Website Review – Fifteen Seconds


How friendly is the website?

Already by entering in the website, there is a welcoming feeling provided. The most important factors are visible from the. There is also enough information.  On the first view, it is possible to recognize what the Fifteen Seconds festival is which includes the next festival dates, description, after movie and a red marked bottom in the upper right corner of the website to buy the tickets, which is well visible. In case of any problems, they found in my opinion a good solution to solve them. On the upper right corner, there is a chat icon and by clicking on that, a window is opening. In terms of any queries visitor are able to go into a direct conversation with one of the responsibles. This provides a fast problem solving and saves time resources in order to provide a better user experience.

In the website itself, it is not possible to find any tool to increase the text of the website. However, by increasing the text via keyboard the text is still well visible without taking any negative impact on the content of the website. Furthermore, the website feels not overload at all, there is enough white space so that important think are visible quickly.


Does it communicate everything it needs to?

The purpose of the website it is clear from the first moment by entering in it. As just mentioned, the most important information is already being communicated at the very beginning to the visitors. Also the type of audience they target it is recognizable by landing on the page as they address them as “curious minds”, which already provides the information that this festival is supposed for higher educated business people. By scrolling down more information about the festival is provided, which is kept really barely so it is not overloaded and important things are able to scan quiet fast. These information sections are always switching between blue backgrounds followed by a picture with red filter, blue background again and so on. In terms of that, the organizer provides further information in terms of numbers, partners, speakers, programs, information about the discussed topics at the festival and information about the festival experience (stage, duration of presentation).

As mentioned about the switch of blue background and pictures with red filters, the website show a high consistency, in which through the whole website the same language is used, the same typography and so on.

Also the navigation bar seems to be useful. First of all possible festival visitor have a quick access to the most important information as festival, speaker, program and FAQ (which is important as a festival is connected with many queries). There is one more interesting button on the website, called “press”. I think it is important in that sector that journalists have a fast access to the provided information and the press releases, which can be taken (pull communication), to make them public which in addition can be implemented as gratis advertisement.


How relevant is the content to your audience?

They do have found a good solution to keep customers on the website:  Already at the beginning, customers are being connected with the aftermovie of the festival, which is in my opinion one of the best instruments, for giving people the most possible impression of a festival. All the content of the festival therefore, is being explained in 2 minutes where they get also impressions about the festival itself. The copy focuses on both, what customers want to know and what they want to tell them. This means that customers are provided with the right information (date, place etc.), but they communicate also to the visitors a certain feeling in terms of addressing them as “curious minds”, which creates already a special experience. In the FAQs, every possible query on the festival is covered. The FAQ contains mostly information about the tickets, the festival structure and so on. For any problems, which are not discussed in the FAQs, there is still the possibility to get in a direct conversation with the provider.


How beneficial is its interactivity?

That the main emphasis of the website is the sales of the ticket, this already clear in the first moment by entering. There is not much interaction visible at the beginning. On the upper right corner there is the access to the social media plattforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and by scrolling once visitors can subscribe for newsletters and updates, the call to action therefore is “become also a part of the community”, which is a very inviting strategy. The button for buying the tickets moves with the website by scrolling and is positioned always at the same place of the website.

The contact information is once in the footer as text and once in the footer as well as “impressum”. Herby the contact information in my opinion should be implemented already in the top navigation. It is important to reach this information fast as this is a festival, where they also do search for cooperation partners or media and press request. In terms of that the access to the information should be already given in the top of the website. In the impressum there is some more information as bank data for transaction of ticket sales, management and so on.

The content seems quiet effective to bring the customers to the purchase decision. Through the whole website the content, they have developed is targeting on brining the festival closer to the visitors with a nice solution on how they do provide the information, which for triggering a purchase desire, in my opinion is well done. To bookmark the website there is no special call to action. On the website navigation at the first page on the top there is another navigation, hence is not moving with the main navigation downwards.  That button I was just talking about is called magazine where they release blogs or general news about new trends. This is a good tactic to bring customers back to the website, as they are interested in kept being updated.

With the privacy policy, it is just necessary to agree in the final action of the payment of the ticket sale. If in the case customer feel like get information about the privacy policies they can find them in the footer. They do not have ticket accelerators, but they do send always e-mail information about the start of the ticket sale for example.


 What about navigation?

Among the research for the webpage, providers are following the three-click rule. I needed exactly three clicks to put the tickets in the trolley, afterwards just the transactional details where anymore required. The structure of the webpage shows a logical principle. On the first page visitors arrive, they already are able to get the whole information about the festival in one scan, to support customers with information they need to get a purchase desire.

Also a positive user experience is given. The content is not do overloaded and enough information is provided. Users can navigate back to the homepage very easily by clicking on three different buttons 1) the FS logo 2) festival 3) and the button festival (one more time in the upper navigation). Also the button for doing the purchase action has got his clear position in the website and is well visible. The navigation bar is very clear and makes sense. It contains all required information for potential customers and for the press or the partners. One more thing they could but in the navigation bar are the contact details (“Impressum”), in the case that journalist are interest be interested in writing about the festival, they could have a fast access to that information. Otherwise, the navigation bar is fine; all the necessary information for the festival is implemented as festival general information ( button called “festival”), speakers, program, press and FAQ. Additionally to that, there is three more navigations in the upper section as festival, magazine and team, which however are not moving with, by scrolling down. The link to the social media platforms it fits to the rules (upper right corner). There is no search option in this website, which either is not necessary because it just contains the ticket sales as main conversion. In the lower left corner, there is the button visible in red for getting in touch with the organizer in a direct conversation. There is no back and forward arrows in the webpage, which is not a disadvantage in this website. As there just the tickets can be bought, the navigation is limited and people can always reach the homepage by clicking on festival button or the logo.


