WEBSITE REVIEW-“Ahora Vuelvo Mamá”

The idea of “Ahora Vuelvo Mamá” is based on cheap flights with the best time for those who normally can’t travel. What “Ahora Vuelvo Mamá” precisely offers are round trip flights –leaving early in the morning and coming back the same night- for the same prize that any leisure activity would cost you. Link: (

Insights about the website analysis:




Definitely, the website strengths beat the weaknesses, however, the analysis still is important, not just to measure how much impact the work has done on the target audience but to identify new areas of interest and to keep optimizing the online strategies in order to make the new decisions have an optimum effect on the business. This way, by the consecution of the partial objectives projected with each action the company will be able to keep climbing positions until they  achieve their main goal.


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