Audience analysis for Kaoâ

About my brand:

Kaoa is a fashion brand that was born in Portugal. Currently, it only has a store in Oporto. With a personalized design, the brand reflects the feminism, elegant and exclusive style of clothing. Among the products that the brand sells, we can find dresses, jumpsuits, bodys, tops, pants, coats, skirts, etc. Importantly, it’s an exclusively female brand.

About the e-commerce brand, the buying process is very simple and easy and I value positively my experience with this brand. On the other hand, Kaoa send orders worldwide and her social networks are Instagram and Facebook.

We can observe that Instagram is the social network in which they have more followers with a total of 151.000 . Between his followers they stand out bloggers and influencers as Jessica Goicoechea.



About costumers:

Firtsly, our target audience are girls between 18 and 40 years old with a medium-hight purchasing power. Usually are portuguese girls but however, can also are girls from other countries especially spanish girls.

The target group lives in Oporto and Lisbon and they are divided into two groups:

On the one hand, the girls who still go to university tend to study something related to art like architecture or something related to fashion and events like Public Relations or fashion design. Many of these girls have as hobby the modeling. Other hobbies that they share are photography, wanderlust and healthy food.

On the other hand, if they are girls with more than 25 years, they will be employed at something related to the renowned studies previously or at something related to her image because it’s an elegant clothing.

In addition, they are very sociable, funny girls and they like to go out to take something in the nights with her friends or to come to exclusive events like Vogue. Others of her interests are to see series as Gossip Girl and if it can be in English to improve his language. Undoubtedly, his favorite movie is Sex in New York.

Finally, they don’t like to read books, only if they are romantic novels. They prefer to read fashionable magazines like Vogue or Elle in which they can take references to her looks. In addition, they like to be going to take something with friends in the most fashionable bars of the city and also to listen to pop music as Beyoncé
One of their clients is Catalina:

Catalina is 24 years old and lives in Lisbon. Kaoa is one of her favorite shops. Nowadays, she devotes himself to the modelaje and studies architecture.

In her free time he likes to go out with friends or to go to shopping. Her favorite brands of clothes are Channel, Zara, Victoria’s Secret…She likes to read magazines like Vogue, Elle, Telva and others. She loves sushi, pizza and coffe but however, she likes healthy lifestyle and she’s going to run every day. Her favorite film is Sex in New York.

To finish, it should be said that, she’s a very sociable person and one of the things that more she likes to do in the life is to travel. She tries to travel when she has vacations because she’s charmed with discovering world. She likes especially the beach destinations


Júlia Llopis


Linkstore Official website

LINKSTORE is a Portuguese brand which designs accessories and clothing items for men.

All the products are made in Portugal and the brand excels in their design.


The brand started in 2013 by being just a hobby for its founders: A couple of friends who just wanted to do a project together. The owners of the store are proud of their motto: LKS – Lets Keep it Simple, which means all their products are simple products, made with the best materials and easy to use.


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Audience Analysis – Modomoto


MODOMOTO is a german online company which wants to help men to get well-dressed. Their approach is easy: they want to free men from the burden of shopping, and their team of experts will make sure that the customer will always look his best. In order to do that, they offer a platform where you type what you like and what you don’t, and after that, their stylist’s team put their knowledge to create your own personal outfit.

In 2011, Corinna Powalla created the company in a Berlin office with one style expert. Since that it has turned into a continuously growing, and actually has more than 250,000 customers, plus over 200 employees.

We start analyzing its audience through demographic aspects such as gender or income level. It’s obvious that they do a gender distinction because they don’t sell women clothes, but also they look for people who has at least regular incomes, because an outfit can cost from 140€ up to 1000€.

Also, for psychographics aspects we find a clear company positioning, because as they say “they want to free men from the burden of shopping” so they take advantage of people’s laziness and their need of looking good.

