Designing services

We are all familiar with the symptoms of a service failure. Your laptop comes back from the customer service repaired, but with a corner damaged. Your mood goes from happiness to anger, now you will have to argue with the employee, but you have no proof of that so, for you, it will be a long morning…

Examples of poor service are widespread. But, the way managers face them can determinate the success or the failure of the business. Neither blaming the customer for being a liar, nor the employee for being the problem, will help solving the issue.

Even though services can fail because of the incompetence of the people, the reality shows a major problem. There is not a method designed for control, so it’s totally up to the manager.

In the Internet era, when a customer can buy everything with just a click, designing services and analyzing its ROI, (return of investment) can make the difference between getting chosen or skipped.


Resultado de imagen de modomoto

Modomoto is nothing but a curated shopping service for men, with two main services. First one, the customer doesn’t have to go shopping, they do it. Second, the customer will only pay for those outfits he wants to keep. Give backs are for free. And the customer doesn’t have any obligation on keeping at least one.

By doing that, they can analyze if what’s been suggested by its team is being accepted, (and getting sales from it) or if not, they will have them back, receiving an indicator of customers disapproval.

Modomoto is just an example of an e-commerce which put the focus on the final user, key in the Internet era. They developed a new concept, but doing things as easy as possible to help the customer through all the website experience.

When we talk about designing services, we talk about customer needs and how the brand can satisfy them. It’s building an atmosphere in which the user feels comfortable. The manager has to know that it’s all about the user interaction with the brand. The business success depends from its result. So make people feel special!  


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