MixNature : Audience analysis

MixNature provides personalised skincare products, based on a unique combination of natural ingredients. All the products are made in a laboratory in Latvia, one of the greenest and purest country in Europe.

How does it work ? 

  1. You start by choosing which kind of products you want to buy
  2. You choose your skin/hair type
  3. You choose your own ingredients

They provide over 50 organic oils, natural extracts, activating agents and vitamins.

“You are unique, your cosmetics should be too”

First profile:
MixNature often uses the notoriety of youtubers and bloggers to promote their products. Nowadays, when clients want to buy products from an unknown brand, they usually look for reviews on the internet. For MixNature, bloggers and youtubers are really important; because through them it is easier and cheaper to reach a larger amount of potential customers. MixNature provides bloggers and youtubers with free products, with the purpose of writing reviews/articles and even offer discount codes for the followers.

Second Profile:
By using the notoriety of those internet stars, MixNature wants to target women of all ages living in Belgium or France.
Women who love taking care of their bodies by using quality products which can perfectly fit their own needs. But most important woman who purchase environmental friendly products. Last but not least, MixNature cares about the poket of its customers. Fot that reason the company sells low price products affortable for average incomes or pocket money, such as students.

Persona: Laura
Laura is a 26 years old Marketing student, she has a blog and an Instagram account through which she shares healthy recipes, sport routines, and pictures of her brand new personalised products from MixNature

Want to have an insight in her daily life ? Check out this video !