The website follows this idea of lack of complexity, which makes it easier for its costumers. With a very intuitive interface you can get yourself dressed in less than 10 minutes (is what it takes to fill out your style profile). So people who want to show how well they are dressed (casual, trendy, business casual or classic) can satisfy their needs on the website.

Defining personas

Edward. A twenty year old man, who spends all the week in the gym, working on his muscles, thinking that as further he goes in his workout, it will make it easier for picking up girls. But that doesn’t do the job. That’s the reason a friend of him recommended to change his style, and then is when he suggested Modomoto.

Personas collage



Audience analysis – Wood Detail


Wood Detail is an online store that sells accessories. All these accessories are inspired by the union of two worlds, the creators of the brand think that are the soul of this brand. The nature and the waves are his inspiration and for this reason they create these objects as a type of expression.

His goal is to share this lifestyle, this passion for sport is so purifying as surfing. For this brand it is more than a sport when you enter the water, disconnect of the world and enters a limbo that combines the tranquility of looking at the sea sitting with maximum adrenaline ride the wave.

lknwlcq´cnqel.jpg      Sin título-3 hah.jpg      Sin título-jlcd.jpg

His target group are boys and girls from 15 to 30 years, who are surfers or practice water sports. According to their personality we can say that are brave and adventurous people. Most of them live in the city and take advantage of every opportunity to find the perfect wave and enjoy of their free time doing what they really like. They also carry a healthy lifestyle and like to play other sports to get fit throughout the year as cycling, go to skate,…

An example of a consumer would be this:

Marc is a 22 year old student Marketing and business management. His great hobby is surfing and water sports. As an amateur surfing follow all websites that talk about sport as Costa surfing, All surf, Surf 30 and so on. His main idols are Kelly Slater and Andy Irons. On their way to college he likes reading magazines like Fluir, Oceanix and Transworld Surf. His lovemarks are Quicksilver, o’neill, and so on. His favorite movie is Chasing Mavericks because it talks about the life of a surfer, and he really love movies like this.

It is also up to date with social networking, using Instagram and Facebook to hang all his photos surfing. And he can also follow the surf pages that allow him to be up to date of everything related to surfing. He also has linkedin and twitter with a business purpose, and who uses it to share their knowledge about their marketing studies.


Aida Tura Riera

Audience Analysis: FIFTEEN SECONDS



Lukas Lanbacher | Advertising Communication Technology 1 | 1 Term 2016

The Fifteen Seconds Festivals it is about a Marketing Festival which takes place once per year in the historical city of Graz in Austria. They call it also the festival of Europe’s curios minds where 3.000 participants, 120 speakers and 900+ companies in 12.000 m² are coming together. In these two days the audience is getting connected with certain backgrounds and facets of economy, innovation and creativity. The elite of speakers is coming on to the stage and cover a broad range of success stories global brands. The speakers challenge trends, share insights and inspire with their ideas of the future.

The organization also built partnerships that are mainstay. Since getting big ideas going never happen alone, therefore the brand teamed up with certain companies and brands.

Business analysis

Marketplace position

The brand Fifteen Seconds is organizing a festival which takes place once per year, the rest of the year the audience is being kept in touch about new trends via press releases and blogs. Therefore Fifteen Seconds is manufacturer or a primary service provider.

Revenue Models

The revenue streams the brand takes from the sold festival tickets and through the support of their partners, thus we are talking about the “direct product sales of product or service” model.

Commercial Model

Connected to the previous description the “fixed-price sale” will be the most reasonable commercial model.

The on-line contribution

The tickets of the festival are being sold online, however to consume the event consumers have to leave the virtual world for going in to the real world to savor it. There it is about “Bricks and clicks” a mix of on- and offline transactions and customer service.

