Objectives Analysis – Beroomers

Beroomers is a marketplace of student rooms, where you can look for an accommodation and book it on-line, and be in contact with your roommates. Also you can publish your flat for free and wait to the renters booking.


Beroomers is a start-up created in 2013 which has the following objectives:

SELL : as of all the other brands, the main important objective is to sell their product that in this case, are rooms or flats published from users.  They don’t have a physical shop, for this reason, is really important the way they communicate and the relation with the costumers.

SERVE: a good service can differentiate a company from the others. For this reason, Beroomers has the intention of: be fast answering user’s petitions with their WhatsApp account, telephone number, Skype account and e-mail; give updated information of the brand and content in their social media; make a personalised option using filters and information of the costumer.



SPEAK: Beroomers is in a lot of social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and it is very active. But they have to know that they must improve the frequency of the posts of their blog because they publish twice a month. It will be better with a post every week and full of interesting content. Also they can improve their YouTube account, because they only have one video, and it would be interesting that Beroomers uses this channel to communicate to the other users.

Captura de pantalla 2016-11-01 a las 0.17.21.png


  • Increasing the visits of the website and the blog.
  • Increasing the followers and the likes of the social networks posts.
  • To achieve new customers.
  • Promoting the worth of mouth.




Anna Crusellas


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