Website review – Wood Detail



Wood Detail is an online store that sells accessories. All these accessories are inspired by the union of two worlds, the creators of the brand think that are the soul of this brand. The nature and the waves are his inspiration and for this reason they create these objects as a type of expression.

Mainly I thought it convenient to divide it into strengths and weaknesses to finally be able to draw my own conclusions about the web itself.


  •  The website is well structured and well targeted to potential buyers.
  •  It is a very visual web with an attractive design.
  •  It is clearly seen the target to which it is directed, since it is a youth web destined to    passionate by the sports of water.
  • Explain in detail the shipments.
  • They have linked the website with the Instagram and Facebook account.
  • Your website is adapted to the mobile screen.
  • Users can easily return to the home page.
  • The design of the page is very striking and very suitable with the spirit of the brand.
  • The purchase of the products is easy, and the photographs of the products are very detailed.


  • The newsletter is very hidden, should be in the start menu to facilitate its use to users.
  • Do not have a Twitter account, you could open a You Tube channel to promote your products and make them known to a wider audience.
  • Also open a Pinterest account to hang your photos.
  • In the web page it is very difficult to find the section My Account, but in mobile devices it is very easy to find this section.
  • The website is only in spanish.
  • There is no section where the FAQ’s appear.
  • There is no information about the company and that is bad because if the company is not transparent it will generate distrust in the buyer.



    sin-titulo-1          Iphone 7.png



  • I think they would have to improve their start menu, since they only have their products, they are very focused on what they want to sell and not so focused on what people want to say.
  • On the website they should facilitate the creation of an account.
  • They would provide the call to action of their users for increase their engagement and gain more users.
  • They have to create a section where FAQ’s appear to be able to answer all those questions that have their users.
  • They have to implement corporate information of the company to give more transparency and closer to its users.

If the web carries out all these points will greatly improve your website and you will get a greater commitment and more users will be interested in visiting the web and buying your products, this way they will increase the profits and so will the fidelity and the transparency of the brand.

Aida Tura Riera


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