Tous Objectives Analysis



Tous is a Spanish familiar brand, which it works a lot to positioning on the top of fashion jewelry companies. They’d known necessities of their costumers, good quality with affordable prices. Nowadays, there are lots of shops in Spain and on the other continents. The main objective is to continue this developed expansion and increase their sales.


The objectives on their website are:

  • Sell: One of the most important objectives that the company wants to accomplish is to increase their sales by their website. This is possible between discounts, promotions, free shipping, new exclusive products online that on a physical shops doesn’t stay, etc. An example:

obj 1.png

  • Serve: Tous uses the website as a tool for help our customers. They help us with the sizes of the rings or bracelets; also put other similar products to combine or  to gift them. Then, it’s possible to register on their newsletter and be up date with their newness. Finally, if you’re unhappy with a product of this business, there is on the same website a post-sale zone. This helps us to changes products. Another zone of website is the dealers company who explain their conditions and the delay time.

tous 2.png

  • Talk: This is another important objective, to talk and communicate with their customer. The best option is a good treat and contact with them. There is an option to register on their newsletter on website. Also they have a kids and baby’s magazine. But, there is help window that if you click, you’ll appear on frequently questions zone. On that, they put telephone contact and email for the company.

tous 3.png

  • Impact: Company needs to impact our customers to click on their website. This has made between their social media. They stay on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube. Also they have a fashion blog. They interact on their socials Medias on the same line to increase sales and create attention to fashion costumers. Tous uses for their campaigns the image of a celebrity to creates more attention on online medias and off-line.

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By Natalia Blanco.


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