Website review : ASOS

As I mentioned in the previous presentations, ASOS is a global online fashion and beauty trade and offers over 50,000 product lines and external own brand of women, men, shoes, accessories, jewelry and beauty.They sell the latest trends and they offer a wide variety of fashion-related content.


Firstly appears one image with the latest trends and offers. The main characteristic of assos are their clothing and it is very important that they appear in the first term. Another important feature is that you can choose to see women’s or mn’s clothing, and this facilitate your search. The style of the page its minimalist and it goes acording to the profile of many brands that have clothes and also have the same style. The website its friendly because the pictures that they use for their website are models and they are happy girls and it goes according to their target.

Captura de pantalla 2016-12-01 a las 2.12.19.png

As for the content, it is correct because they show the catalog of their clothes. It is the most important thing of the web page. The letter of the website its easy to read but the page doesn’t have much text. It is easier for people to focus on clothing. I find that its very interesting that on the website you see “help” and if someone need help, they can read the explanation of how to follow the steps to buy. The design of the website is very attractive and use the colors that are in trend.

Captura de pantalla 2016-11-30 a las 20.36.42.png

About their navigation

Their has a logical and modern structure because its ease and clear to find what you’re looking for. Its very important that they put all links and their other platforms so you can go directly to the link of their others platforms.


Looking down, it’s important that the website teaches their style through the different sections that it offers. There is a lot of variety in each section, so the ASOS page offers a lot of variety. For example, it inspires you to make gifts, besides clothing and finally you can find accessories …

Another section that is very interesting if you looking down, is that they have a section for influencers. ASOS puts their respective hashtag so that all those consumers who follow the steps of an influencer , can buy their clothes and find them easily.

Captura de pantalla 2016-12-01 a las 2.04.58.png

ASOS teaches you the brands with which it works, therefore, is addressing a specific audience and that makes anyone who enters the website, before buying  can assess if it really interests buy online or not.
Captura de pantalla 2016-12-01 a las 2.08.42.png
Finally, I think it’s very interesting that they offer discounts and offers through their website, because many times when you enter in other websites, you have to get the discount vouchers through other platforms for example facebook. The advantage is that ASOS is characterized by continuously offering discounts due to its large increase in recent years thanks to many influencers such as Dulceida, which has 1.4 million followers, and she chose ASOS to buy  all her clothes and then, she publishes it in her social networks.
Captura de pantalla 2016-12-01 a las 2.12.36.png
In conclusion…
    • Easy to find clothes
    • Modern structure
    • The web represents their brand’s essence
    • They use pictures with cheerful girls
    • Its easy to navigate
    • The page have a good content
    • The website is in 7 languages


  • They dont use multimedia , for example, they dont have music in their page
  • The website has little text
  • They dont have videos, and they could create this because its important to get consumers attention

Lonbali’s website review


When visit Lonbali’s website we can see that it has a very simple design very pleasant to look at and that makes the navigation very easy. At the top, the logo of the brand; below this, a very simple menu; and then, a dynamic box that fills half of the screen and in which appear different images showing various Lonbali products. Each one of this pictures is accompanied by a short sentence indicating different services that the site offers such as “customize your Lonbali” or “Lonbali community”, that are some of the main attractions that the brand offers online. Finally, at the right top corner of the main page we can find a secondary menu with different options: the wishilist, the shooping bag or the language options.captura-de-pantalla-2016-11-29-a-las-12-41-41

We can see that the style that emerges from this website is totally in accordance with the image that the company is trying to transmit. We should remember that Lonbali products are trying to relate with a simple and fresh design that offers comfort and adaptability mixed up in a product that’s also very fashionable. Taking this into account and looking again at the website, we can see that the site is showing the same thing: a plain but stylish design that makes the navigation very easy for a woman that has a lot of things going on in her life and that needs this type of friendly website that makes things easier. Without any doubt the entire page is made up for a very elegant and multitask woman. Also the kindly tone of the few sentences that appear on it and the simple but clear and strong typography go totally in harmony with all these things.


