Mascoticlub has joined their different webs (Spain, UK, Germany…) in one big website: Vivadogs, but still offering the same products and services.




In this website you can see white spaces that relax your sight,  they don’t have all the information together and messed, so we can see the web site feels welcoming and seems less busy. The benefits of visiting the web are clear, on the home page you can see the main benefit: a box with the best products for your dog each month (and also the free home delivery). The tone of the content is friendly and informal, so this brings the customer more trust on the website, and allows the Company to get closer to the client.

The help section does its work correctly with some frequently questions such as: what does my box include?, is there any aditional costs?, is there any Commitment of permanency?, will I know the content of the box each week? Or could I change my adress?



The purpose of the web is clear: comercial, to sell.  Even if they have information about their collaboration with pet associations and their social networks profiles (which would be more entertainment) when you come to the homepage you know what and how they sell. The intended audience is young people with pets who are also aware about animal problems and mistreatment.

They have a good design speaking about colors (because the use different colors for important things such as discounts and they use clear letters with a correct size, so that everyone understands it.

They also explain clearly the steps and how they work.




The site convinces the visitors that they’ve come to the right place and that there’s a good reason to stay (they came into this web because they were searching different pet products (not just food and not just toys, and what is more, you can personalize the boxes and the times you want to get them and you know that you will get different and new products each month/week without even thinking the products you want.

The copy is focused on what the audience wants to know (free delivery, non Commitment of permanency and several discounts). Also, they care about their customers, since the moment, all the FAQs have been answered.

ny doubt, they can click on the dog, and ask whatever they want to.


There’s a dog with a question mark on the right side that is always visible, if the customer has any doubt, they can click on the dog, and ask whatever they want to.




They have a very positive interaction and it increases the value of the site, they ask the customers to take pictures of their pets with the boxes, so that everyone can see their cutie pets on the social networks of Vivadogs and also, each week there’s one dog choosen as “pet of the week” and is the image of the Facebook profile during all the week. They also do contest on their social networks and there is a lot of interaction between the business and customers, visitors really appreciate that the Company answers their questions and give them advices. So we can say they explain clearly to the audience, the actions they have to take.


A bad detail is that it doesn’t appear the contac information, it was on the previous website (mascoticlub spain/mascoticlub Germany…) but the thing is that all of them are now summed up on the same page, so, when you go to the “contact content” your only possibility is to send a mail, and wait till they answer. Bu ton the other hand the privacy policy when you are loging in is quite clear.



The estructure of the website is very logical (from most to less importance):

1. On the top they have the discount of the week

2. On the menu they have:

  • Homepage
  • What is Vivadogs?
  • Our boxes (differrent sizes, products, special boxes for christmas…)
  • We like to help (increases value by helping animal associations)
  • #vivadogspeople (the hashtag the paople share the pictures with)
  • Your account (for those engaged customers who have even an account)

Also,the navigation is very easy, yo can find what you are looking for in less than three clicks, even for older people (40-60) who don’t use the technologies with the same easyness as younger people.

They don’t have the search option anymore, which was a good thing for the Company, but anyway is not very important in this case because they are a small business and the website is clear and not very big.


Design quality:

The web has been improved, so it is minimalist and easy to get a better usability. You can easily find whatever you want to and also the customer can be sure that the patment will be sure and legal and it also gives credibility to the Company.



 Attention to detail:

You can check an option for not to get adverts and news about vivadogs.

You know all the different brands they work with, so the customer ensure they have good and quality products.


How good is the marketing, branding and accessibility?

The site’s proposition is crystal clear from the first moment you come in, the message is simple and clear so that the customer know the benefit for him/her and also for the pet.

The Brand identity is clear projected and they have emotional messages for increasing engagement.

The web Works perfectly in every laptop/PC and also mobilephone.





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