Lonbali’s website review


When visit Lonbali’s website we can see that it has a very simple design very pleasant to look at and that makes the navigation very easy. At the top, the logo of the brand; below this, a very simple menu; and then, a dynamic box that fills half of the screen and in which appear different images showing various Lonbali products. Each one of this pictures is accompanied by a short sentence indicating different services that the site offers such as “customize your Lonbali” or “Lonbali community”, that are some of the main attractions that the brand offers online. Finally, at the right top corner of the main page we can find a secondary menu with different options: the wishilist, the shooping bag or the language options.captura-de-pantalla-2016-11-29-a-las-12-41-41

We can see that the style that emerges from this website is totally in accordance with the image that the company is trying to transmit. We should remember that Lonbali products are trying to relate with a simple and fresh design that offers comfort and adaptability mixed up in a product that’s also very fashionable. Taking this into account and looking again at the website, we can see that the site is showing the same thing: a plain but stylish design that makes the navigation very easy for a woman that has a lot of things going on in her life and that needs this type of friendly website that makes things easier. Without any doubt the entire page is made up for a very elegant and multitask woman. Also the kindly tone of the few sentences that appear on it and the simple but clear and strong typography go totally in harmony with all these things.


After this first look at Lonbali’s webpage we can start navigating through it, and there are a few things that I want to highlight:

First of all, when we roll down the home page, we can find different spaces filled with images and some few texts. Most of this pictures are not very functional, but they transmit the spirit of the brand and they make the site very visual. 

Despite this, I’ve also found different mistakes. For example, that some of the pictures and the blog map indicators are linked to a wrong page. I’m also a little confused about what happens when you keep rolling down, because you arrive to a picture, that’s very nice but which includes the word “collection” which is impossible to read because of its colour. Also the word makes not much sense with this image and I think it could be perfectly omitted.

Captura de pantalla 2016-11-30 a las 1.04.28.png

I’ve also noticed some problems when you choose the English version of the website. I think that this might because this option is very new and it’s not completely updated yet. But the thing is that some of the texts keep remaining in Spanish and it’s impossible to access to some of the pages of the main bar through this English version.

Another thing that’s disturbing is referring to the blog of the site. The idea is that the brand shares this blog with its customers and that anyone can write a post in it about fashion trends and lifestyle. I’ve been looking for the option to do that but I can’t find the way to make a collaboration so this is something that must be solved.

Referring to the Newsletter, I’ve noticed that it’s placed at the very bottom of the home page. It’s truth that customers don’t want to be pushed to do certain things like joining this newsletter by obligation, but maybe keeping it at the bottom of the page it’s a little risky because a lot of users may not even see the option.

Finally, I have to say that in general the website is very intuitive and that’s very easy to navigate through it. Even the page of personalization, which may seem trickier to use, it’s very simple and everything is very clear.


We can summarize all this good and bad practices of Lobali’s website in the following chart:



It totally transmits the spirit of the brand with its design, text and typography

It’s very visual

The tone of the text, quotes and messages are in concordance with the company essence

It’s very intuitive and easy to navigate

It is optimized for smartphones and tablets

They show transparency because there’s nothing hidden or difficult to find

The “personalizing” option is very easy to use

You can have a direct access to their social networks profiles

Every page has a link back to the Home Page

They don’t have a “search” icon

Some texts are difficult to read because of the colour

You’re supposed to be able to write posts on the blog and I haven’t found the option to do it yet

They have different images linked in a wrong way

The English version of the website is not completely in English

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Maria Hors


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