Website Analisys of Tu cielito lindo

  • ¿How friendly is the site?

When we visit this website we can understand immediately what’s about, it means that the benefits of visiting the site are clear. Apart from that  the style of the page transmit closeness and we can interpret it as a friendly page.

The images of the homepage are fresh, cute and youthful, this makesthe customer feel in a quiet and comfortable environment.

The structure of the website, the whitespaces in all tabs of the website convey simplicity and tranquility, allowing the customer to focus on the products without feeling stunned.

The layout of the images and the products, the order, the colors and the options to attend to the doubts of the clients makes the experience of the client improves.

Also the way to communicate with customers is quite close and friendly.


  • ¿Does it communicate everything it needs to?

The purpose of the site it’s quite clear “commercial and sell”. Because of the (shopping cart, telephone number, my account, different categories, and because of if we do scroll we can see the products that they sell with the price and the option “add to cart”)

The website also shows clearly the different categories of target audience that they have because on the top of the page we can see 3 different categories: “woman, man and children” . Apart from that there are a presentation of images where each image represents a part of the different categories.

  • ¿Are you communicating what your audience is interested in?

We are communicating what our audience is interested in with the style of the web, colours, letter style, layout and above all with the phrases about the “style and elegance” of the products and with the description in each category about our products and what they can find.

Our target audience are interested on fashion, elegance, quality but also in buy something with special meaning for that reason we also have a category of “special occasions” and different options to personalize the products or collaborate with some solidary organization.


About the sequence of doing things and the position of the navigation bar we can see that it’s consistent because the principal categories are separate in “woman, man and children” with more options inside each category.


  • How relevant is the content to your audience?

The website always is trying to transmit the importance of a special gift or buy for ourselves something with a special meaning. Most of the target audience who visit the site seek customize all the products they buy, for that reason on the homepage the automatic presentation of images shows a wide variety of custom products to get the interest of the target audience.

They give direct access to Instagram to show the different types of customization of their products and they also give another options like different kinds of customization, color range, pictures about how the “workshop” is and a category of frequently asked questions where all FAQs have been covered.

All their content it’s about what they want to transmit but also it’s about what customers want to know.

  • How beneficial is its interactivity?

 Tu cielito lindo is a small company with a very specific target who buy “special things for special moments” for that reason, all the actions that they do in their website (especially the interactivity) are coherent with their products and the image that they want to give us.

The site has a good level of interactivity with the customers in terms of different options to communicate with them because a personalized treatment with all their customers it’s important in terms of what they want to transmit.

In the upper right corner we can see the most common ways people use to interact.

-Phone number


-Access to social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram)

– My account

And at the bottom of the page there is also information about different ways to contact with them.

The most important thing is that all the information to interact appears in every page.


  • What about navigation?

 The structure of navigation is the most logical structure because follows the same pattern as most web pages. The navigation is very intuitive, easy and clear.

-The site has a contact details on the upper right corner.

– There is a search option

– In every page we can link and back to home page

– You can access the products by category woma – man –  chil – occasions – all products

– If we do “scroll” we can see different kind of products

– and at the bottom there is more information about social network – opening hours – delivery service – contact – site map and another information

  • Design quality?

About the design it’s clear about what they are selling because of the pictures, the categories, the description in each category, the title, colours, and above all because in the home page we can see the different products that they sell.

The design is simply, attractive and It is not a page saturated with images or letters, it is simple and facilitates the visit of the client.

Everything follows a coherent order, there is cohesion of colour and design with the general image of the brand, all the options of the web page take the user to the indicated place and also there are no broken links.

  • Copy quality?

All the content it’s clear because in each category there is some information about its content.


All the categories are clear, concise and show their content directly without having to do much searching.

  • Attention to detail?

All information on the website is correct (phone numbers, links to social networks or site map)

The most important aspects such as legal requirements, payment methods, conditions of sale, shipping conditions or privacy policies are clear and concise.

On the website you can find the most important information in a simple and clear way so that the customer does not have any problem understanding.

All the information is updated, there is only necessary and useful information for the client.

  • Credibility?

On the web, clients find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

If the customer has doubts about a product or the payment method, he has different ways to contact the store to solve his doubts or even he can go to the “FAQ” tab to solve his doubts

On the website the different alternatives are shown to transmit customer security such as:

Different methods of payment

Forms of return

After-sales service

Contact Phones

Cookies policy

And direct links to social networks to evaluate the existence of the brand.

  •  How good is the marketing?

The message for the different segments of “Tu cielito lindo” are quite clear and concise.

Promotional marketing actions are more frequent in social networks. (Instagram or facebook) where people can share them with their friends.

Apart from social networks, email marketing actions are also carried out.

People can access the promotions of social networks from the website but there are no promotions on the page but all the content of the page is focused on the customer.

  • The branding?

The brand identity of “your cute little cielito” formed by the colors, the letters and the images in the web page is coherent with the public to which it is directed and buys its products.

In social networks is perceived as a good brand, known, with quality and special products and also it’s coherent with what the brand wants to transmit with their elements.

  • Accessibility?

The website adapts to all electronic devices like (cell phone, tablet, ipod, etc) maintaining the same quality, speed and comfort

  • Loading speed?

There are no speed issues when accessing the website from any device.

On the other hand, if there were loading problems there is no animation available to make the wait more pleasant

  • Use of multimedia?

There are no multimedia elements that the client can download from the website


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