Website review of “LaTostadora”

How friendly is the site?

LaTostadora‘s website makes you feel comfortable, homely, as it’s modern and simple. It invites you to be in their way, it attracts you to participate in their action they call you. What is really important is that the target of the brand don’t get lost when they browse the page. The menu bar, the images changing in a 4-5 seconds time, and some examples or proposals and info if you start scrolling down. And what’s more, the tone is informal and friendly because it knows who they are communicating to. It situates them, it’s nice.


How’s the navigation?

The navigation bar which includes different subcategories in which you can select some ideas they have, go to the men’s or women’s section, etc (in fact it could be better, includin a button of who they are or contact…).

The site is well-structured, because despite you know nothing of the company, it directly treats you like knowing what is about and what to do. If you don’t, eventhough it tells you in one of the images on the top, you need to go down to click on the information button, contact or FAQ’s.

If you enter on a section and you want to go back, you can press on the logo to return to the home page, it’s useful.

What about the desing?

The webpage is so stylish! Convinating the light colors and the black, it makes it so elegant, so smart. We must take into account, though, that the brand has changed his style in the last months (including the corporative colours), so they knew in the moment how to improve their image to the public to tune in.

The little text they use is not boring nor useless, but easy to read and understand. And as I said, the images they publish are quite pleasant and invites you to listen them, it’s advantageous.

One more thing it’s good to tell, because it’s so important in web stores, is that it has the security icon (below the social media ones), so the users will feel safe.

latostadora down.jpg

Website Review: Colectivos Vip

This is the last post in which we are going to analyze the website of Colectivos Vip.

  • How friendly is the site? Does it communicates everything it needs to? How relevant is the content to your audience?

The concept of the business is a little bit complex, so the website should be as clear and informative as possible.

The first thing we see when we enter at the web is the tag line: “Motivamos empleados, fidelizamos clientes”, and little lower another one more explanatory: “Desarrollamos, implantamos, gestionamos y damos servicio a programas de ahorro-fidelización”.


Just below the second tagline there is a button with the sentence “¿Quieres saber más?” This takes you to the section “Quiénes somos” with more detailed information about the company and the service they offer.




With this first analysis we can conclude that the business is well explained on its website and can easily be found, one of the biggest challenges the website has.

Another positive point, is that in the center of the home page we can see 3 big icons with a small explanation dedicated to the 3 different targets/services: Employees, Customers of the contracting company and providers.


In this way, anyone who enters to the website can directly go to get information about what they want: contracting an employees club, contracting a customers club or being a provider for the 2 previous.

The last thing we can see scrolling in the home page is the contact information with address, phone number, map and the option to fill out a form and get leads.


Finally, in this point I would like to comment that we can find all the sections explained previously in a unique menu bar at the top of the page, and next to that, a space to log in (when you are an employee or consumer member of an existing club).


So with all this, we can conclude that the website of Colectivos Vip is a friendly, clear, explicative and with good usability web.

  • How beneficial is its interactivity?

The only interactivity is through the form. This could be improved with a blog, or something where users could give there opinions. Another thing would be to link with the social networks of the company.


  • What about navigation?

I think that the navigation of the page is correct and it has is a logical structure. As commented previously, there is a unique menu bar at the top with the 5 sections of the the website and next to that a space to log in as a user.

Another important and correct thing is that the logo is at the left top, which always takes you to the home page.

Finally, I think that are very important the 3 icons which separate and differentiate the services or targets that the company has: employees club, customers clubs or providers. With this, the person who visualizes the web, can easily find what interests him and what he seeks depending on who is he (provider, head of human resources of a company…) and what he want.

  • Design quality

The design of the website is also correct. It uses the colors of the brand (blue and white) so is according to the identity of the brand.

The typography has a young aspect and it’s everything very clean and organized.

A thing which I would review is the video of the home page, because maybe it has not the best quality as possible.

