P D PAOLA designs pieces that are part of a well explained story in a setting of elegance and modernity. They believe in jewelry as a form of expression, a field in which endless materials and element combinations help shape an attitude. 


Actually the brand has 2 physical shops, so the main objective that the brand has, should be to increase in 15% sells by Internet in 6 months. 



If we don’t bring qualified traffic to the website, this couldn’t be possible. The clients can just buy in physical shops if they are residents in Barcelona or it’s outskirts, if not, they only way is online. So we must make it easier for our clients, and make actions for them. We are going to mesure the conversions by CPA ( cost per action ), that should be lower than now. Obviously we can know it too, by the profits that we have made. 

Now PdPaola’s is on :

– Facebook

– Twitter

– Instagram

– Pinterest



And as you can see on these photos, the main tool that they use is Instagram. So we should try to improve the presence of the brand on the others three platforms, even if they share the same picture. 

So the second objective is to increase in 20% the posts of the brands on the other three social platforms, and in 10% the number of followers on Instagram in 6 months. We can not compite with other jewelries like Tous, because obviously the brand is more known than PdPaola, but we have to make us known as much as posible, and Internet is the best way, because allows us to act. 

We are going to mesure this objectives with CTR ( Click through rate ), because this allows us to know how many people clicked on. For example, if we post a banner on Facebook with a discount, CTR shows us from which platform they come and how many people clicked on it. So apart of that information, we can see which post works better.

Another objectives is to show what they do for their clients, for example, before you buy a ring, you can look at the size guide, that is on the website, and check if the size that you choose is the right one. But not many people knows that action, so maybe we can published it on the social platforms, because not many online jewelry shops have it. 



The way that we can mesure this objective is more difficult, but we can know it if we post the action that we want to show and see how many likes, share or comments it has had.



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