Objectives and Conversions Analysis – Just Eat

JUST EAT is a leader in the sector of local takeaway restaurant online aggregators, working as an intermediary between businesses and customers, giving local restaurants an online presence via a single portal from which customers can order. JUST EAT operates in 13 countries worldwide, with a portfolio of more than 36,000 restaurants.

Just eat has an objective of staying the leader in the market by providing excellent customer service and constantly working on improving their service and expanding their business.


1. Sell

As it is for most of the businesses, the main objective of Just Eat is to increase sales and make maximum profit. They aim to achieve this goal by offering a range of different offers and discounts, convenience, ability to compare prices and a big variety of choices. For example, one of their offer is focused on a specific day of the week, so on Tuesdays they offer customers a free pizza with a purchase of another pizza. This is one of the ways how they encourage customers to buy and use their service. Offering free delivery to a customer when they spend more than a certain amount of money is another smart objective that helps them increase the volume od sales.

2. Serve

The company is putting a lot of effort into providing customers with an easy and convenient service. Their application and website are customized in such way that all the information is easily accessible and the process of using their service is extremely simple. They are highly focused on delivering good service and they offer an option for customers to leave their feedback. Their customers are quite active regarding leaving their feedback, either positive or negative. This section gives a great insight to the company and the quality of their service, and most importantly it enables them to improve and fix the problems. Usually they give different coupons and discounts to unsatisfied customer, and this helps them not to lose their customers and encourages customers to use their service again.

3. Speak

Just Eat does follow the trend and it is present in all social media platforms with the three main being Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They have a lot of followers in both of them and also their hashtag #justeat is highly used by their customers. They usually post nice pictures of food that is available through their service and this is how they encourage people to do the same using their hashtag. In such way customers are involved by liking, commenting and sharing their posts. This is a smart approach in which their customers are doing the marketing and promotion for them.

4. Save

This objective is focused on ways to reduce the costs. Just eat is doing so by providing customers with a ‘Help’ section on their website that offers answers to the frequently asked questions. Furthermore, a well designed website helps customers to service themselves, saving them money in customer service and also increase satisfaction.



Conversion happens when the websites visitor behaves in a way that a company wants them to and engages in the options suggested on the website. Depending on the type of business there are different types of conversions that can be set up as a conversion goals by different companies. Conversion goals can be to increase the number of visits and win new customers, to gain more followers on social media platforms, to get new subscribers to the newsletter, get customers to share and interact with their content on social media.  Just Eat‘s conversion goals that are set up on their website are:

  • order takeaway
  • contact us
  • log in
  • sign up
  • download the app
  • visit our blog
  • suggest a restaurant
  • follow us on facebook, twitter, instagram

Each of this leads to building relationship and trust between a brand and a customer resulting in a greater engagement of the customer with the company and its offers.


For more info about Just Eat check out the following:





Ana Galfi

Analysis Objectives – LaTostadora

LaTostadora” is an online store that sells t-shirts personalized by you, in a good quality-price ratio. Its main objective is to be well known as the best personalizing clothing stores where you’ll have to pull out all your creativity to wear as you want

To make this true, they have to fulfill objectives that make them get everything they want to, in the way LaTostadora and their target get what they expect.

Let’s get into the SOSTAC:

  • Sell: One of the most common objectives with all the other brands is to increase their sales and rise the benefit they get. In this case, the more personalized t-shirts they sell, the best. They don’t have a physical shop, though (everything is via online).

  • Serve: The serve is a very important point, so the service of the company is essential for the target to know if they feel comfortable and sure to choose their products before anyone else’s. LaTostadora may put it into practice with:  being fast answering (telephone, e-mail, Social Networks,… ); give updated information that the public would want to hear…

  • Speak: LaTostadora is in a lot of Social Networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn,… . Two more ways of communicating that are really helpful are e-mailing and the Word of Mouth. With all these options, they know they have to get the target attention, because as it’s said, “You cannot talk to who is not listening to you”… . The point in here is that the company needs to have a good relationship with their users, in order to make them loyal to the brand.


  • Sizzle: That is the value proposition and everything related to the brand, recommendations and all this stuff. LaTostadora has always to take care about the main competence they have, so they can act with all they want to know about them (what they offer, prices, promotions, …).
  • Save: All those actions that have relation with the costs and benefits the brand has (profits and losses).

Of course, the conversion is a clue for the increasing of the brand, as it helps both company and target in their way. To convert means getting the brand website visitors to do things that we want to (such as increasing the number of visitors, having more followers on Social Networks, made this brand even more well known and winning new customers,…).



ASOS is a global online fashion and beauty trade and offers over 50,000 product lines and external own brand of women, men, shoes, accessories, jewelry and beauty.They sell the latest trends and offer a wide variety of fashion-related content, such as how to combine clothes …


ASOS.com, has become a trend because there are many bloggers who bought this brand and then they published in their social networks. Asos sells more than 80,000 branded and own brand through mobile experiences and localized web. It features web pages for the UK, USA, UU, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Australia and also sells in 190 countries from its central distribution warehouse in the UK.

