Website Review: Colectivos Vip

This is the last post in which we are going to analyze the website of Colectivos Vip.

  • How friendly is the site? Does it communicates everything it needs to? How relevant is the content to your audience?

The concept of the business is a little bit complex, so the website should be as clear and informative as possible.

The first thing we see when we enter at the web is the tag line: “Motivamos empleados, fidelizamos clientes”, and little lower another one more explanatory: “Desarrollamos, implantamos, gestionamos y damos servicio a programas de ahorro-fidelización”.


Just below the second tagline there is a button with the sentence “¿Quieres saber más?” This takes you to the section “Quiénes somos” with more detailed information about the company and the service they offer.




With this first analysis we can conclude that the business is well explained on its website and can easily be found, one of the biggest challenges the website has.

Another positive point, is that in the center of the home page we can see 3 big icons with a small explanation dedicated to the 3 different targets/services: Employees, Customers of the contracting company and providers.


In this way, anyone who enters to the website can directly go to get information about what they want: contracting an employees club, contracting a customers club or being a provider for the 2 previous.

The last thing we can see scrolling in the home page is the contact information with address, phone number, map and the option to fill out a form and get leads.


Finally, in this point I would like to comment that we can find all the sections explained previously in a unique menu bar at the top of the page, and next to that, a space to log in (when you are an employee or consumer member of an existing club).


So with all this, we can conclude that the website of Colectivos Vip is a friendly, clear, explicative and with good usability web.

  • How beneficial is its interactivity?

The only interactivity is through the form. This could be improved with a blog, or something where users could give there opinions. Another thing would be to link with the social networks of the company.


  • What about navigation?

I think that the navigation of the page is correct and it has is a logical structure. As commented previously, there is a unique menu bar at the top with the 5 sections of the the website and next to that a space to log in as a user.

Another important and correct thing is that the logo is at the left top, which always takes you to the home page.

Finally, I think that are very important the 3 icons which separate and differentiate the services or targets that the company has: employees club, customers clubs or providers. With this, the person who visualizes the web, can easily find what interests him and what he seeks depending on who is he (provider, head of human resources of a company…) and what he want.

  • Design quality

The design of the website is also correct. It uses the colors of the brand (blue and white) so is according to the identity of the brand.

The typography has a young aspect and it’s everything very clean and organized.

A thing which I would review is the video of the home page, because maybe it has not the best quality as possible.

  • Copy Quality

It’s true that there’s no much text in the website, but the one that is there is well written and has a lot of coherence. So, an important and difficult challenge, such as explaining what the business is,  I think is overcome.

  • Credibility

The credibility is reinforced by “Nuestras cifras”, which appears scrolling in the home page.


  • Accessibility

The Website is displayed correctly on Mac and PC and works with all browsers. It’s also mobile responsive and the company has an app.

  • Loading speed

This would affect especially to the video of the home page, but the truth is that it loads quickly and presents no problem.










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