Un Paso Más- Objectives Analysis


Un Paso Más is focus in the footwear sector. They pay special attention to the feminine market bearing in mind they needs, demands and present day fashion modern women. The shoes of Un Paso Más are inspired by Italian designs and are made in Spain.

Objectives: SELL, SERVE AND TALK. 

Actually the brand has five shops in Catalonia and one in Madrid, so the main objective of Un Paso Más is to increase sales, selling by the website in Spain and also in European countries. They send the order around Europe.

The company uses the website as a tool to provide pre-and after sale issues to customers. In the site, the brand explains all the information of the products and they have a size guide in order to help people finding the most fitting size. Also, if the customer is not satisfied with the purchase, they have the option to return the product through the site.

ff   gkg.png

Also, they use the social networks to talk and interact with their customers. The objectives are build relationships and capture more audience. In addition, through the social networks, the brand inform about new products and promotions or discounts. The brand is present different social networks:



















Un Paso Más determines the next objectives to expire in 6 months

  • Increase in 20% sells by Internet.
  • Increase in 15% sells around Europe.
  • Increase in 10% the number of followers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Increase in 15% the posts on Twitter and Linkedin.


By: Alejandra Ros


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