CrossFit – Website Review

At the first glance the website of appears to look like a magazine cover. It looks welcoming and professional but the benefits of visiting are not clearly shown. For a person that does not know what CrossFit is, it may not be easy to find out what the website is about from the first sight. The site is available only in English.


Instead of the help section, there is a „Get Started” section on the navigation bar which includes 5 different subcategories, explaining what is CrossFit, how to join and find a local affiliate, FAQ’s and link to the official forum. The website does not offer the option to increase/decrease font sizes. In the contact section, we can find the address of CrossFit HQ, different emails for specific issues and a search map to find your nearest affiliated CrossFit box. The site has a clear structure and it is divided into logical parts. After clicking on each section there is always a button to go back to the home page. You can switch between different pages within no more than three clicks. There are no dead-ends on the website. The website does not have a search engine, though it is not very problematic to find a particular content without it.


Relevance of the content to the audience:

It is not exactly clear what is the main purpose of the website as it contains quite a lot of different content: from daily WOD, to the list of official courses, CrossFit related articles and more. It is clear that the site is adressed to people interested in sports and working out. People who want to get to know what CrossFit is or are already familiar with the discipline, will find a lot of related content, ranging from excersizes tutorials to diet tips.

The site is consistent in its design. The layout and fonts stay in the same tone throughout the page components. Navigation bar is located at the top and it doesn’t change its position while scrolling the page. It contains specific terminology but all of it is explained in the „Get Started” section.


At the top of the website, above navigation bar, are placed icons of social media CrossFit official profiles. Though, there is no caption suggesting a call-to-action such us „follow us”. In the WOD (Workout of the Day) section there is always a caption „Post score to comments”. New workouts are posted everyday so it might be a good reason to bookmark the site. On the home page, after scrolling down, there is a section encouraging visitors to upload their own pictures connected to their personal CrossFit experience. To encourage the interaction, there is a prize offered for sharing the pictures:

„Do you have a great photo that exemplifies virtuosity or community in CrossFit? Submit it for mainsite use consideration, and if chosen you will receive $300.”


The design is consistent with the brand image, it is attractive but not too flashy or aggressive. There is a lot of content but the site is not cluttered. The navigation bar is quite simple, it does not have too many links. The site is not boring and is kept in good aesthetics. The text content is easy to read and deliberated. There is sometimes a specific language used but most of the terms connected to CrossFit are explained in the FAQ section. There is a seperate page for the online store. The best user-experience practices on the site are no pop-ups and no advertisements.

Mobile version:


The site has a mobile version. First thing that appears in the mobile version is the Workout Of The Day section which is good for users interested particularly in using the website as a workout plan source. Mobile version is also well organised and easy to navigate. Website also works well both on PC’s and Macs.

What about the brand image?

The brand identity is clearly visible, the site reflects its emotional tone and personality. All of the site content, graphics, movies, pictures and texts are consistent and serve a clear purpose.



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