How friendly is the site:

When we step into the website we received a good perception about the homepage and we also find a good distribution where they offered the different options that provide the page.

Moreover, they offer different tools to give us more information of the company and the products and provide us the purchase, for example: payment methods, size guide, exchanges and returns, how to purchase…also they offer two different ways to contact with tem: the phone of customer service and the WhatsApp.

The website is available in three languages: Catalan, Spanish and English.

In the website, it isn’t possible to find any tool to increase the text of the website, but we can fin done for increase the image of the product.


Does it communicate everything it needs to:

The purpose of the website is clear: communicate, to make people known about the company and products, and sell.

Mainly, through the pictures of the website and the products of the brand, we can see that the company is focus on young people.

The essence of the website conveys elegance. Contrast of light and dark colours gives a touch of sophistication to the web.

The process for buy or watch the products of the brand it’s very easy. From the homepage appears two different ways that brings you to the products:

  • Direct links: the homepage appears different pictures that show you different categories, for example: best sellers, heeled shoes…
  • Menu: in the homepage also appears a menu that offers all the different possibilities that website gives you. You press to the menu and then choose a category or shoe. After you can add to the bag and from there you have to make the payment.

Both the direct links and menu brings you to a specific page where you can find the category that you have choose and there you will select and specific product and pay for it.


How relevant is the content to your audience:

The content of the website is relevant for the customers. The design of the homepage convinces quickly to the visitors. There appear different pictures that show you the most relevant categories of the products (best sellers, new collection…), and these makes visitor’s to press one of the categories and stay more time in the website.

The website is focus on the audience because we found all the information of the products (colours, price, size…) and to help us when we purchase one of the products.

Also, in the website we can see a FAQ section with the answers of the brand.

How beneficial is its interactivity:

They have a lot of interaction with their customers and this increases the value of the website. For example, every Tuesday they do the “Black Tuesday” where they promote some specific shoes of the brand. With this action they get many visitors to their website.


They are very active in social networks. Everyday, they post different information about the brand (promotions, new products, images of their clients with the shoes…). Also, they promote their customers to publish photos with the products that they have bought for use some of them in the social networks of the brand.

In the website, we can find different ways to contact them (mail, WhatsApp, phone of customer service and questions form).


What about navigation:

The navigation in the website is very easy for the customers because it have a simple, logical and organized structure.

They have a search section if the visitor wants to find a product with specific characteristics.

In the bottom of the website we can find the brand’s logo and if we press on we return to the homepage.

Design quality:

Like I say before, the essence of the website conveys elegance. Contrast of light and dark colours givesmenu a touch of sophistication to the web.

Also, the navigation in the website is very easy for the customers because it have a simple, logical and organized structure.

In the homepage we can see different the relevant categories with pictures and title. At the top right of the website we found five icons (your wishes, your shopping bag, your profile, to search and language of the website) and the menu. If you press on menu, appear different categories of products and when you choose one you can see all the products of the category with the name and the price. Then, if you choose one of the products you can see the reference, characteristics and sizes. So everything is explained for the customer to understand.

The images of the products are good. If the customer wants enlarge the image, they can.



Copy quality:

Like I say before, the content of the website is direct and clear.


The size and the font of letter are good and easy to understand. The titles are distinguished in bold and bigger than the rest. Moreover, the spaces are respected.

Attention to detail:

The website is always up date with news about the brand, new products, promotions, the stock, the collections, the blog…



They have more credibility because they also have different stores in Spain. Also the customers trust because the brand interacts with them.

The branding:

Un Paso Mas have a clear identity and the customers are engage with them. The brand has loyal clients because they are faithful to their style.


We can access to the website through the computer, smartphone or tablet. The website fits the device type.

img_2613Loading speed:

The website load instantly so the visitors don’t have to wait.


Website: http://www.unpasomas.com


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