LinkStore – Website Evaluation


Overall the website feels very welcoming, you can see that it is very design oriented as it is very simple with numerous pop-up menus.

You can see right away that it’s a clothing website and that the objective is to sell.

The tone of the website is very informal and you can see it is made for international customers as the only language available is in English despite of it being a Portuguese brand.

It is a very minimalistic website so there is a lot of black spaces so it can be more clear to read.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 12.13.54.png

The aesthetics of the website is very consistent, the same colour pallet is used throughout the website.

Regarding the several buttons, they have a button all the time in the top right side of the screen in case the customers has any questions. This button is also a way for the customers to leave their information.

As it is a small company all questions are easily answered and in a fast way.

The website is lacking on Call to Action activity though, there are rarely any buttons that make the customer act on something.

The basic contact information  does NOT appear on the front/main page, it is on a separate page named “Contacts”. There is also a separate page for the company’s history and background, which is a positive thing as it keeps the relationship between customer and company more intimate.


There are no accessibility facilitators throughout the website- there are no bookmark options, no easy way to return to the main page, and you can’t go to another page without having to go to the popup menu.

The good thing about this pop up menu is that you don’t have to click to see it, you can just hover over it. This is good because then you won’t have to click as often and it will be more easy for the customer to move around the webpage.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 12.16.02.png

One horrible thing about the website is that there is NO search option, which makes it harder for the user to find what they want.

They also don’t have a landing page with “filler” information so that it helps google introduce the website to the users.

Another good thing about the website is that firstly you arrive on a page with a BIG image on it, and it is an image of the store, is is aesthetically pleasant. If you hover over the name of the store you will find the pop up menu.

One of the big downsides of the web is that almost half the products from the actual store aren’t on the website.

There are no apparent buttons to share the website to other people, but if you scroll all the way down you can see 2 hyperlink  buttons that direct you to their Facebook and their Instagram.  There are also information on the bottom on Shipping information and those kind of things.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 12.17.22.png

Website Review – Kaoa

As you know, my brand is Kaoa and she was born in Portugal. Among the products that the brand sells, we can find dresses, jumpsuits, bodys, tops, pants, coats, skirts, etc. Importantly, it’s an exclusively female brand.

On the other hand, with a personalized design, her website reflects the feminine, elegant and exclusive style of clothing. Furthermore, it transmits the formal and emotional tone of the brand that her consumers also have. For this reason,  the audience engage with the brand’s personality because Kaoa has a specific target and isn’t aimed to any type of public.

Positive points:

Firstly, as for the structure of the website, at first sight it’s a welcoming site because transmits her values based on formality and elegance through a white tonality combined with professional photographies and with high photographic quality and fashion models. It’s full of blanks spaces and there isn’t saturation of information. For this reason, it’s easy to read the page, to interact in it and represents very well the personality of the brand.

It’s a typical website inside the fashion world, especially because the clothes are modern. In the right top you can access to your personal account and you can see a basket in which there are accumulate the items that you want to buy. On the other hand, in the left top of the page we can see that the web is available in two languages: Portuguese and English, and can be purchased in 3 types of currency: Dollar, Euro and Reais.

Looking down, also it’s important to emphasize that the font and the photographies transmit peace and they are in harmony. Moreover, about the font, it’s used throughout the page and the capital letter is used to highlight the titles and to draw more attention. They combine the black color and the red color to highlight the options and the prices.



Secondly, the main menu is very simple because it’s only made with three options: the home page, the contacts and the collection, which contains the different items or products that the brand sells. The website has a logical structure and an easy and clear navigation but there are some options that don’t offer too many help or information in them. Also, we can see the pictures of clothes in groups of three or one in one.

Furthermore, in the bottom-left corner are different options about delivery, terms and conditions of use, legal notice or other information about the brand. Also, we can find information about our orders, our credit slips or our vouchers. During you stay inside the home page, you can use a small arrow located in the bottom-right corner that takes you up the page quickly.

As we can see, the website has a minimalist and attractive design that facilitates the understanding to the client. This design is made by the ForDesign agency and there are the copyright statement at the bottom of the website. In adittion, there are many photographies that it grab and hold our attention because we can see the different products dressed by the models. Also, Kaoa uses these photographies as visual helps and as buttons in 3D to be able to accede directly to the page of the collection of clothes. The design transmits the main objective of the brand and her essence.


Thirdly, the site uses this way to interact with the consumer for two reasons. The first is that it offers photographs and helps to expand the user’s knowledge about the brand. On the other hand, the most important is that it allows online shopping. This will satisfy the needs of the consumer, since you can see and buy the product that you want thanks to the website. About e-commerce, the purchase process is very simple and the user experience is valued positively. As on most pages, it’s necessary to create an account to make an online order.

On the other hand, in the bottom part, the website offers the possibility to subscribe for the newsletter accompanied by a direct access to different social networks like Instagram or Facebook, but they don’t have Twitter, Pinterest or Blog. In this case and in all the website, a new tab opens from the main web, and navigation isn’t lost. Also, there isn’t Plug-In share or social news feed news box. Finally, as a plus, we found that the page is optimized for mobile phones and iPads.


