Objectives Analysis: Lonbali

Lonbali is a brand that makes handbags in Barcelona and whose name combines the name of the cities of London, Barcelona and Bali, due to the fact that these handbags are intended to transmit the spirit of these three locations that make up a very explosive cocktail. Lonbali offers consistency, street style and the chic touch of personalization that requires a woman today. Handbags that can be used either to go to the office or to the supermarket.


Lobali was born only one year ago, in 2015. For this reason, now more than ever it’s important to establish some objectives that may be turned into conversions in order to make the brand grow. When building up this digital strategy, we can divide the objectives according to the SOSTAC model in which we have: Sell, Serve, Speak, Sizzle and Save.

SELL: when we talk about selling we refer to the ultimate objective of the brand, which has to be increasing sales. Lonbali must set two different objectives here in order to maximize the sales as it has one physical store in Barcelona beside the online store:

  • First of all, Lonbali has to encourage people to visit the store in Barcelona. This might be focused on customers from Barcelona and surroundings.
  • Increase the web traffic. This includes people from the local zone but also from the rest of the country.

SERVE: This refers to everything related to how the customers feel about the service that the brand gives them. It’s the satisfaction of the client. For Lonbali, in this case, the objectives have to be:

  • Giving a good feedback to the customers in every social network.
  • Giving quick responses to any type of doubts or complaints.
  • Being aware of the content shared by customers in social networks in order to make sure that people are enjoying their products.

SPEAK: These are the objectives related to the level of engagement with the customers.

  • Lonbali must keep very active its social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) because they are the main showcases of the brand. The objective is to publish content every day that can be either related to new products of the brand or to content that is not specifically from the brand but that helps creating a brand image.
  • An other objective here for the brand could be to create a Pinterest account which I think it’s a very interesting social network for fashion trends that’s gaining strength.

SIZZLE: Sizzle makes reference to value proposition of the brand and also to everything related to the brand prescriptors and recommendations. Lonbali can set the following objectives related to these things:

  • Giving strength to Lonbali’s blog which is clearly a strong point that differentiates Lonbali from other brands. The blog is very important because it helps the brand creating a community in which either the brand or any customer can share interesting lifestyle posts.
  • Getting to collaborate with fashion bloggers or famous women interested in trends in order to increase the visibility of the brand. This is something that Lonbali has recently done, for example, with the Spanish top model Nieves Alvarez, and it’s an activity that the company has to keep doing.

SAVE: This refers to every action that can be done in order to save costs and time.

  • Lonbali already has a FAQ page on its website which is a very useful tool that helps the employees of the brand saving a lot of time answering questions that are resolved there.
  • Something that can also be interesting for the brand is to publish some kind of questions through its different social networks in order to know the opinion of the users and save money on market researches. The brand could, for example, publish photos of new prints for the handbags in order to know if they are going to have a good reception.


After setting up all these objectives, the most important thing for Lonbali must be to get conversions. To convert means getting the brand website visitors to do things that are previously defined in order to reach the previous objectives. They might be conversions for Lonbali the following actions:

  • Increasing the number of visits of the website.
  • Getting new subscriptions to the Newsletter.
  • Having more followers on its social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).
  • Encouraging customers to share brand content on social networks.
  • Buying their handbags and purses.

Maria Hors


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