Objectives analysis of Luna Llar

Lluna Llar is a real estate company which activity is focus on Castelldefels and Gavá to get more information you can visit its website www.lunallar.com, due to that its main objective in its digital strategy cannot be sell. Luna Llar digital objectives should focus on serve, talk and impact in their audience. Obviously this objectives should be part of the RACE model (click to know more about this model) and should be a SMART objetives.

Luna Llar should build awareness of its brand and services on other websites and in online media in order to build traffic, that thing should be follow by encouraging interactions on that platforms with the objective of generate leads.


The company in its website provide a lot of specific information for the sellers and buyers in order to help them to choose to work with the company or to help them during the processes of selling or buying. The main objective of sharing this information should be get the contact or the phone call of the future buyers or sellers to hire their services. In here also it has to be mentioned all the webs that Luna Llar work with like idealista.com or Habitalia. In this webs Luna Llar do not give information about their company but they share their properties in order to sell them, the presence in that platforms also works for a link to their webs (www.lunallar.com and ww.lunaluxuryhomes.com)

So as an objective we propose to increase the clients contacts a 10 clients per month. As a conversion to measure that we are going to look at the number of registration in their web, the request of information via other platforms and the website visitors.


Luna Llar owns a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + account. In that platforms they share news about real estate, images and information of properties and also share images and videos.

The objective is to increase the awareness of the brand and also make it more notorious, we will look at the number of comments and “likes” we obtain to measure that objective. It is important to look at mentions at the media and earn media too.


The company creates content to impact their audience by sharing their experience and news. Also they host contests in order to increase the awareness. The objective should be to increase the followers in the social media the readers of the blogs, that will be measure looking at the numbers of followers and the readers.


To sum up one of the most important Luna Llar objective is create engagement with their clients and get recommendations of them to their friends.


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