MixNature : Objectives Analisys

MixNature provides personalised skincare products, based on a unique combination of natural ingredients. All the products are made in a laboratory in Latvia, one of the greenest and purest countries in Europe.


O – B – J – E – C – T – I – V – E – S

I. Sell

Just like most of the companies, the main objective of MixNature is to make profit so they can continue their activities. Moreover, MixNature only has an e-shop, which is the one and only way for them to sell their product. To achieve this goal, they often offer discount codes via their collaborations with the bloggers/youtubers they work with. It is a good way to generate trafic and increase the sales. Also, on all of their social networks, you can find a direct link to their e-shop.

II. Talk 

As a beauty/cosmetic brand, MixNature is active on both Instagram and Facebook. In the beauty industry, design is important. For that reason, they really pay attention to the content they publish, they want it to be harmonious.


Content is a big part on social media but it’s not everything. To make sure to build a longterm relationship with their clients, they try to answer the comments and be active. Doing this, will also help them to improve their brand image and also increase their sales (because they will be more knowledgable of the needs of their target audience).


They are also indirectly active on YOUTUBE. They do not have their own channel, but do work with youtubers who review their products and gives advice.

And finally, for the talk objective, they also offer a chat on their website where their clients can ask for advice or for help. They can also share previous comments to improve their brand image and reputation.



C – O – N – V – E – R – S – I – O – N – S

What does conversion mean ?
Conversion is simply getting someone to respond/react to your call-to-action.

In MixNature case conversions would be :

-> Buying products
-> Commenting their posts on their social networks
-> Following them on their social networks
-> Giving  opinions via their chat
-> Sharing MixNature content on their personal profils

Check out their website and shop some amazing products : https://www.mixnature.com/en/


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