Audience Analysis – Modomoto


MODOMOTO is a german online company which wants to help men to get well-dressed. Their approach is easy: they want to free men from the burden of shopping, and their team of experts will make sure that the customer will always look his best. In order to do that, they offer a platform where you type what you like and what you don’t, and after that, their stylist’s team put their knowledge to create your own personal outfit.

In 2011, Corinna Powalla created the company in a Berlin office with one style expert. Since that it has turned into a continuously growing, and actually has more than 250,000 customers, plus over 200 employees.

We start analyzing its audience through demographic aspects such as gender or income level. It’s obvious that they do a gender distinction because they don’t sell women clothes, but also they look for people who has at least regular incomes, because an outfit can cost from 140€ up to 1000€.

Also, for psychographics aspects we find a clear company positioning, because as they say “they want to free men from the burden of shopping” so they take advantage of people’s laziness and their need of looking good.

The website follows this idea of lack of complexity, which makes it easier for its costumers. With a very intuitive interface you can get yourself dressed in less than 10 minutes (is what it takes to fill out your style profile). So people who want to show how well they are dressed (casual, trendy, business casual or classic) can satisfy their needs on the website.

Defining personas

Edward. A twenty year old man, who spends all the week in the gym, working on his muscles, thinking that as further he goes in his workout, it will make it easier for picking up girls. But that doesn’t do the job. That’s the reason a friend of him recommended to change his style, and then is when he suggested Modomoto.

Personas collage