Objectives Analysis: El Cabo

El Cabo” is a beer company based on the natural park of El Cabo de Gata, in Almeria. The company was created in 2012, they begin testing and improving their techniques with the aim of creating a flagship for the land. The elaboration of the beer follows a completely handmade process in order to enjoy the authentic Mediterranean essence.

When setting up a digital strategy we must establish our OBJECTIVES in order to reach specific conversions.

The objectives are the group of goals set by a business when promoting its products or services to potential consumers that should be achieved within a given time frame.

They can be divided (in the SOSTAC model) in Sell, Serve, Speak, Sizzle and Save.

On the other hand, conversions are the responses to our “call-to action”, that is, making people subscribing to our newsletter, getting into our website, for example.

Here are the following the objectives that I have settled for El Cabo:

SELL: In first term, the main objective, as any other brand, is to maximize the benefits, so part of their objectives are going to be related to this big goal.

  • Enhance the demand of the craft beer around all Spain (starting from its local zone and trying to expand thanks to the other objectives).
  • Increase their web traffic in order to achieve sells.

SERVE: All the objectives related to the customer’s satisfaction targets.

  • To know and ensure that people buying the product is enjoying it by for example, with satisfactions tests to our clients, and rates in the social media (facebook surveys).
  • Being able to respond to our customers through the social media.

SPEAK: All the objectives related to engaging the customer in order to be reminded.

  • Increase product awareness among targeted consumers. El Cabo’s beer is not as well-known in the sector, probably because of their recent start, unlike its competitors as local beers in Andalusia and the rest of Spain.
  • Provide information about product features. In order to achieve people’s awareness of the brand, we need to make them know for example the elaboration process, their natural environment with audiovisual material like videos, photographs, blog posts…
  • Achieve customer’s loyalty by a social media strategy even though the action of re–buy the product falls on the product itself.
  • Create a “El Cabo” community with their customers to share values and lifestyle.

SIZZLE: All the objectives related to their value proposition.

  • This is a double objective, in first place, the brand must know which is their value proposition that differentiates them from their competitors, and also needs to learn how to communicate it. In order to achieve a position in their customer’s mind.

SAVE: All the objectives related to the quantified efficiency gains.

Probably these objectives can’t be settled, because we don’t have that kind of technical information to quantify which are the real numbers of the company (profits, losses, debts…).

But all these objectives are established in order to create some conversions. We need our customer to do things. Based on these objectives I have considered relevant the following conversions to be done:

  • People entering in their website.
  • To get people subscribing to the newsletter. (in order to be aware of all the updates of the brand).
  • New people following them in the social media.(Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).
  • Get people to consume their content and sharing it. (videos, posts…)
  • Getting someone to open their mailing.
  • And of course, making people buy their product.

Marina Munar


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