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The first thing that we find in google when we search “simpatic” is where the business is and what they do. The takeline is a review about what is the principal activity of Càtering Simpatic: sell sandwiches and bread in their coffee shops and serve caterings. 

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First of all, the page work well on all Macs and PCs (and mobiles), is web responsive.The web site fell you welcome, because there are some white blanks where you can relax your look, there aren’t much text and the colors are neutral. On the top, at the right, there is the option to change language; nowadays they only have Spanish or Catalan. They have link directly to his social networks; Instagram and Facebook, where the user can find additional information about what the company do, and content of interest for the target.

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In the home of the page there remains very clear the aim of the web, which is to do an online order. The most differential attribute that the service offers. This one notices in one of the taps (products) and in the home on a square.

The web site have different taps:

  • Home: there is the principal information about the business: what they do, where it is and what you can do in the site (phone, see products and do a online order). There are different images about: events that the company had done, products, and pictures of the coffee shops…
  • Qui som (who we are). There is explained the history of the company and the location of the coffee shops. Also there are some of the companies that are regular customers, what make the service more credible.


  • Productes (Products): there you can do the online order and see all the products, with pictures of each one of them, and information of what each contain.

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  • Preguntes frequents (frequent questions). It could be the help section.
  • Contacte (Contact): what you have to do to contact with the company, and the localization of the locals.

The headline is always the same:  the different sections, the logo (in the top left), the change of language and the links to social networks. When the client visits the different sections, he can know perfectly where he is, because the taps changes colors depending on what you are visiting, it’s what make the page arranged and friendly to use.


The language that the company use is informal, suitable for all the publics, with a dark background and white letters, which does more easily the reading and the comprehension. The message is simple, concise and focused to the customer.


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The interactivity of the client with the company is important in the trade of services. In the web site there is a square of “call us”, where the client receives a more personalized attention to do his order. In the section contact there is all the information to contact to the company: e-mail, telephone and location of the coffee shops (also in the footer of all the pages) with a site map, and a contact form to do additional questions.

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The web site is: www.simpatic.cat

Objectives Analysis



Càtering Simpatic‘s principal objective is to gain positioning in the market, be announced. For this reason, he chooses the on-line communication as a tool to increase sales and to extend brand presence, with it the company want:

  • Increase the visitor to the web page. Opposite to his competition, it’s the only company that gives the possibility to his clients, doing his on-line orders. It is an aspect that the company wants to promote. At the same time, the company use this tool to reduce costs of service by the automation of business processes.




  • If you don’t report, you don’t exist. The company has entered in the social networks; they are in Facebook and Instagram. Where he reports to his clients, not only what he offers also the image of the company. With this, the company use internet as a tool to provide pre-and after sale to customers and to get closer to the customer, establishing dialogues, learning about them, asking them about their needs and concerns, etc.


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At the same time, the company can do off-line communication to be announced; being present at fairs (an example can be the November fair of Vilanova i la Geltrú) and promoting local actions (as the Solidary dinner in the “Museo del Ferrocarril de Catalunya” organized by CadenaSERCatalunya and Centre Dental Vilanova).

Using the smart pattern, the objectives that the company what to expire, have to be:

  • Measurable.
  • Specific.
  • In a concrete time.
  • Realistic.
  • Achievable.

For this motive, Càtering Simpatic determines certain objectives to expire monthly:

  • Increase 10% the number of visits and orders in the web site as a reach objective.
  • As InterAct objective, the company propose to increase 20% the likes in his Facebook page.
  • Increase the conversion rate 5%, doing more actions in the web site, to convert the visits to sells. To improve it, Càtering Simpatic have to improve the usability of the web site; doing a post-buy questionnaire (evaluating his satisfaction of purchase) and give more facilities in the service contracting (telephone number, action “we will call you”, e-mail).


By: Irene Company

Càtering Simpatic

Càtering Simpàtic is a catering company placed in Vilanova i la Geltrú. It is responsable for preparing, performing, offering and serve in every kind of events, since a basic breakfast untill snacks or dinner. Always fitting in with its clients needs in order to achieve their full satisfaction.

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The company have two types of clients. On the one hand, other companies with an exclusive contract for events, it means that they will always contract catering simpatic services for their events. Many of the companies are located in the Garraf region, although events are held throughout Catalonia. Some of the companies which the company work with are:


On the other hand the individuals, they are considered as clients men and women between 25 and 70 years with a middle-income, who live in Garraf district. Those people are not the main client for the Company because their orders are isolated and many of them with a low volumen. But anyway they are also important because they provide benefits during the most isolated periods, such as local parties, Christmas… One type of individual client is Maria;

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