  • Copy Quality

It’s true that there’s no much text in the website, but the one that is there is well written and has a lot of coherence. So, an important and difficult challenge, such as explaining what the business is,  I think is overcome.

  • Credibility

The credibility is reinforced by “Nuestras cifras”, which appears scrolling in the home page.


  • Accessibility

The Website is displayed correctly on Mac and PC and works with all browsers. It’s also mobile responsive and the company has an app.

  • Loading speed

This would affect especially to the video of the home page, but the truth is that it loads quickly and presents no problem.









Website review : Simply SETZ

SETZ is a clothing and accessories brand, designed and founded in Barcelona 2014, based on a key attribute called simplicity.The URL is

In this post I will  do a  review from they website.

How friendly is the site? / Does it communicate everything it needs to? 

This website looks welcoming and immediately  can see what style of clothes they are offering.

Referring to the website have the same stile all the sections, and you can know the necessary things of this brand.

In the  home page  pas 19 different images about the brand and you can stop and watch more slowly,  but you can’t pas the next  image.

Captura de pantalla 2016-11-30 a les 19.59.26.png
Home page

One interesting thing is in the first page in the top you can see if you buy you get the  free package and less then 72 hours. And you can see witch social networks they have and if you click  that one it open in one new page.


In the navigation bar there are the necessary things to move for the website, The first thing  is the virtual shop were you can see the products and the prices they have. But you can see if it’s possible to buy in fiscal shop, you have to scroll down until the food page  for see it.


Captura de pantalla 2016-11-30 a les 20.17.07.png
navigation bar 

This web site don’t have a Customer Services that all FAQs but I think it’s not necessary and if you have a question you just can contact with them sending an email.

Captura de pantalla 2016-11-30 a les 20.57.11.png
Classification of products

In the accesoris with this photography gets confiusing  because it’s difficult to know if i’ts just for mans or it’s for girls to.
The information about the contact it’s in the contact buttons and wen you click there you can see the name of the brand, the direction, the telephone number and send a message. But don’t appear in every page.

Captura de pantalla 2016-11-30 a les 21.55.28.png


About the navigation it’s easy and clear. We have to know Simply Setz is a small brand and don’t have a lot of products and in one moment you have time to see old of them, for this reason it’s not necessary have  the search option.

Design quality

About the design always use the same colors gray, green, with and black and this ones are a pale colors and sometimes it’s difficult to reed the letters.

Always you know where you are, you can change the section easily.  Have a geometric structure and this is a good thing because is more easy the navigation because is the same design in all the sections.

About the content it’s correct, you can see they values with the text and the photos and they inform about the payment, Privacy policy  and legal terms.

They don’t have links in other pages.


In general they have a good design  but should improve the colors of the font because some time it’s difficult to read the text. Also they should put in the first page is possible to buy in physical shops, and the contact  in the top  because when you change the section you can continuos to see the contact.

About the structure is simple but enough because is a small brand but if they will like to get bigger they will have to improve a few things, they cut have a new section on they can post the news, search bar…

One other thing they have to improve it’s changing the picture from the accessories. They already have videos in youtube but not in the website and  will be interesting to link them to the web site.

A very good thing they have is they sell very good their values and have a simple a useful website.


LinkStore – Website Evaluation


Overall the website feels very welcoming, you can see that it is very design oriented as it is very simple with numerous pop-up menus.

You can see right away that it’s a clothing website and that the objective is to sell.

The tone of the website is very informal and you can see it is made for international customers as the only language available is in English despite of it being a Portuguese brand.

It is a very minimalistic website so there is a lot of black spaces so it can be more clear to read.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 12.13.54.png

The aesthetics of the website is very consistent, the same colour pallet is used throughout the website.

Regarding the several buttons, they have a button all the time in the top right side of the screen in case the customers has any questions. This button is also a way for the customers to leave their information.

As it is a small company all questions are easily answered and in a fast way.

The website is lacking on Call to Action activity though, there are rarely any buttons that make the customer act on something.