Negative points:

The first negative point is about the help section and costumer service because it isn’t good and complete. They should have a specific section in which the different ones and more common FAQS were answered. If you have any doubts, you have to contact yourself across a message, therefore, it’s difficult to obtain an immediate answer.

As for the contact information, we only have the messenger service customer. On the other hand, we don’t know the address of the physical store because the opening is very recently and haven’t yet updated the website. But we also don’t know any other brand information such as the contact phone or a brief description of her history. They should fill the section “About us”, since it’s totally empty and because there are people who enter in the website through social networks and don’t know absolutely nothing about it.

Finally, another negative point is the absence of a search option. The products of Kaoa are named with proper names to be better distinguished. Therefore, consumers could make their purchase faster with a search option to find clothing by the name.



Audience analysis for Kaoâ

About my brand:

Kaoa is a fashion brand that was born in Portugal. Currently, it only has a store in Oporto. With a personalized design, the brand reflects the feminism, elegant and exclusive style of clothing. Among the products that the brand sells, we can find dresses, jumpsuits, bodys, tops, pants, coats, skirts, etc. Importantly, it’s an exclusively female brand.

About the e-commerce brand, the buying process is very simple and easy and I value positively my experience with this brand. On the other hand, Kaoa send orders worldwide and her social networks are Instagram and Facebook.

We can observe that Instagram is the social network in which they have more followers with a total of 151.000 . Between his followers they stand out bloggers and influencers as Jessica Goicoechea.



About costumers:

Firtsly, our target audience are girls between 18 and 40 years old with a medium-hight purchasing power. Usually are portuguese girls but however, can also are girls from other countries especially spanish girls.

The target group lives in Oporto and Lisbon and they are divided into two groups:

On the one hand, the girls who still go to university tend to study something related to art like architecture or something related to fashion and events like Public Relations or fashion design. Many of these girls have as hobby the modeling. Other hobbies that they share are photography, wanderlust and healthy food.

On the other hand, if they are girls with more than 25 years, they will be employed at something related to the renowned studies previously or at something related to her image because it’s an elegant clothing.

In addition, they are very sociable, funny girls and they like to go out to take something in the nights with her friends or to come to exclusive events like Vogue. Others of her interests are to see series as Gossip Girl and if it can be in English to improve his language. Undoubtedly, his favorite movie is Sex in New York.

Finally, they don’t like to read books, only if they are romantic novels. They prefer to read fashionable magazines like Vogue or Elle in which they can take references to her looks. In addition, they like to be going to take something with friends in the most fashionable bars of the city and also to listen to pop music as Beyoncé
One of their clients is Catalina:

Catalina is 24 years old and lives in Lisbon. Kaoa is one of her favorite shops. Nowadays, she devotes himself to the modelaje and studies architecture.

In her free time he likes to go out with friends or to go to shopping. Her favorite brands of clothes are Channel, Zara, Victoria’s Secret…She likes to read magazines like Vogue, Elle, Telva and others. She loves sushi, pizza and coffe but however, she likes healthy lifestyle and she’s going to run every day. Her favorite film is Sex in New York.

To finish, it should be said that, she’s a very sociable person and one of the things that more she likes to do in the life is to travel. She tries to travel when she has vacations because she’s charmed with discovering world. She likes especially the beach destinations


Júlia Llopis


Linkstore Official website

LINKSTORE is a Portuguese brand which designs accessories and clothing items for men.

All the products are made in Portugal and the brand excels in their design.


The brand started in 2013 by being just a hobby for its founders: A couple of friends who just wanted to do a project together. The owners of the store are proud of their motto: LKS – Lets Keep it Simple, which means all their products are simple products, made with the best materials and easy to use.


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Audience analysis of Simply SETZ


What is Simply SETZ

images.pngSETZ is a clothing and accessories brand, designed and founded in Barcelona 2014, based on a key attribute called simplicity.

This brand offer a variety of high quality textiles with fashion patterns completely designed and manufactured exclusively in Barcelona city.

The characterized of this brand is the effort, perseverance and informality to improve every each day.

It’s possible to buy their products in the same web site or in six shops located a Catalunya ( Barcelona Vic , Puigerdà, Platja d’Aro, Martorel, Ribes de Freser).

Captura de pantalla 2016-10-07 a les 21.27.16.png

Target of Simply SETZ

The target group of SETZ is young girls and boys from 15 to 30 years old, specially from Spain . The level economic is middle. Are for people they like the urban live, extreme sports, the nature, and meet up with friends. They like wearing a confortable, good made and personality clothes. This target move a way from big brans, is original people and they like try a new things. They normally use web sites for cheque and buy clothes.

 Marc, costumer of SETZ

One of their clients is Marc, he is 21 and is ADE student and skateboarder. He lives in Barcelona.

He normally goes to the university and after that, goes with friends to have a good time, drink beer and take photography’s. After that, he likes reading, connect to the social media or watching films, he is a big fan of Games of Thrones.

At the weekends he goes to the mountain to walk, cycling or to the sea for surfing.When Marc has time he like’s travel with friends or with his girl friend.

His diet is healthy, like Mediterranean diet. But sometimes eats a very good hamburgers and fad food.