Analysis Objectives – LaTostadora

LaTostadora” is an online store that sells t-shirts personalized by you, in a good quality-price ratio. Its main objective is to be well known as the best personalizing clothing stores where you’ll have to pull out all your creativity to wear as you want

To make this true, they have to fulfill objectives that make them get everything they want to, in the way LaTostadora and their target get what they expect.

Let’s get into the SOSTAC:

  • Sell: One of the most common objectives with all the other brands is to increase their sales and rise the benefit they get. In this case, the more personalized t-shirts they sell, the best. They don’t have a physical shop, though (everything is via online).

  • Serve: The serve is a very important point, so the service of the company is essential for the target to know if they feel comfortable and sure to choose their products before anyone else’s. LaTostadora may put it into practice with:  being fast answering (telephone, e-mail, Social Networks,… ); give updated information that the public would want to hear…

  • Speak: LaTostadora is in a lot of Social Networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn,… . Two more ways of communicating that are really helpful are e-mailing and the Word of Mouth. With all these options, they know they have to get the target attention, because as it’s said, “You cannot talk to who is not listening to you”… . The point in here is that the company needs to have a good relationship with their users, in order to make them loyal to the brand.


  • Sizzle: That is the value proposition and everything related to the brand, recommendations and all this stuff. LaTostadora has always to take care about the main competence they have, so they can act with all they want to know about them (what they offer, prices, promotions, …).
  • Save: All those actions that have relation with the costs and benefits the brand has (profits and losses).

Of course, the conversion is a clue for the increasing of the brand, as it helps both company and target in their way. To convert means getting the brand website visitors to do things that we want to (such as increasing the number of visitors, having more followers on Social Networks, made this brand even more well known and winning new customers,…).



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