Wood Detail – Objectives and conversions


“Wood Detail” is an online store that sells all kinds of accessories (bracelets, watches, necklaces,…) all with features in common, as they are all made of natural wood and are related in some way to water sports. Its main objective is to be made known to all lovers of these sports so we can take your brand around the world.

To make this a reality, the brand has to propose  objectives that ultimately make them get everything they set out above, provided that the targets are possible to perform and fulfill everything that was scheduled to get.

I have divided into the SOSTAC model consisting Sell, Serve, Speak, Sizzle and Save.

We also have to take into account conversions, as they are all the answers that people give us in response to what we are doing to fulfill our goals (call to action).

Specifically in the store Wood Detail I think we have established the following objetvos:

SELL: Like the vast majority of brands, their main objective is to increase sales and grow within its market, and thanks to this have a greater benefit. It is the base of all the objectives that companies generally tend proposed.


SERVE: For this purpose, I would say that is all that is related to the degree of satisfaction customers have with the brand, either with their treatment, speed of service, among others.


TALK: are all those objectives that the company has regarding the impact that will have both social media and WOM (Word Of Mouth), that is all that good to be true of the mark in relation to their performance.

Whenever you get people speak well of a mark is achieved in a way loyalty of users, and that’s very good.

This particular brand has created a small community, and all users are connected in one way or another, in particular by sea. The essence of the brand is to bring nature with a passion for water sports.


SIZZLE: Here it is where the value proposition. The brand has to enhance the different characteristics which has over the competition or brands that offer similar products that they offer, leverage their strengths and communicate to your users or potential consumers. Thus they will achieve a position in the first thought of the mind of the consumer.


SAVE: All those related to earning profits and losses of the company.

In this area we can not have information, since this information only has the company. Is all that is related to company profits and losses.



All these objectives are set in order for more people to join the community and Wood Detail users are the same. To make this possible we have to set short-term goals:

– That people subscribe to the newsletter.

– That most frequently visit the site.

– Getting to have more impact on social networks (Instagram, Facebook,…).

– Winning customers.

– That this brand better known.

Aida Tura Riera


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