Situation analysis

All consumers are taking place at the festival for the same reason and that is for being kept in touch about the insights of new trends in the incoming year. Thus we are speaking about three main personas which are getting analyzed in a later point.  That are going to be students (with a main emphasis in economics, marketing, communication or design), employees (who are working in one of the just named sectors) and CEOs or persons who are running their own company. These kind of personas is willing to learn about economic, innovation and creative backgrounds. Furthermore to take the findings outside of the festival and to connect them with their profession. One more reason because people come to the Fifteen Seconds Festival is of the possibility of doing some networking. Which means that during the festival any visitor has the chance to get a conversation with speaker of the world’s biggest and most famous brands or companies.

Demographic analysis of personas

  1. Students
  • Education level & Occupation:

 People who are working on their university degree (Bachelor or Masters / higher education), with the main emphasis in economics, design, marketing or communication.

  • Location:

 As the Event takes place in Graz (Austria), students in German speaking countries will be targeted.

  • Income level

The income level of students generally is low that’s why extra early birds tickets for students are provided (100,-€ instead of 800,-€).

  1. Employees
  • Education level

That kind of personas shows a higher education level (University degree // High school degree with the main emphasis in design or economic)

  • Occupation:

They are working for a company or a brand or even as freelance in the marketing, communication, economics and design sector.

  • Location:

The communication targets mostly the German speaking countries and a small group of other countries in Europe.

  • Income level

The income level is middle to high depends on the sector they are working for. If they are no freelancers, which means they are working for a company, so the tickets are mostly getting paid by the employer. As the festival gives the visitor new findings and knowledge pushes employees on working more efficiency it is also in the interests of a company to give them the opportunity to get the insight of that sector.

  1. CEO/Entrepeneur
  • Education level

That persona shows also a higher level of Education (University degree).

  • Occupation:

They are running their own company or they are keeping a very important position in a certain company.

  • Location:

The communication targets mostly the German speaking countries and a small group of other countries in Europe.

  • Income level

The present personas are showing a higher income because of their important position in a company

Psychographic analysis of personas

  1. Students
  • Personality

People who want to make career and living a successful life, therefore they would like to earn one time a good salary.

  • Attitudes

People who are interested in incoming trends as economic development/innovation or creative produce of content in advertising (PR, Corporate Social Responsibility and so on) | Willing to networ for getting future contacts (jobs etc.) | People who show a lot of passion in this sector and they love what they do.

  • Lifestyles

Having the latest technologies as Smartphones, Smartwatches, | Some of them are even Bloggers who have their own blog already.

  • Behavior

Those personas mostly does not buy a newspaper in at the street, hence reading the online newspaper | They spend certain hours in front of their smartphone and ultimately in Social Media Networks as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snap Chat, Twitter and so on | Being updated at any time | Credit Card Payment.

  1. Employees
  • Personality

These personas are doing a job because the like it, which means that is not just a 9 to 5 job, no, they show a high rate of passion in what they are doing.

  • Attitudes

People who are interested in incoming trends, economic development/innovation or creative produce of content in advertising (PR, Corporate Social Responsibility and so on) | Networking for getting future contacts (jobs, partnerships etc.) | People who show a lot of passion in this sector and they love what they do

  • Lifestyles

People who are already doing the job they like which means they are following their passion |

People who want to make career and living a successful life, therefore earn a good salary.

  • Behavior

As well as the persona “Students” the “Employees” are spending a lot of their time online | It depends on the behavior it could probably be that some of them are still reading the newspaper as they work and have breaks and so on | Being updated at any time | Credit Card or Online Payment.

  1. CEO/Entrepreneur
  • Personality

CEO/Entrepreneur reached already the top level of the career and they reached the top of the pyramid of Maslow | We are talking about person with Charisma, Enthusiasm and Effort, which means they are really good in that what they are doing, we can call them also experts.

  • Attitudes

People who are interested in incoming trends, economic development/innovation or creative produce of content in advertising (PR, Corporate Social Responsibility and so on) | Networking for getting future contacts (jobs/partnerships etc.) | This target group shows the highest amount on passion for their business as they are keeping a really high position in the company | They are also willing to push their company in forward, therefore festival tickets are provided heir employees to give them the best insight what the market has to offer and to reach the most efficient workflow.

