a big part in her life. One of the things she enjoys doing the most is shopping with her friends, and she always relies on clothing brands like Zara and Asos.  



Clàudia Llopis