Captura de pantalla 2016-11-02 a las 14.54.19.png

The target of Asos its fashion ans his public its between 16 to 34 years. ASOS has 13.6 million visitors each month until 30 September 2011 had 6.3 million registered users and 3.7 million customers active in 160 countries (having bought in the last 12 months).

The objectives on their website are:

SELL: the most important goal of an online business is to sell. How ? Through bloggers and appearing in fashion magazines. Its also important to make coupon codes and promotional offers for the consumer.

Captura de pantalla 2016-11-02 a las 15.21.49.png

LOYALTY: get consumer loyalty is both an attitudinal and behavioral tendency to favor one Brand. Its one of the most important goals because it makes more customers in a long-term.

IMPACT: its important to impact the social networks and the media. They need to impact in internet and have presence online. The objective should be to increase the followers in the social media; instagram, Facebook, twitter … it is important that their publications get many likes and be shared by Internet




One of the most important areas of marketing that good brand work can impact is conversions.

  • Sell: more products on-line
  • Loyalty : increase the customers who buy you for a long time.
  • Impact: sales can affect their succes in the digital world. Its important meet the consumer and make online surveys every week


Wood Detail – Objectives and conversions


“Wood Detail” is an online store that sells all kinds of accessories (bracelets, watches, necklaces,…) all with features in common, as they are all made of natural wood and are related in some way to water sports. Its main objective is to be made known to all lovers of these sports so we can take your brand around the world.

To make this a reality, the brand has to propose  objectives that ultimately make them get everything they set out above, provided that the targets are possible to perform and fulfill everything that was scheduled to get.

I have divided into the SOSTAC model consisting Sell, Serve, Speak, Sizzle and Save.

We also have to take into account conversions, as they are all the answers that people give us in response to what we are doing to fulfill our goals (call to action).

Specifically in the store Wood Detail I think we have established the following objetvos:

SELL: Like the vast majority of brands, their main objective is to increase sales and grow within its market, and thanks to this have a greater benefit. It is the base of all the objectives that companies generally tend proposed.


SERVE: For this purpose, I would say that is all that is related to the degree of satisfaction customers have with the brand, either with their treatment, speed of service, among others.


TALK: are all those objectives that the company has regarding the impact that will have both social media and WOM (Word Of Mouth), that is all that good to be true of the mark in relation to their performance.

Whenever you get people speak well of a mark is achieved in a way loyalty of users, and that’s very good.

This particular brand has created a small community, and all users are connected in one way or another, in particular by sea. The essence of the brand is to bring nature with a passion for water sports.


SIZZLE: Here it is where the value proposition. The brand has to enhance the different characteristics which has over the competition or brands that offer similar products that they offer, leverage their strengths and communicate to your users or potential consumers. Thus they will achieve a position in the first thought of the mind of the consumer.


SAVE: All those related to earning profits and losses of the company.

In this area we can not have information, since this information only has the company. Is all that is related to company profits and losses.



All these objectives are set in order for more people to join the community and Wood Detail users are the same. To make this possible we have to set short-term goals:

– That people subscribe to the newsletter.

– That most frequently visit the site.

– Getting to have more impact on social networks (Instagram, Facebook,…).

– Winning customers.

– That this brand better known.

Aida Tura Riera

Objectives Analysis – Beroomers

Beroomers is a marketplace of student rooms, where you can look for an accommodation and book it on-line, and be in contact with your roommates. Also you can publish your flat for free and wait to the renters booking.


Beroomers is a start-up created in 2013 which has the following objectives:

SELL : as of all the other brands, the main important objective is to sell their product that in this case, are rooms or flats published from users.  They don’t have a physical shop, for this reason, is really important the way they communicate and the relation with the costumers.

SERVE: a good service can differentiate a company from the others. For this reason, Beroomers has the intention of: be fast answering user’s petitions with their WhatsApp account, telephone number, Skype account and e-mail; give updated information of the brand and content in their social media; make a personalised option using filters and information of the costumer.



SPEAK: Beroomers is in a lot of social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and it is very active. But they have to know that they must improve the frequency of the posts of their blog because they publish twice a month. It will be better with a post every week and full of interesting content. Also they can improve their YouTube account, because they only have one video, and it would be interesting that Beroomers uses this channel to communicate to the other users.

Captura de pantalla 2016-11-01 a las 0.17.21.png


  • Increasing the visits of the website and the blog.
  • Increasing the followers and the likes of the social networks posts.
  • To achieve new customers.
  • Promoting the worth of mouth.




