Website Review : MixNature

MixNature provides personalised skincare products, based on a unique combination of natural ingredients. All the products are made in a laboratory in Latvia, one of the greenest and purest countries in Europe.


W-E-B-S-I-T-E    R-E-V-I-E-W

I. Aesthetic

Let’s first talk about the aesthetic point of view. MixNature website’s is totally harmonious and friendly, the colors fit completely with the products they offer. Actual and potential clients feel immediately welcomed and part of a community (Since MixNature offers not only products but also represents a lifestyle (eco-friendly, vegan, etc). Also, they clearly express their benefits which provides a clear alternative to the visitors in choosing their product as opposed to their competitors within the market segment.



Color code
Super colorful (green, blue, purple, …) and always with flowers or plants to remind the nature and so the ingredients they put in their products.

Moreover, after each bloque of color, they put a white one to be sure it is pleasant for the visitors and not too heavy.


II. Navigation

Let’s go further into detail and analyse the navigation on their website.
Is it easy to surf on MixNature’s site ?  To me, the answer is yes.

Firs of all, you immediately know that it is an e-shop via the “bag” logo and the “Create now” button, which clearly defines the purpose of the site with the clients in mind.

Now that we know what the purpose is, the underlying objective is to purchase products online. No worries, the steps to purchase are clearly explained so it will be a pleasure for the visitors to create their own products, almost like a game. In order to gain visitors trust, you can also find a few icons testifying their quality and security (personal and bank informations). Moreover, the order form is quite easy and quick to complete because it doesn’t require too much information from the shopper.




About the interactivity with their visitors, they don’t have an FAQ or a research tool but a live chat where clients can ask questions which is, in my opinion, better because it offers personnalised help.

And last but not least, the website is available in 4 different languages, each one of them are easy and pleasant to read.

Want to shop for some amazing products ? Check out their website:





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