Website review: Maria Pascual

Firstly, it is important to note that when you search in Google “Maria Pascual”, the website appears in the first position on the ranking of search engines via the “natural” or “un-paid” search results. Therefore, this is a positive point because they have a good positioning in SEO and in consequence, they improve both their visibility and importance.


The homepage of Maria Pascual website is very colorful and is composed through a collage of nice photos in which you can access to different sections of the website, like “New arrivals” or “Necklaces”. Nevertheless, there are many white spaces through the site and around the photos, with the aim of making it less busy and easier to scan. Therefore, the design is simple and attractive for the customer. And in the top left hand corner of the website we can see the logo of Maria Pascual. So, the website is pretty friendly and the main page feels welcoming.

In addition, many of the titles of each photo are also in the menu of the website. The menu of the website has a logical structure and the navigation is easy and intuitive as well. But, as we told in class, maybe it would be more clear if the section “bangles” was called “bracelets”, because not everybody knows this word and it can be a trouble. Also, they have an useful searcher in the top right hand corner near the menu.

So, it is clear that the purpose of the website is to sell jewelry, but it is important to say that in the collage of the homepage the jewels are present in a second place and perhaps at first glance it could be confused with a clothing brand, but with the title in each photo is quite evident that it is a brand of jewelry. Therefore, you can immediately tell where you are, because the images, titles and the description make it easier to know and this is a very important point.


Moreover, the content is written in an informal and friendly way, such as their account in Instagram and Facebook, they use hashtags and expressions like “must have”. And it is immediately clear who the site’s intended audience are girls interested in fashion and in social networks. Also, Maria Pascual has a section called “Shop Insta”, which is completely related with their Instagram account, because the audience can buy exactly what they see on the photos of Instagram. And this is a very good idea, because it is an easy and quick way for their followers to buy.


Moreover, it is important to note that in the bottom of the homepage there is information about contact with the customer center. Nevertheless, in the homepage doesn’t appear the contact email address and the address of the store and this is a negative point. So, this information we can find it in a section called “Contact us” with more specific information and also, you can leave a message for the brand. Furthermore, there is a section about help and is actually useful because they have also a FAQ page where there is many information and it can be of great help.

Furthermore, in the bottom right hand corner of the homepage there is a section called “Let’s be friends” in which you can access to their social networks and also, there is the “call to action” to join to their newsletter. Therefore, to join to their newsletter and to follow them in their social networks are two obvious actions that Maria Pascual wants that their audience to take. But I believe that it should be located somewhere else to make it more visible.

And also is important to say that the section of stores map is very difficult to find, because it is in the bottom of the homepage in the section of “Some help”. Maybe it can be a mistake of Maria Pascual website or maybe it is done intentionally because they prefer to sell online, instead of the store.  


Regarding to the copy quality, the content and the description of the product is clear, concise and grammatically correct and the letter is easy to read. However, some titles cannot read very well, but when you put the mouse in the photo, it becomes darker and consequently, is easier to read.

Also, in each jewel you can leave a review and this is a good way to interact with the audience. And another positive point of the website is that you can share each product in your social networks with the share buttons. Every section is very clear and you know what it is about, because they always use big headings with capital letters and also they use a lot of photos showing the products.



Finally, Maria Pascual should have the padlock icon in the website, because this transmits security and credibility to the audience for buy online, since they haven’t got it. Moreover, it is important to note that their website is totally true to the brand’s identity and also their website is perfectly optimized to mobile devices.

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Clàudia Llopis


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