The idea of “Ahora Vuelvo Mamá” is based on cheap flights with the best time for those who normally can’t travel. What “Ahora Vuelvo Mamá” precisely offers are round trip flights –leaving early in the morning and coming back the same night- for the same prize that any leisure activity would cost you. Link: (http://barcelona.ahoravuelvomama.es/)

<Objectives: specific and measurables actions proposed by the company that answer to: What does the web exist for? or What do we want to accomplish with that web?

<Conversions: achieve that the web visitors perform just as the company wants them to do in order to accomplish the main objectives.

Right below will be appearing the company’s five main objectives with it’s own conversions from the website: “Ahora Vuelvo Mamá”.


To sum up, the most important for a website is to achieve the conversion of all its marked objectives, as it is the only way for an online business to work out.


Meritxell Borrell.


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