Website review: El Cabo

The website that I’ve chosen, as you might already know, is El Cabo, which is a beer company based on the natural park of El Cabo de Gata, in Almeria. The site was created in 2015 with the aim of selling their products among the national territory. Their URL is: and it makes very clear which is their purpose of selling.


In first term, an image of two beers in the foreground and a characteristic landscape welcomes us to their home page. Looking into the right top of the page we can see different tabs like: “shop”, “about us”, “blog”, “my account”, a searcher and finally a basket and on the left side the logo of the brand. I would like to add that it is not a typical home page and thanks to it they manage to stand out above their competitors.

El Cabo’s Home Page

El Cabo’s website is shown as an informal and young page in which the design hasn’t been left away. The Home Page welcomes us with a fresh style and with the representation of all the values of El Cabo which are: craft beer, its environment and their brand colors. Actually it perfectly represents their Brand Essence.

This page also includes – by scrolling down the mousse – different stages that reinforce their Brand Personality (a text titled #TeLoMereces, a video showing a free lifestyle, a link connected to their history and finally the store locator map). In all of these sections we can connect to the different tabs of the top of the page.

By only looking to the main page we can clearly see: what do they sell (beers), which is their target (mostly man audience) and what do they want to communicate (craft beer with rude essence). I consider that El Cabo has managed to frame on its home page its brand personality, in such a way that denotes a great identity.

About the bottom part of the website, I would like to add that it is configured like the “Contact and Information part”. In here you may find FAQ, as well as the subscription for the newsletter and their contact. They maintain this structure among the different tabs, and eases the process of communicate with them. This is a common disposition around a lot of websites so the costumer will find the information he is looking by following its natural behavior with other ones.

Captura de pantalla 2016-11-29 a las 12.56.25.png


Captura de pantalla 2016-11-29 a las 12.26.49.png

Their web is divided in 7 tabs. Here we’ll make a quick review of their content with this right and wrong list:



The web represents perfectly the brand’s essence.

They have a “search” icon which is really practical.

Coherent, attractive and nice design (typography, interface, order…).

The spirit of the brand is present among all the tabs of the website.

It is optimized for phones and tablets.

It’s easy to navigate.

It is very intuitive and easy to communicate with them.

They provide access to their social networks and the newsletter.

Well defined target through the web’s content.

FAQs involve issues that can be helpful to the consumer.

You can move from one tab to another easily .

Clear design that situates the customer (big titles and strong captions).

The scroll of the mousse is really fast and uncontrollable.

The interface of the blog is kind of weird, after clicking on the tab “BLOG” you need to click again to read the latest post.

The website is only available in Spanish.

It is not easy to zoom or un-zoom the website.

They don’t have a printable website model.

There is a lot of text in the “ABOUT US” tab.

The “SHOP” tab has a lot of pictures and content so that may confuse the customer because it doesn’t seem like a common buying process.

Does not potentiate the interaction although you can email or phone them.

There may be some irrelevant content (like a #TeLoMereces text, it is not a Big Thing (in comparison to the video which states better their brand identity)

Marina Munar


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