Website review : Simply SETZ

SETZ is a clothing and accessories brand, designed and founded in Barcelona 2014, based on a key attribute called simplicity.The URL is

In this post I will  do a  review from they website.

How friendly is the site? / Does it communicate everything it needs to? 

This website looks welcoming and immediately  can see what style of clothes they are offering.

Referring to the website have the same stile all the sections, and you can know the necessary things of this brand.

In the  home page  pas 19 different images about the brand and you can stop and watch more slowly,  but you can’t pas the next  image.

Captura de pantalla 2016-11-30 a les 19.59.26.png
Home page

One interesting thing is in the first page in the top you can see if you buy you get the  free package and less then 72 hours. And you can see witch social networks they have and if you click  that one it open in one new page.


In the navigation bar there are the necessary things to move for the website, The first thing  is the virtual shop were you can see the products and the prices they have. But you can see if it’s possible to buy in fiscal shop, you have to scroll down until the food page  for see it.


Captura de pantalla 2016-11-30 a les 20.17.07.png
navigation bar 

This web site don’t have a Customer Services that all FAQs but I think it’s not necessary and if you have a question you just can contact with them sending an email.

Captura de pantalla 2016-11-30 a les 20.57.11.png
Classification of products

In the accesoris with this photography gets confiusing  because it’s difficult to know if i’ts just for mans or it’s for girls to.
The information about the contact it’s in the contact buttons and wen you click there you can see the name of the brand, the direction, the telephone number and send a message. But don’t appear in every page.

Captura de pantalla 2016-11-30 a les 21.55.28.png


About the navigation it’s easy and clear. We have to know Simply Setz is a small brand and don’t have a lot of products and in one moment you have time to see old of them, for this reason it’s not necessary have  the search option.

Design quality

About the design always use the same colors gray, green, with and black and this ones are a pale colors and sometimes it’s difficult to reed the letters.

Always you know where you are, you can change the section easily.  Have a geometric structure and this is a good thing because is more easy the navigation because is the same design in all the sections.

About the content it’s correct, you can see they values with the text and the photos and they inform about the payment, Privacy policy  and legal terms.

They don’t have links in other pages.


In general they have a good design  but should improve the colors of the font because some time it’s difficult to read the text. Also they should put in the first page is possible to buy in physical shops, and the contact  in the top  because when you change the section you can continuos to see the contact.

About the structure is simple but enough because is a small brand but if they will like to get bigger they will have to improve a few things, they cut have a new section on they can post the news, search bar…

One other thing they have to improve it’s changing the picture from the accessories. They already have videos in youtube but not in the website and  will be interesting to link them to the web site.

A very good thing they have is they sell very good their values and have a simple a useful website.



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