After this first look at Lonbali’s webpage we can start navigating through it, and there are a few things that I want to highlight:

First of all, when we roll down the home page, we can find different spaces filled with images and some few texts. Most of this pictures are not very functional, but they transmit the spirit of the brand and they make the site very visual. 

Despite this, I’ve also found different mistakes. For example, that some of the pictures and the blog map indicators are linked to a wrong page. I’m also a little confused about what happens when you keep rolling down, because you arrive to a picture, that’s very nice but which includes the word “collection” which is impossible to read because of its colour. Also the word makes not much sense with this image and I think it could be perfectly omitted.

Captura de pantalla 2016-11-30 a las 1.04.28.png

I’ve also noticed some problems when you choose the English version of the website. I think that this might because this option is very new and it’s not completely updated yet. But the thing is that some of the texts keep remaining in Spanish and it’s impossible to access to some of the pages of the main bar through this English version.

Another thing that’s disturbing is referring to the blog of the site. The idea is that the brand shares this blog with its customers and that anyone can write a post in it about fashion trends and lifestyle. I’ve been looking for the option to do that but I can’t find the way to make a collaboration so this is something that must be solved.

Referring to the Newsletter, I’ve noticed that it’s placed at the very bottom of the home page. It’s truth that customers don’t want to be pushed to do certain things like joining this newsletter by obligation, but maybe keeping it at the bottom of the page it’s a little risky because a lot of users may not even see the option.

Finally, I have to say that in general the website is very intuitive and that’s very easy to navigate through it. Even the page of personalization, which may seem trickier to use, it’s very simple and everything is very clear.


We can summarize all this good and bad practices of Lobali’s website in the following chart:



It totally transmits the spirit of the brand with its design, text and typography

It’s very visual

The tone of the text, quotes and messages are in concordance with the company essence

It’s very intuitive and easy to navigate

It is optimized for smartphones and tablets

They show transparency because there’s nothing hidden or difficult to find

The “personalizing” option is very easy to use

You can have a direct access to their social networks profiles

Every page has a link back to the Home Page

They don’t have a “search” icon

Some texts are difficult to read because of the colour

You’re supposed to be able to write posts on the blog and I haven’t found the option to do it yet

They have different images linked in a wrong way

The English version of the website is not completely in English

Quick email response

Maria Hors


reach to locate each of the different consumption profiles that market.

1) divide the market
2) define the segment
3) and classify the products in that segment
4) and for each segment have to make a differentiated strategy

• Measurable: the criterion chosen must be able to quantify
• Accessible: it must be possible to reach him by already established groups
• Cost effective: Enough to get benefits
• differentiable: must be distinguished from other segments
• Programmable: can develop concrete strategies for action

Segmentation is to divide the market into groups of consumers with similar characteristics in order to implement a concrete strategy and differentiated

1) Geographic segmentation
2) targeting consumer characteristics
3) segmentation by product-related criteria
4) targeting distribution channels

• demographic
seo / family size / age / cycle of family / marital status life ...
• socioeconomic
level of income / education / profession / religion
• psychographic
class / lifestyle / personality / activities / opinions / values

are easily measurable, less psychographic that are difficult to quantify

Form groups from consumer buying behavior
• Benefits pursued with the purchase of quality, service, performance, safety, security, design, durability, etc.
• Frequency of use of purchased products: single, low, medium, high, very high
• User Category: markets can be segmented distinguishing between new users, ex-users, potential users, first-time users
• Purchase Type: differentiate between first purchase and repeat purchase
• Brand loyalty: No, medium, strong, full
•	Shop place

Segmentation based on product-related criteria is the most direct
4. Segmentation distribution channels
Determining .Consiste
• How do you get consumers
• What outlets are to be used
• Through what channels of distribution

Audience analysis of LaTostadora

About La Tostadora

La Tostadora is an online website of Spain, where the main point is to design your own t-shirts and other stuff you’d like to wear.