Anna Crusellas

Kaoa- Objectives and Conversions

Kaoa is a fashion brand that was born in Portugal.With a personalized design, Kaoa reflects the feminism, elegant and exclusive style of clothing. Nowadays, it doesn’t have any physical shop in Portugal. For this reason, their principal aims are based in increasing her online presence.

The brand must qualify constant to realize better his work and to offer increasingly and better services to her clients. Her principal aims are SELL, TALK AND IMPACT.

About the sales, one of KAOA’s aims is to send the promotions and information about the products to the costumers by means of the bank statements , from the bank statements of the credit cards, in order that they could give him use in the web. In all shops, the most important thing and the final aim it’s to sell more.


Kaoa is a present brand only in Instagram and Facebook. Obviously, this brand should increase her presence and her impact in Internet to increase sales. For example, using other social networks as Twitter, Pinterest or Blog. Also, is important to increase in 40% her presence in Instagram in the next 4 months with more posts and images because now it’s one of the most important social networks on the market. We can observe that Instagram is the social network in which they have more followers with a total of 151.000 .Furthermore, Kaoa wants to obtain more followers in these two social networks.



Also, the brand will realize an attention personalized by means of the chat in his website. It’s important to have the aim to increase the advice to the clients in the orders, by means of messages route website or with a style advisor that the own shop puts to our disposition. This way we will be able to satisfy their needs and the brand will be able to know which are the tastes of their costumers with the online contact.

They will have to realize a labor of sale and promotion, as well as realize a persuasive communication on the offer designed to catch and to attract new costumers.  


Kaoa is a brand of clothes, which puts to our disposition new clothes every X time, For this reason, she has to promote her innovations and the new trends before the sale and continue doing it later.

For it, Kaoa will use massive means of advertising like the magazines or newspapers. Thanks to this, beside promoting her clothes, they will create a knowledge of brand, a positioning and a differentiation of the brand in the market. In addition, by means of the magazines they will be able to come to another type of target because it isn’t a question of social networks and it’s possible to come to this public who doesn’t use Internet.

On the other hand, there neither exists the aim to use bigger digital media as the television because Kaoa isn’t a big brand and doesn’t have sufficient budget.


The brand wants to increase the number of unique visitors by 30% in the next 3 months and also the number of visits in the website by 60% in the next 3 months. Also it should increase her influencer contacts to do more traffic. For this, they have different alternatives:

To increase his global knowledge in the fashion industry,  one of his aims is to realize events in which the best influencers or bloggers could take part. The choice of a blogger is very important to transmit the values of the brand and in order that the costumers meet identified with Kaoa. The event will be promoted in Instagram and Facebook.

Another alternative is to promote more and increase in 30% her collaborations with influencers in the next 2 months. Many of them share photos on the social networks with Kaoa’s clothes. It’s a good way of promoting his social engagement and the number of active costumers, reviews, satisfaction, etc.

About conversions:

Between her priority interests and objectives and her aims of Marketing the brand wants to promote and to achieve more conversions. To obtain it, Kaoa use different technologies, for example, Internet is her better ally:

1- To do an order by means of the website

2- Suscribe to the newsletter

3- To create a user’s account in the website of the brand

4- To have followers in the social networks like Instagram or Facebook


By Júlia Llopis

LinkStore – Objectives Analysis

screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-19-40-53LinkStore is a Portuguese brand based in Lisbon that sells national made goods. Their main purpose is to create brand new content and products and sell them to the public.


LinkStore’s competitors are every other brand that features products made in Portugal as well as every other clothing and accessory shop in the vicinity. As there are many stores to compete with, LinkStore has to bet on online marketing to prevail, which they aren’t really doing that well.


Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 22.09.12.png


The main aspect this company considers important is to sell their products. On their website it’s really easy to buy their products. Although not all goods are available on their website, the ones that are, can be easily purchased.

After opening the website, it only takes you 3 clicks to buy something and that is a really important factor considering our attention span nowadays – we need a website that doesn’t take long to load and to buy things from.






The company is present in some social media, but their lack of posting and interaction is what probably keeps them from getting more awareness to their brand. Whether it’s  Instagram or Facebook, the brand seems really poorly interested in creating more posts and with more quality to them.

On their Instagram they post some content but 1st- they don’t have a lot of followers, and 2nd- They only post some of their products without any promotion to them or a link for you to find them or anything

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 21.15.52.png



On facebook their interaction with their public is the same, almost nonexistent. There is no promotion to their products besides posting pictures of them, and consequently, there is almost no feedback from their followers. The different thing on facebook is: their audience is bigger and they have more information on their brand and website. They also have a direct link to the website which is a good thing.

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 21.15.33.png



Another good thing about this company’s website is that whether you’re just browsing for items, or looking at a description of a specific item or just looking at the homepage, there is always a little button present. This button is always on the top in the right corner and it gives the opportunity for costumers to ask any question and to be up to date with everything related to the brand by sending an email directly to the source.