Simply Setz-Objective analysis


Simply SETZ is a clothing and accessories brand, designed and founded in Barcelona 2014, based on a key attribute called simplicity. For buy they products is possible to the website and in six different physicals shops in Catalunya.

Objectives: Sell, Serve and Speak 

SELL: Setz is an online shop but you can buy their products in different shops. Then in they website is for sell the products for know more thinks about the brand, look the collection they have contact with them and you cut send a newsletter. But they don’t have an offer section and I think it will be a good point. They sent to you the things free in about 48 or 76 hours.

Captura de pantalla 2016-10-31 a les 18.54.10.png

SERVE: Setz provide before and after sells. Because you can see all they products and if you have a problem you can send an email. But it’s not there a section for retour your clothes in case you don’t liked.  You can see in the previous photo.

SPEAK: This is a very important part and for this reason SETZ have Facebook, twitter and Instagram to connect with the users. They post frequently but they don’ have a lot of feedback for this reason I think they have to do something to get better this part. One interesting think they cut do is a blog or opinions section. I have to say they have to three videos on YouTube where you can see the values of the brand.

  • INSTAGRAM:  The platform they have more followers, but they do’t have feedback, just likes.
  •       FACEBOOK

In the following photo we can see the visits they have.

Captura de pantalla 2016-10-31 a les 15.20.20.png

In the following photo we can see the cain of content they produce.

Captura de pantalla 2016-10-31 a les 19.32.13.png

  • TWITTER: They don’t have a lot of followers.

Captura de pantalla 2016-10-31 a les 15.44.54.png

YOUTUBE: They post three videosCaptura de pantalla 2016-10-31 a les 15.44.16.png

 R.A.C.E Model 

  • Reach: Create traffic on your website and the social medias and do the people know our brand. For SETZ this one will be a one objective because if they have more visits in the web site is easier they sell more. For do that they cut do an offer in this way the current followers maybe share this contents and it’s the opportunity to get a new visitors to the website. Increase the traffic web 30% more in three months.
  • Inter act: Is the users give to you a feed back to the brand and participating in your post. For do that the brand have to produce a interesting contents or competitions. For example Setz cut do a different post are speaking about skating, surfing or place they cut visit with friends or the views from different mountains. Increase the inter act 20% more in three months.
  •  Convert: For the people do that is basic have traffic in the website, because in this way the people cut send a newsletter for they can receive information about the brand. Another possibility is the users receive a Boucher for a discount. Increase the inter act 15% more in three months.·
  • Engage: Here the people already bought in this brand, and we have to do they buy again and stay in contact. For they do that it’s very important have a very good and closer relationship with the costumer. Setz have to do the thinks I seed before (create interesting contents, do discounts…) for the people have an engagement with the brand.

Conclusions: They have to improve more the positioning web and create more interaction with the costumers.


  • Visitors on the web site.
  • Suscrive to the newsletter .
  • Get followers in the social networks.
  • Sharing the contents from SETZ.
  • Buy their products.

By: Raquel Torras Traveria


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