Kaoa- Objectives and Conversions

Kaoa is a fashion brand that was born in Portugal.With a personalized design, Kaoa reflects the feminism, elegant and exclusive style of clothing. Nowadays, it doesn’t have any physical shop in Portugal. For this reason, their principal aims are based in increasing her online presence.

The brand must qualify constant to realize better his work and to offer increasingly and better services to her clients. Her principal aims are SELL, TALK AND IMPACT.

About the sales, one of KAOA’s aims is to send the promotions and information about the products to the costumers by means of the bank statements , from the bank statements of the credit cards, in order that they could give him use in the web. In all shops, the most important thing and the final aim it’s to sell more.


Kaoa is a present brand only in Instagram and Facebook. Obviously, this brand should increase her presence and her impact in Internet to increase sales. For example, using other social networks as Twitter, Pinterest or Blog. Also, is important to increase in 40% her presence in Instagram in the next 4 months with more posts and images because now it’s one of the most important social networks on the market. We can observe that Instagram is the social network in which they have more followers with a total of 151.000 .Furthermore, Kaoa wants to obtain more followers in these two social networks.



Also, the brand will realize an attention personalized by means of the chat in his website. It’s important to have the aim to increase the advice to the clients in the orders, by means of messages route website or with a style advisor that the own shop puts to our disposition. This way we will be able to satisfy their needs and the brand will be able to know which are the tastes of their costumers with the online contact.

They will have to realize a labor of sale and promotion, as well as realize a persuasive communication on the offer designed to catch and to attract new costumers.  


Kaoa is a brand of clothes, which puts to our disposition new clothes every X time, For this reason, she has to promote her innovations and the new trends before the sale and continue doing it later.

For it, Kaoa will use massive means of advertising like the magazines or newspapers. Thanks to this, beside promoting her clothes, they will create a knowledge of brand, a positioning and a differentiation of the brand in the market. In addition, by means of the magazines they will be able to come to another type of target because it isn’t a question of social networks and it’s possible to come to this public who doesn’t use Internet.

On the other hand, there neither exists the aim to use bigger digital media as the television because Kaoa isn’t a big brand and doesn’t have sufficient budget.


The brand wants to increase the number of unique visitors by 30% in the next 3 months and also the number of visits in the website by 60% in the next 3 months. Also it should increase her influencer contacts to do more traffic. For this, they have different alternatives:

To increase his global knowledge in the fashion industry,  one of his aims is to realize events in which the best influencers or bloggers could take part. The choice of a blogger is very important to transmit the values of the brand and in order that the costumers meet identified with Kaoa. The event will be promoted in Instagram and Facebook.

Another alternative is to promote more and increase in 30% her collaborations with influencers in the next 2 months. Many of them share photos on the social networks with Kaoa’s clothes. It’s a good way of promoting his social engagement and the number of active costumers, reviews, satisfaction, etc.

About conversions:

Between her priority interests and objectives and her aims of Marketing the brand wants to promote and to achieve more conversions. To obtain it, Kaoa use different technologies, for example, Internet is her better ally:

1- To do an order by means of the website

2- Suscribe to the newsletter

3- To create a user’s account in the website of the brand

4- To have followers in the social networks like Instagram or Facebook


By Júlia Llopis


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