Website review – Just Eat

How friendly is the site?

The website does somehow feel friendly and welcoming. The first image that is shown portrays what is the main mission and point of the service, which is food. Call to action and benefits of visiting the site are immediately made known to the visitor at the middle of the first page he/she opens. Help section indeed is helpful offering answers and solutions to the most common issues that customers have experienced.















Does it communicate everything it needs to?

The site clearly communicates the purpose that is serves, all the factors contribute to that, including the website name, images and calls to action.

How beneficial is the interactivity?

The site offers an option to the customers to leave a review. This is very valuable for the customers as it can help them when deciding which option to choose. It also gives an opportunity to the company to improve their service based on the negative feedback which helps them when identifying what needs changing or improving.



The structure of the site is logical and simple. The navigation of the site is also very clear and easy as it is leading the visitor throughout the each step they need to make in order to complete an order. Furthermore the site offers a search option as well to make it even more simple to visitor that already know what they want and want to speed up their purchasing process.

Design quality?

The design of the website is fairly minimalistic as it serves to portray the message of a simple and quick service and purchasing process. In the middle of the site there is a call to action, which when completed, takes the visitor to another page where is the second step.

Copy quality?

All the content on the website is clear and relevant, there is no unnecessary information to aggravate the visitor.



To conclude the website is very well constructed. The text, use of images and colors, the navigation of the site…overall every aspect of the website is constructed in such way to make the purchasing process as easy and simple as possible. It encourages the visitor to use their service as it is extremely simple and convenient. The website is also adapted to each of the countries it operates in so depending on the market preferences there might be some changes from country to country. Nevertheless, in every country the website and the company have the same message and values.


Ana Galfi

Objectives and Conversions Analysis – Just Eat

JUST EAT is a leader in the sector of local takeaway restaurant online aggregators, working as an intermediary between businesses and customers, giving local restaurants an online presence via a single portal from which customers can order. JUST EAT operates in 13 countries worldwide, with a portfolio of more than 36,000 restaurants.

Just eat has an objective of staying the leader in the market by providing excellent customer service and constantly working on improving their service and expanding their business.


1. Sell

As it is for most of the businesses, the main objective of Just Eat is to increase sales and make maximum profit. They aim to achieve this goal by offering a range of different offers and discounts, convenience, ability to compare prices and a big variety of choices. For example, one of their offer is focused on a specific day of the week, so on Tuesdays they offer customers a free pizza with a purchase of another pizza. This is one of the ways how they encourage customers to buy and use their service. Offering free delivery to a customer when they spend more than a certain amount of money is another smart objective that helps them increase the volume od sales.

2. Serve

The company is putting a lot of effort into providing customers with an easy and convenient service. Their application and website are customized in such way that all the information is easily accessible and the process of using their service is extremely simple. They are highly focused on delivering good service and they offer an option for customers to leave their feedback. Their customers are quite active regarding leaving their feedback, either positive or negative. This section gives a great insight to the company and the quality of their service, and most importantly it enables them to improve and fix the problems. Usually they give different coupons and discounts to unsatisfied customer, and this helps them not to lose their customers and encourages customers to use their service again.

3. Speak

Just Eat does follow the trend and it is present in all social media platforms with the three main being Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They have a lot of followers in both of them and also their hashtag #justeat is highly used by their customers. They usually post nice pictures of food that is available through their service and this is how they encourage people to do the same using their hashtag. In such way customers are involved by liking, commenting and sharing their posts. This is a smart approach in which their customers are doing the marketing and promotion for them.

4. Save

This objective is focused on ways to reduce the costs. Just eat is doing so by providing customers with a ‘Help’ section on their website that offers answers to the frequently asked questions. Furthermore, a well designed website helps customers to service themselves, saving them money in customer service and also increase satisfaction.



Conversion happens when the websites visitor behaves in a way that a company wants them to and engages in the options suggested on the website. Depending on the type of business there are different types of conversions that can be set up as a conversion goals by different companies. Conversion goals can be to increase the number of visits and win new customers, to gain more followers on social media platforms, to get new subscribers to the newsletter, get customers to share and interact with their content on social media.  Just Eat‘s conversion goals that are set up on their website are:

  • order takeaway
  • contact us
  • log in
  • sign up
  • download the app
  • visit our blog
  • suggest a restaurant
  • follow us on facebook, twitter, instagram

Each of this leads to building relationship and trust between a brand and a customer resulting in a greater engagement of the customer with the company and its offers.


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Ana Galfi