The basic contact information  does NOT appear on the front/main page, it is on a separate page named “Contacts”. There is also a separate page for the company’s history and background, which is a positive thing as it keeps the relationship between customer and company more intimate.


There are no accessibility facilitators throughout the website- there are no bookmark options, no easy way to return to the main page, and you can’t go to another page without having to go to the popup menu.

The good thing about this pop up menu is that you don’t have to click to see it, you can just hover over it. This is good because then you won’t have to click as often and it will be more easy for the customer to move around the webpage.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 12.16.02.png

One horrible thing about the website is that there is NO search option, which makes it harder for the user to find what they want.

They also don’t have a landing page with “filler” information so that it helps google introduce the website to the users.

Another good thing about the website is that firstly you arrive on a page with a BIG image on it, and it is an image of the store, is is aesthetically pleasant. If you hover over the name of the store you will find the pop up menu.

One of the big downsides of the web is that almost half the products from the actual store aren’t on the website.

There are no apparent buttons to share the website to other people, but if you scroll all the way down you can see 2 hyperlink  buttons that direct you to their Facebook and their Instagram.  There are also information on the bottom on Shipping information and those kind of things.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 12.17.22.png

Website Review: Beroomers

How friendly is the site?

Beroomers website make people feel welcoming because it’s very visual and simple. But maybe it’s not clear which is the positioning of the brand. It’s evident that it offers accommodation but it’s difficult to see what it exactly does. Beroomers is perfect to students that are looking for a room, flat or house for a period of time, for example for their Erasmus. So, it would be better to use a more specific headline or subheadline.

Captura de pantalla 2016-11-30 a las 22.17.19.png

Moreover, the tone is informal and directly because it is communicating to people from 18 to 25.

The help section is very extensive, it has FAQ’s, help and how it works section and you can also contact with the brand and make questions in a proper way by Skype, What’s app, e-mail, telephone or through the website.

In visual terms, there’re enough white spaces. For this reason, it’s easy to scan and to find all the blocks. However, there isn’t an option to increase the size of the text.

Does it communicate everything it needs to?

It’s clear that the most important objective of the website is to sell. But otherwise, Beroomers has a blog with an informational and entertainment purpose. Of course, to get engagement and to convert visitors to potential customers.

 How relevant is the content to your audience?

At first sight, there’s a call-to-action, so they make easy and fast the booking. Moreover, there’s a good explanation about how does the website work.

How beneficial is its interactivity?

First, visitors can interact with the brand and other visitors giving their opinions about the rooms they have booked and registering to the web. This is a positive point if Berommers has a good community manager that can answer and manage the community.

Also, the contact information appears on the home page. This include the telephone number, the e-mail address, the social networks, the year it was created and the name of the company.


On the bottom of the website appears the privacy policy, so it’s in a usually site and easy to find.

What about navigation?

 I think that the navigation structure is correct. The most important is on the top: headline, subheadline, picture and call-to-action and after that, it shows you the cities where you can use Beroomers. Then, there’s the how it works section, own content, publications in media, testimonials, partners and finally the corporative information. It has also a menu on the top.

If you click on a section, you can return to the home page by pressing the logo or going back. Finally, the site map is not included.

Design quality

In one hand and according to the design, Beroomers uses the corporative colors at all the web: orange, grey and brown. There’re also drawings and pictures that helps the compression and makes it more visual. For example, the picture on the top helps to understand that the web is focused on students.

In the other hand, although the design is clear and simple, there’s a lack of quality.

Copy quality and reability

I think that the language that it uses is really appropriate. It doesn’t commit misspellings and the grammatical constructions are correct in the languages it uses: English and Spanish. The tone, as I have said is informal and direct and Beroomers uses always the same or similar fonts in different sizes depending if it is a title, subtitle, the ordinary text, etc.

How good is the marketing?

