Website review: Lunallar

Welcome to the last post of the semester. In this post we are going to review one the websites of Lunallar, This web is focus on luxury real state but the user can also find different types of properties with different prices.

On the left of the home page we see the logo’s company, next to that logo the web shows the main menu which include six categories: start, about us, services, properties, news and contact. On the top there’s the possibility to change the web language into different tongues like English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian or Russian; on the other side there’s the possibility to do search in the web also here one can find the contact numbers and the link to their social media. The contact numbers are a small part and that do not make the user pay attention, and see it easily.

Captura de pantalla 2016-11-30 a las 6.16.39.png

That home site do not make feel the user welcome and until you do not reach the bottom of the site one cannot know anything about the company. Also I consider that it will be a good idea to introduce here a “call to action”, some kind of: call us, give us your number and we will call you… to interact with the user and make him welcome and increase his idea of good service.

While you are on the home page there is an image carousel with photos of luxurious photographies that give you an idea of the type of properties you can find in the web.

Just down to that images the user can find one of the most important tools in the web, the property finder. In that finder there’s different filters all of them though for help and make easy the property search. The filters include most the most important information request: kind, city, province, postal code, bedrooms, bathroom, state, additional features, price rang and reference.

Captura de pantalla 2016-11-30 a las 6.27.28.png

If the user continue scrolling down will find the recommended properties (that’s a good idea for show your best properties or the most interesting) and what their customers say want them.

Finally on the bottom of the home page there’s again the main menu, the contact information, a little description of who is Lunallar and also the link to their social media platforms.

While the user is surfing in the web he can continue seeing different properties on the right side, like a banner this are linked to the property information.

Captura de pantalla 2016-11-30 a las 6.34.10.png

When the user is in the property information could calculate his future mortgage, send the link to a friend and also there’s the opportunity to leave his contact information to be contact by the real state agent. Beside that contact space there’s any change to interact with the company.


In that part, the company gives a huge protagonist to the properties images (all of them with high quality) and helpful information (bedrooms, bathrooms, price, area…). Also a very important thing in that part is the possibility of print that information in a Dina4 but if you want to print it you will received 5 pages of information (too much, including photographies), that should change in order to summarise that information in 1 pages or 2 pages maximum.

If the user want to turn back to the home page has two ways, clicking in the logo and also clicking in the main menu (start), that process will take some time to loading.

Now with the help of some questions we are going to analyse different aspects:

  • Does the website communicate everything it needs to?

The colours (black, gold and white) gives the user an idea of luxury and sophisticated, that image is also strengthen by the properties images you can see in the home page. But the user does not find any information about the company until he clicks in the main menu “About us”, or reach to the bottom of the home page.

  • How relevant is the content to their audience?

In the main menu there are a specific area which explain all the services their provide to the buyers and sellers. Also another important thing the web gives to the users is the possibility to calculate the mortgage. An important tool is the blog, where the user can find news and information about the industry.

  • Does the website deliver the brand’s emotional tone?

The web image and also the content offered do not show anything emotional of the company, the site seems just a space where the company put information of their properties but never a space that shows how is the company or its philosophy.


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