Tu cielito lindo – Objectives and conversions

Tu cielito lindo is a charming and is a small shop with a physical and online store which is located in Barcelona – Sant Gervasi ans is focused on a religious jewelry.





Sell  and improve conversion rate:

We want to improve the effectiveness of our website and increase our conversion rate (convert a website visitor into a customer) with the same amount of traffic

We consider that in a short term it’s important increase the website’s conversion rate by 20% because we pretend to take advantage of Christmas hollidays.

To achieve this objective we will offer different kind of discounts if they buy through our website.


Have more presence in social media:

We thought that we could be more interactive with our main target if we have more presence in social media as Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram.

We are already present in Instagram and Facebook but the interaction that we have with our main target it’s not constant.

Conversion: get more followers, likes and comments at our publications.



Our main objective is give an excellent consumer service, for that reason we want to implement a “chat” in our website to reply any question that our consumer can have .

This chat could be used in any moment for our consumers, it means that they can ask us before to buy (for example: If we have different kind of colours, sizes or different kind of recorders) and also after a purchase (for example: Different ways to return the purchase, changes or even for a maintenance)



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