In my opinion, Beroomers has a lot of competitors like Idealista, Wimdu, Vibber, Milanuncios… So it’s important to differenciate from the rest. They should potentiate the fact that they’re focused on exchange students. Lead the web strategy to this kind of people. It is also important to improve the SEO, if they cannot use SEM.

To conclude, in general terms, Beroomers has a modern and complete website, but with some shortcomings as a confusing title, a bad positionig web, a poor design quality…Therefore, there’s work to do!

Anna Crusellas

Website Review – Kaoa

As you know, my brand is Kaoa and she was born in Portugal. Among the products that the brand sells, we can find dresses, jumpsuits, bodys, tops, pants, coats, skirts, etc. Importantly, it’s an exclusively female brand.

On the other hand, with a personalized design, her website reflects the feminine, elegant and exclusive style of clothing. Furthermore, it transmits the formal and emotional tone of the brand that her consumers also have. For this reason,  the audience engage with the brand’s personality because Kaoa has a specific target and isn’t aimed to any type of public.

Positive points:

Firstly, as for the structure of the website, at first sight it’s a welcoming site because transmits her values based on formality and elegance through a white tonality combined with professional photographies and with high photographic quality and fashion models. It’s full of blanks spaces and there isn’t saturation of information. For this reason, it’s easy to read the page, to interact in it and represents very well the personality of the brand.

It’s a typical website inside the fashion world, especially because the clothes are modern. In the right top you can access to your personal account and you can see a basket in which there are accumulate the items that you want to buy. On the other hand, in the left top of the page we can see that the web is available in two languages: Portuguese and English, and can be purchased in 3 types of currency: Dollar, Euro and Reais.

Looking down, also it’s important to emphasize that the font and the photographies transmit peace and they are in harmony. Moreover, about the font, it’s used throughout the page and the capital letter is used to highlight the titles and to draw more attention. They combine the black color and the red color to highlight the options and the prices.



Secondly, the main menu is very simple because it’s only made with three options: the home page, the contacts and the collection, which contains the different items or products that the brand sells. The website has a logical structure and an easy and clear navigation but there are some options that don’t offer too many help or information in them. Also, we can see the pictures of clothes in groups of three or one in one.

Furthermore, in the bottom-left corner are different options about delivery, terms and conditions of use, legal notice or other information about the brand. Also, we can find information about our orders, our credit slips or our vouchers. During you stay inside the home page, you can use a small arrow located in the bottom-right corner that takes you up the page quickly.

As we can see, the website has a minimalist and attractive design that facilitates the understanding to the client. This design is made by the ForDesign agency and there are the copyright statement at the bottom of the website. In adittion, there are many photographies that it grab and hold our attention because we can see the different products dressed by the models. Also, Kaoa uses these photographies as visual helps and as buttons in 3D to be able to accede directly to the page of the collection of clothes. The design transmits the main objective of the brand and her essence.


Thirdly, the site uses this way to interact with the consumer for two reasons. The first is that it offers photographs and helps to expand the user’s knowledge about the brand. On the other hand, the most important is that it allows online shopping. This will satisfy the needs of the consumer, since you can see and buy the product that you want thanks to the website. About e-commerce, the purchase process is very simple and the user experience is valued positively. As on most pages, it’s necessary to create an account to make an online order.

On the other hand, in the bottom part, the website offers the possibility to subscribe for the newsletter accompanied by a direct access to different social networks like Instagram or Facebook, but they don’t have Twitter, Pinterest or Blog. In this case and in all the website, a new tab opens from the main web, and navigation isn’t lost. Also, there isn’t Plug-In share or social news feed news box. Finally, as a plus, we found that the page is optimized for mobile phones and iPads.


Negative points:

The first negative point is about the help section and costumer service because it isn’t good and complete. They should have a specific section in which the different ones and more common FAQS were answered. If you have any doubts, you have to contact yourself across a message, therefore, it’s difficult to obtain an immediate answer.

