What is the R.A.C.E plan ?

The R.A.C.E model/plan is divided into 4 letters, each one of them represents a step to reach your digital marketing objectives. It has been created to help Small and large businesses so they can take the opportunities the digital worl offers them.

I. REACH : To build the reputation of a brand and its products and create trafic on your website and social medias.

II. ACT : Encourage your target audience to discuss or exchange opinions on your social medias. This step is also about encouraging the potential costumers to take the next step, persuading them to buy and/either subscribe.

III. CONVERT : Convert the interest of your target audience into acts.

IV. ENGAGE : This last step consists of developing a long lasting relationship with your costumers so they will be loyal to you and recommend your brand.


To sump up the race model in other words : “It is about using best practice web analytics techiniques to get more commercial value”


Linkstore Official website

LINKSTORE is a Portuguese brand which designs accessories and clothing items for men.

All the products are made in Portugal and the brand excels in their design.


The brand started in 2013 by being just a hobby for its founders: A couple of friends who just wanted to do a project together. The owners of the store are proud of their motto: LKS – Lets Keep it Simple, which means all their products are simple products, made with the best materials and easy to use.


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