The brand soul is to design them and share so anybody can see your artwork and take it also.  As you design them, you can do whatever you like to put in there, to put in you.

The owners of the brand were met in a Erasmus travel, and they fastly became friend because of their interests (drinking and having fun). This idea make your own clothes was so revolutionary that La Tostadora became one of the most important clothing brand in Spain in 2005 (at that age was called, appearing in the media as the first business in that way.

Resultat d'imatges

About costumers:

Firstly, I want to point out there’s not a specific age or genre to say when we talk about our customers. The target of this business is opened to everybody that like the idea this company is offering to them.

It really can be anybody, that of course live in the countries La Tostadora is working in (Spain, Italy, UK, France).

So, let’s see some kind of people that could buy in this site web:

On the one hand, the boys that are not keen on the trendy clothes, and they just want something new with a topic they would like to wear, almost freak or humoristic.

On the other hand (and less probable), the girls that want something of LaTostadora because it looks funny for them.

In addition, there are some celebrations (p.e. the father’s day) when appears in the web lots of designs for the customers to gift. The conclusion is that it can be also a present for a family member or a friend.

The point is that you don’t have to be a particular kind of guy to keen on this way of having fun creating clothing.

Let’s meet Peter:
Peter is a 16 year nerd student who you find him always playing with videogames with his computer or the console. He is always connected to internet, and he loves science-fiction series and movies. His favourite subject is “Computer class”, but he hates PE (“Physical Education”). He’s not that sociable he would like to be, but he really doesn’t care about that.


Just Eat

Ana Galfi

Just Eat is an online food order and delivery service. It acts as an intermediary between independent take-out food outlets and customers. It is headquartered in the United Kingdom and operates in 13 countries in Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas. The platform allows customers to search for local take-out restaurants to place orders online, and to choose from pick-up or delivery options.

Their biggest target group consists of young people and students aged 18-30 who are either at the beginning of their studies or starting their professional lives and careers. They are usually focused on their studies or work and they tend to give greater importance to work and socializing then health in such way that they are in their best years and are not really concerned with the affect the food has on their health. To them food is mostly source of power that will supplement them with the energy they need to pursue their other current life goals. The most important aspect when deciding about the food they will eat is the taste. Just-eat perfectly meets that need by offering a wide range of different types of cuisine and also reviews that have been made by previous customers. This allows other customers to completely satisfy their need in the way that their choice will meet all of their criteria’s.

Additionally as they are still quite young and have just recently moved out of their family homes their knowledge of cooking is either quite low or almost none existing. This results in them opting for an easier option which is to order already prepared food instead of preparing it themselves.

They spend most of their time studying/working and socializing. Their typical day consists of two parts. First part is morning/afternoon which they spend at university/work and the second part is evening when they socialize. As their financial situation is average they are most likely sharing accommodation with people with similar interests. Some of the typical ways of socializing they practice are: movie nights with friends and housemates, clubbing and going to bars. In the first situation they will most likely order food delivery and share it between them. In the second situation they will most probably come home late, hungry and too tired to prepare food themselves and this will result in them opting for a most convenient option which is ordering takeaway using Just-eat.

As their lifestyles are fast and busy they will usually opt out for a quickest way to satisfy their need for food.

Their typical customer is Harry.

Harry is a 21 years old student living in Nottingham, England. He is in his final year and he is studying law. He spends most of his time on studies but he also has a part time waiter job to help him finance his living costs. In the deadline period at University most of his time he spends at home studying. When he doesn’t have much uni work to do he often likes to go clubbing or going to house parties. He also likes going to the gym, playing football, playing on his PlayStation and watching Netflix. He has a very busy lifestyle and he doesn’t have a very high knowledge of cooking so usually he tends to buy already prepared food.