As for the contact information, we only have the messenger service customer. On the other hand, we don’t know the address of the physical store because the opening is very recently and haven’t yet updated the website. But we also don’t know any other brand information such as the contact phone or a brief description of her history. They should fill the section “About us”, since it’s totally empty and because there are people who enter in the website through social networks and don’t know absolutely nothing about it.

Finally, another negative point is the absence of a search option. The products of Kaoa are named with proper names to be better distinguished. Therefore, consumers could make their purchase faster with a search option to find clothing by the name.



Website review: Maria Pascual

Firstly, it is important to note that when you search in Google “Maria Pascual”, the website appears in the first position on the ranking of search engines via the “natural” or “un-paid” search results. Therefore, this is a positive point because they have a good positioning in SEO and in consequence, they improve both their visibility and importance.


The homepage of Maria Pascual website is very colorful and is composed through a collage of nice photos in which you can access to different sections of the website, like “New arrivals” or “Necklaces”. Nevertheless, there are many white spaces through the site and around the photos, with the aim of making it less busy and easier to scan. Therefore, the design is simple and attractive for the customer. And in the top left hand corner of the website we can see the logo of Maria Pascual. So, the website is pretty friendly and the main page feels welcoming.

In addition, many of the titles of each photo are also in the menu of the website. The menu of the website has a logical structure and the navigation is easy and intuitive as well. But, as we told in class, maybe it would be more clear if the section “bangles” was called “bracelets”, because not everybody knows this word and it can be a trouble. Also, they have an useful searcher in the top right hand corner near the menu.

So, it is clear that the purpose of the website is to sell jewelry, but it is important to say that in the collage of the homepage the jewels are present in a second place and perhaps at first glance it could be confused with a clothing brand, but with the title in each photo is quite evident that it is a brand of jewelry. Therefore, you can immediately tell where you are, because the images, titles and the description make it easier to know and this is a very important point.


Moreover, the content is written in an informal and friendly way, such as their account in Instagram and Facebook, they use hashtags and expressions like “must have”. And it is immediately clear who the site’s intended audience are girls interested in fashion and in social networks. Also, Maria Pascual has a section called “Shop Insta”, which is completely related with their Instagram account, because the audience can buy exactly what they see on the photos of Instagram. And this is a very good idea, because it is an easy and quick way for their followers to buy.


Moreover, it is important to note that in the bottom of the homepage there is information about contact with the customer center. Nevertheless, in the homepage doesn’t appear the contact email address and the address of the store and this is a negative point. So, this information we can find it in a section called “Contact us” with more specific information and also, you can leave a message for the brand. Furthermore, there is a section about help and is actually useful because they have also a FAQ page where there is many information and it can be of great help.

Furthermore, in the bottom right hand corner of the homepage there is a section called “Let’s be friends” in which you can access to their social networks and also, there is the “call to action” to join to their newsletter. Therefore, to join to their newsletter and to follow them in their social networks are two obvious actions that Maria Pascual wants that their audience to take. But I believe that it should be located somewhere else to make it more visible.

And also is important to say that the section of stores map is very difficult to find, because it is in the bottom of the homepage in the section of “Some help”. Maybe it can be a mistake of Maria Pascual website or maybe it is done intentionally because they prefer to sell online, instead of the store.  


Regarding to the copy quality, the content and the description of the product is clear, concise and grammatically correct and the letter is easy to read. However, some titles cannot read very well, but when you put the mouse in the photo, it becomes darker and consequently, is easier to read.

Also, in each jewel you can leave a review and this is a good way to interact with the audience. And another positive point of the website is that you can share each product in your social networks with the share buttons. Every section is very clear and you know what it is about, because they always use big headings with capital letters and also they use a lot of photos showing the products.



Finally, Maria Pascual should have the padlock icon in the website, because this transmits security and credibility to the audience for buy online, since they haven’t got it. Moreover, it is important to note that their website is totally true to the brand’s identity and also their website is perfectly optimized to mobile devices.

For more information:


Clàudia Llopis