Website Review: Beroomers

How friendly is the site?

Beroomers website make people feel welcoming because it’s very visual and simple. But maybe it’s not clear which is the positioning of the brand. It’s evident that it offers accommodation but it’s difficult to see what it exactly does. Beroomers is perfect to students that are looking for a room, flat or house for a period of time, for example for their Erasmus. So, it would be better to use a more specific headline or subheadline.

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Moreover, the tone is informal and directly because it is communicating to people from 18 to 25.

The help section is very extensive, it has FAQ’s, help and how it works section and you can also contact with the brand and make questions in a proper way by Skype, What’s app, e-mail, telephone or through the website.

In visual terms, there’re enough white spaces. For this reason, it’s easy to scan and to find all the blocks. However, there isn’t an option to increase the size of the text.

Does it communicate everything it needs to?

It’s clear that the most important objective of the website is to sell. But otherwise, Beroomers has a blog with an informational and entertainment purpose. Of course, to get engagement and to convert visitors to potential customers.

 How relevant is the content to your audience?

At first sight, there’s a call-to-action, so they make easy and fast the booking. Moreover, there’s a good explanation about how does the website work.

How beneficial is its interactivity?

First, visitors can interact with the brand and other visitors giving their opinions about the rooms they have booked and registering to the web. This is a positive point if Berommers has a good community manager that can answer and manage the community.

Also, the contact information appears on the home page. This include the telephone number, the e-mail address, the social networks, the year it was created and the name of the company.


On the bottom of the website appears the privacy policy, so it’s in a usually site and easy to find.

What about navigation?

 I think that the navigation structure is correct. The most important is on the top: headline, subheadline, picture and call-to-action and after that, it shows you the cities where you can use Beroomers. Then, there’s the how it works section, own content, publications in media, testimonials, partners and finally the corporative information. It has also a menu on the top.

If you click on a section, you can return to the home page by pressing the logo or going back. Finally, the site map is not included.

Design quality

In one hand and according to the design, Beroomers uses the corporative colors at all the web: orange, grey and brown. There’re also drawings and pictures that helps the compression and makes it more visual. For example, the picture on the top helps to understand that the web is focused on students.

In the other hand, although the design is clear and simple, there’s a lack of quality.

Copy quality and reability

I think that the language that it uses is really appropriate. It doesn’t commit misspellings and the grammatical constructions are correct in the languages it uses: English and Spanish. The tone, as I have said is informal and direct and Beroomers uses always the same or similar fonts in different sizes depending if it is a title, subtitle, the ordinary text, etc.

How good is the marketing?

In my opinion, Beroomers has a lot of competitors like Idealista, Wimdu, Vibber, Milanuncios… So it’s important to differenciate from the rest. They should potentiate the fact that they’re focused on exchange students. Lead the web strategy to this kind of people. It is also important to improve the SEO, if they cannot use SEM.

To conclude, in general terms, Beroomers has a modern and complete website, but with some shortcomings as a confusing title, a bad positionig web, a poor design quality…Therefore, there’s work to do!

Anna Crusellas


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