Maria Pascual – Objectives and conversions

Maria Pascual is an online jewelry store from Barcelona. The general feature of all the jewels of the brand is the minimal design, because the little details are that makes you look and feel unique. The brand essence is the mix&match concept. Maria Pascual Jewels suggests a lifestyle that we all kind of share.

On the one hand, firstly it’s important to define general goals and then define more specific objectives. And for this reason, I will define the objectives of the Maria Pascual according to the SOSTAC model, in which the objectives are divided in Sell, Serve, Speak, Sizzle and Save.

Sell: it refers to the main objective of marketing, increase sales. Maria Pascual haven’t got any physical store, so their website is the only source of sales. And for this reason, one of its main objectives is to increase their web traffic, in order to increase sales and customers.

Serve: everything related to customer service and satisfaction. In this case, the objective of Maria Pascual is respond quickly to questions or complaints from users and use other tools to maintain greater interaction. Therefore, it’s to build and maintain a good feedback. An easy way to increase this point could be opening a Twitter account, where customers can clear their doubts 24 hours a day.


Speak: social networks serve to build relationships and capture audience. Maria Pascual is present in three social networks: Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Instagram is their primary social network, with a great activity and interaction.


However, there is a big difference between Facebook and Instagram in terms of followers and interaction, although Maria Pascual raises the same content on Facebook that Instagram. Here is an example:

fbk-maria-pascual                 maria-pascual-instagram

So, another objective is try to improve the presence, activity and the interaction of the brand on the others two platforms (specially in Facebook), with the aim of increasing brand awareness, engagement and loyalty. Also, it’s necessary that Maria Pascual have a Twitter account, because they haven’t got one. So, another objective would be to create a Twitter account.

Sizzle: in this section, the objectives should be focused on satisfaction levels, the recommendations and brand prescribers. Therefore, the objective of Maria Pascual is delighting customers or potential customers through content and collaborations with fashion bloggers or influencers, with the aim of making branding and create online presence. In addition, it would be a good initiative to create a blog.

Save: It refers to save costs, both in time and in currencies. A simple way to save time is through a FAQ page on your site, this way, users will not have to call your employees, which will save you time and money. So, one of the goals of Maria Pascual is to save time through a FAQ page and save costs through adequate online marketing budget.


On the other hand, the main role of a web page is to get conversion. Convert means getting visitors to make a previously defined specific action by you. And for example, the following actions are possible conversions in Maria Pascual web, because they have a direct connection with the objectives of the brand:

  • Subscribe to the newsletter
  • Ask for more information
  • Get people to place an order
  • Get a follower on social networks
  • Consuming content

So, the term “conversion” is used because it refers to the moment when a user becomes something else, like a customer or a subscriber, for example. Therefore, it changes the way that this person interacts with the company.

Clàudia Llopis


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