  • Lifestyles

People who are already doing the job they like which means they are following their passion | The fact that they have a high position means that they spend many hours at their job | That group has much money, therefore they drive expensive cars, are traveling a lot because of the job, do expensive holidays and so on.

  • Behavior

CEO/Entrepreneur are reading mostly economics and financial newspaper as online as printed (because the printed one contains a higher amount of information) | They can also be found on Social Media platforms, the most important one will be the Linked In as it is a networking based platform made for business.

Personas: Sara

Sara is a 22 year old student who is doing her master degree in “Communication and Public Affairs”. Her courses of study she chose fit perfectly in her interests. Later on when she is done with her degree she would like to start a big career in which she is going to earn a lot of money.  The objectives are therefore working in the public relation sector of a well-known company as for example Lufthansa.

The notes which Sara takes from the classes in the university she types on the newest MacBook and of course she get the latest version of the I-Phone in which she is online 24/7. That means that she checks her likes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, constantly. We can call her a social media junky because all her life it’s about communicating online. If she does not get enough likes for an Instagram post she is going to be upset, that’s why she is publishing her daily life on Social Media.

Apparently from that Sara is interested in the economic environment, thus she is reading every day the newspaper (economics and finance).  She is also always updated about the newest trends in the market, you can ask her anything and she will know it.

Sara is a really diligent girl. If her friends are going on vacation in the summer holidays, she is doing an internship at a company to get some work experience and therefore to move her career ahead.


Audience analysis of Simply SETZ


What is Simply SETZ

images.pngSETZ is a clothing and accessories brand, designed and founded in Barcelona 2014, based on a key attribute called simplicity.

This brand offer a variety of high quality textiles with fashion patterns completely designed and manufactured exclusively in Barcelona city.

The characterized of this brand is the effort, perseverance and informality to improve every each day.

It’s possible to buy their products in the same web site or in six shops located a Catalunya ( Barcelona Vic , Puigerdà, Platja d’Aro, Martorel, Ribes de Freser).

Captura de pantalla 2016-10-07 a les 21.27.16.png

Target of Simply SETZ

The target group of SETZ is young girls and boys from 15 to 30 years old, specially from Spain . The level economic is middle. Are for people they like the urban live, extreme sports, the nature, and meet up with friends. They like wearing a confortable, good made and personality clothes. This target move a way from big brans, is original people and they like try a new things. They normally use web sites for cheque and buy clothes.

 Marc, costumer of SETZ

One of their clients is Marc, he is 21 and is ADE student and skateboarder. He lives in Barcelona.

He normally goes to the university and after that, goes with friends to have a good time, drink beer and take photography’s. After that, he likes reading, connect to the social media or watching films, he is a big fan of Games of Thrones.

At the weekends he goes to the mountain to walk, cycling or to the sea for surfing.When Marc has time he like’s travel with friends or with his girl friend.

His diet is healthy, like Mediterranean diet. But sometimes eats a very good hamburgers and fad food.




Audience Analysis for Colectivos Vip

Colectivos Vip is a platform that manages savings-loyalty programs for groups (employees and customers).


It has more than 500 active promotions available on more than 16.000 physical point of sale in addition to the online and telephone channels.


There are three clearly differentiate types of targets for the company:

First of all, the employees of those companies that hire Colectivos Vip’s services. Colectivos Vip gives these companies a good way to keep happy and motivated their employees by offering them all type of promotions (travel, experiences, food…).

On the other hand, the customers of those companies that hire Colectivos Vip’s services. By this way, these companies get the loyalty of their customers for a lasting relationship with them.

The third and last target are providers. Colectivos Vip positioned their brand to hundreds of thousands of users to improve their sales.

Here we have one member of the first target group, an employee of Generalitat de Catalunya: