Website Analysis of Brownie

In this post we are going to evaluate Brownie’s website analyzing different sections. First of all we have to know that Brownie is a Spanish  clothes company founded in 2006 in Barcelona.

The sections that we are going to analyze are:

  • How friendly is the site:

Brownie’s site is a friendly site, because it feels welcoming due to the organization of their items and because a white space is used throughout the site to make it seem less busy and easier to scan, as we can see on the picture below.

Captura de pantalla 2016-11-27 a las 12.59.07.png

Furthermore, the benefits of visiting it are immediately clear; those are to have special discounts by singing up in their newsletter and to show new trends through their products.

Captura de pantalla 2016-11-28 a las 23.06.35.png

Captura de pantalla 2016-11-27 a las 12.39.31.png

It is also a friendly because the content is written using an informal, conversational style and tone. They describe their products in a easy way, as we can see on the picture, they describe the product very simply and clearly.


It also have a help section which is very helpful, because you can contact with them through different ways; whatsapp and e-mail, so it makes the visitor closer to the company and “safe”.


On the other hand, an aspec that the website don’t have is the possibility for visitors to increase the size of the text, because there is not an option on the site.

In addition, each page is easy to print off onto portrait A4 as we can see on the picture below.


  • Does it communicate everything it needs to?

This website communicates everything it needs to because the purpose in which the site serves is business/comercial and it makes very clear that what they want visitors to do is to buy their products. It is also immediately clear who the site’s intended audience is;  which are girls between 15 to 24 years old more less and they transmit this idea through the models that are used to show the clothes.

The site is consistent in Design (colour, layout and fonts),  and in the sequence of doing things, because they organize their products in a logical way, as we can see here:Captura de pantalla 2016-11-27 a las 13.52.02.png

Additionally the position of the navigation bar, action buttons and terminology  is also correct.

  • How relevant is the content to your audience?

The content of the website quickly convince the visitor that they have come to the right place, because as we have said in the begging, the site is friendly and it transmits to the visitors that is a good reason to stay; it also submit to the visitors what they are looking for, because the products are really good shown. But it must also be said that this perception depends on the age of the visitors, if they are on the age of the target or not; unless they are looking for something to give away, because if not, the content must be not relevant for them.

The copy is also focused on what the audience wants to know, not on what he or she wants to transmit, because they show what people want to know, like pictures of the products, the price of them, the materials, sizes, colors, if is available or is in stock, it gives the option to put in on the Wishlist or on the shopping bag, the shipment and return policy and the contact. All this information is the one that the visitors are looking for and expecting.

  • How beneficial is its interactivity?

The company website makes very clear the actions that want the audience to take. Those are; make the visitors buy or/and subscibe to their newsletter:

captura-de-pantalla-2016-11-27-a-las-13-22-20    captura-de-pantalla-2016-11-27-a-las-13-22-35

The interactivity through this website is very simple, easy and clear, as we have said before, there is a section in which visitors can interact via email or telephone with the company but there is also a section on the bottom of the site on which visitors can also contact;

Captura de pantalla 2016-11-27 a las 13.26.20.png

On the other hand, the site encourage visitor’s details to be left, because there are on many pages of the sites a file to make visitors left their emails. As the website collects visitor’s data, there is a privacy policy on the website, which is easy to find on the botton of the main page and another general pages.

It also gives regular visitors ‘accelerators’; for example if you are registered, you won’t have to fill all you data again because they already have it.


  • What about navigation?

Brownie’s site has a logical structure, as we have said before, and navigation is intuitive, easy, clear and trouble free. It also has a site map, but is not really easy to find, and when you click, it lands you on Google Maps.Captura de pantalla 2016-11-27 a las 13.42.20.png

Another good point that the website has is that every page link back to the Home Page through clicking the logo of the company.

Visitors can also get from any page to any other in no more than three clicks, and a complete freedom is given to move about the site.

Sin título.png

Example: Botton of “undo” and “redo”.

There is also a search option very easy to find;


  • Design quality?

The design used to build this website is simple, attractive, inviting and customer orientated. Visitors can immediately know where they are because there are clear titles and they are mostly of the time visibles. In addition each back button takes the visitor back to where he were.

Ii is also clear how and where to find new content, because the site has a section in which they put “new in” things.

Captura de pantalla 2016-11-29 a las 18.59.23.png

  • Copy quality?

As we have said before, the content is clear, relevant, concise and grammatically correct and this allows visitors to know what each section is about.

  • Readability?

The site kept a one sans serif font size, just in some cases we found little titles in bold, just to remark where the visitor is situated.

Captura de pantalla 2016-11-29 a las 19.18.00 1.png

The site makes clear what users will get when they click on actionable items; for example, when they click on the button “BUY”, it immediately appears a little “page”, as we can see on the picture below.

Captura de pantalla 2016-11-29 a las 19.22.12.png

Furthermore, the site do not avoid using capitals letter but they avoid using italics ones.

  • Attention to detail?

As a profesional company, the copy have been proofread, and all the information on the site is up dated, for example, they make special promotions for Black Friday, Sales, Christmas… and they actualize it very efficiently.

On the other hand the copyright statement, ©, appears on the principal pages of the website.

Captura de pantalla 2016-11-29 a las 19.39.30.png



  • Credibility?

As the site is selling online, a security icon should be shown, but there is not visible on the website.

They have also avoided using blue text, perceived as a link.

  • How good is the marketing?

The proposition of this site is crystal clear, is it to buy and to subscribe to their newsletter, and, to achieve that, the message is simple, concise and customer focused.

Besides this, the website offers a mechanism for visitors to recommend some product of the company to friends and family by posting through their own social platforms which are Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, as we can see on the example below.



  • The branding?

On this website there is a clear brand identity projected and the audience engages with the brand’s personality, because in fashion, if you don’t like the brand, you won’t engage the brand personality, but you will do it if you like the brand and you wear the it, because our clothes shows our personality.

  • Accessibility?

The company website works well on all Macs and PCs and on mobile phone, it is a responsive site.

  • Loading speed

Brownie’s homepage load instantly, visitors don’t have to wait for see it.

  • Use of multimedia

On the site we can see some video files, which serves a clear purpose and make a definite contribution to the benefit of the visitor because clothes and products are better shown there and because it transmit the identity of the brand through story telling that appears on the videos.

Captura de pantalla 2016-11-29 a las 21.12.33.png

#clothes #fashion

By Xenia Farré.


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