Design quality?

The design of the website is very attracting and aesthetic. The CI is also given. As it can be found in the Logo, in the design, there is everywhere an implementation of the red color. The typography is keeping the same font in through the whole website. They created also a hall of fame with the best or most famous speaker where they do use always the same background in the pictures. On the information page, as it was already mentioned they are always using a combination of blue/black background with a followed picture of the festival with always a red filter. So there is given consistency. There is enough white space, the information is structured well, so that all in all is not overloaded and important things are easy to scan. Also the size of the font is well done, as important things have a bigger font-size or are marked in bold.


Arriving at the website of FS it is already on the first view possible to recognize where you are and what it is about. In short words it is explained what the festival it is about, the dates, place, time, the aftermovie and a button to purchase the tickets. All the just listed information it is possible to scan in one view.


The design is simple and minimalistic with interesting content, which holds the attention of the visitors. This means that also the positioning of the objects is done in a proper order, therefore they avoided clutter. The corporate color red which is contained in the logo can be found again on the website. Through the whole website they to have a red touch in the font color, pictures with red filter and the most important icons are also in red (ticket buy, help icon…).

Also for the description of the festival stages or the topics, which attend at the festival they invented nice pictograms. This provides an easier understanding to the audience and leads to a higher acceptance.


In the navigation bar there are not many links just these once who are really necessary for the first information the visitors need. No error or frustration can be found on the webpage. There is no back button existing as the website provides not many items to buy as for example an online store does. Therefore, you just can go one page ahead. Going back it is possible by clicking on logo or festival button, which is not disturbing, and it brings you back on the homepage. All Images have a good quality and are aesthetic.


Copy Quality?

The content is kept short, with the most relevant information, which is visible very quick. The quality of the language is very good, grammatically correct and the formal way they write is business related, it has a creative tone and fits well to the target group. The creative way they write is appealing to the audience, which in my opinion creates a demand of buying a ticket. As in there is just information about the festival and the ticket sales there is not much to say about the different sections because they are very clear. As mentioned in previous section important information is easy to scan.


The website provides the right information needed for the visitors. The hierarchy of the font size is in a proper way (important information have a bigger size, more important info’s are in bold) and the text always is kept in the same size. Even for the typography, a typeface without serifs is being used. The icons, which links visitors to a next site, are clear. The readability in general is very good, as they ways use a darker background and the color of the typeface is always in white.


Attention to detail?

All mandatory and corporate identity requirements are included correctly, as there always the same font and colors are being used. Even the design of the website fits to the rest of their communication strategies.  There is even information provided about the team and the partners. Privacy policies can be found in the footer. There is no grammar mistake on the website. The facts are all written correctly and in a proper order. Also the Information is updated which means visitors get connected with the actual festival dates in the year 2017. The new speakers for 2017 are being updated as well. There is no unnecessary information on the website.


The website is done in a proper way, which provides a friendly user experience and leads to a higher satisfaction. Things can be handled very easily and visitors get a fast access to the information they need. With three clicks it is possible to buy the ticket. The design is nice and in an aesthetic way and the website is not overloaded. The design of icons is understandable and leads do an easier understanding. The structure of the information is also clear and recognizable. Vsitors know where they can get which information in short time. There aren’t disturbing pop-ups when I arrive on the website, blue text or underlined words (everything is in white,  they play with font size and bold).

How good is the marketing?

The marketing solutions in that website are done in a proper order. That is what I also expected from this website as we are talking about a marketing festival so exactly this should be the case. Anyway, by landing on the website the proposition is clear (festival for curious minds). The offers in the different ticket classes are also very clear. The language of the information is very customer oriented which means they use the same language and in a very creative way.

Also the parts which are not updated yet are market so the audience now what is going on. For example on the navigation at the buttons magazine and team by swiping over the information “coming soon” is pumping up.


There is no actual reference for recommending the website to friends, but they do have links to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, which can be seen as recommendation in an EOWM (Electronic Word of Mouth) perspective. The SEO strategy is working well, which means that when typing “fifteen seconds” in google the website is pumping up as first score and in typing “festival graz” it can be found as the third result.











The branding?

As already mentioned the corporate identity goes through the whole website with the same font, colors etc. used.  Even the way, how they present themselves is consistent with other social media strategies. The tone is also very target group oriented and they arrived at the point, were they do have an exclusive image in which the audience is pleased to transfer the image of the festival on themselves in taking part the festival. It is clear and understandable what the brand is, what they do and what the support.


The website is working same for all browsers. The change of monitor size does not show any discrepancies as well. This means that by switching the size on mobile devices the design of the website automatically changes on another view that fits perfectly to the size of the screen where information is adapted.

Loading Speed?

The loading speed in navigating in other information is working well and fast. Also the aftermovie on the website pops up really fast by clicking on it. There is also no disturbing animation or graphic on the webpage, which could affect the loading times.

Use of multimedia

The media items, which are being used here, are all implemented in a meaningful order.

Lukas Lanbacher


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